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Hip Cily Latest Sales List

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Latest list also contains a sponser apeal which will post seperate as well for max exposure





SS17 8JY

Tel: 01375 640951 / 07808 253553 - 8am – 9pm (GMT)

e-mail rob@hipcity.freeserve.co.uk

I can accept payment via cash (your risk), cheque or credit card.

If you get this list a long time after it was e-mailed out its probably due to freeserve holding it till a quiet time then posting in the middle of the night.

No tape or paper list this month as its been a rush job. If you get the paper list as well next month should be back to normal. Hi All. Welcome to the May list which has been rushed out between trips, holidays & training for the bike ride. Whats that you say ? Yes I am training for the London to Brighton bike ride. I really need sponsors for the 54 mile cycle ride on June 20th and would be grateful of any contributions that you can spare. Its all in aid of British Heart foundation & to promote fitness which is good for the heart. I really need to get fit too. Its only a month or so away and I aint cycled that far recently !!! But I am going to do it even though my wife raises her eyebrows. I'm booked in with Martin Harland

(another soulie) & determination will win through on the day (I hope). See you at various venues for your sponsorship or sponsor me online at www.bhf.org.uk/sponsor/robmesser/

POSTAGE £1.50 for 1 (25p each extra) ALL SENT RECORDED. Registered add £3.Overseas please write or phone.

Cheques payable to MR. MESSER *** Available on a tape for £4 incl. P&P (Overseas £5) Now on a C90 ***

Subs for the list are now £3 for 10 lists. (£4 Overseas) Or send an S.A.E. - or a few.


1 FANTASTIC JOHNNY C New love (Great uptempo dancer) N.O.C. Action EX £25

2 OTIS REDDING Try a little tenderness (classic !!!) Atlantic EX £8

3 PATTY LA BELLE You forgot how to love (Lovely mid tempo) Atlantic VG+ £5

4 PAUL KELLY Chills and fever (Solid thumping dancer) Atlantic M- £12

5 DAVID AND THE GIANTS Ten miles high (Great northern soul oldie) Capitol (Demo) M- £10

6 BOBBY PARIS I walked away / H.B. Barnum - Heartbreaker (2 great sides) Capitol M- £6

7 DONNIE ELBERT Along came pride (1st label on this stomper)W.O.L. CBS EX £10

8 SHIRLEY ELLIS Soul time (All time classic) sm T.O.L. CBS EX £8

9 MIKE VICKERS On the brink (Rare inst pounder) Columbia M £45

10 MAJOR LANCE The monkey time (Classic 6T's) tiny T.O.L. Columbia M- £15

11 LITTLE RICHARD I don't want to discuss it (Torch classic) Columbia M- £25

12 BETTY EVERETT Getting mighty crowded (Chicago club classic) Fontana EX £8

13 THE IMPRESSIONS You've been cheating (Class northern oldie) HMV EX £15

14 THE IMPRESSIONS Can't satisfy (Another classy northern tune) HMV EX £15

15 JULIEN COVEY A little bit hurt (Mod club anthem)W.O.L. Island VG+ £10

16 PHIL TERRELL Love has passed me by (Great New York soul) Kent M £12

17 THE PROPHETS I got the fever (Stomper !!!!) Mercury EX £8

18 FRANKIE VALLI You're ready now (Rare demo of this oldie) Philips (Demo) EX £12

19 BOBBY HEBB Love love love (Classic cheapie) Philips M £8

20 DUSTY SPRINGFIELD Whats it gonna be (Great vers Susan Barrett) Philips M £12

21 JOHNNY GUSTAFSON Take me for a little while (Blue eyed version - very good) Polydor M- £12

22 JOHNNY WYATT This thing called love (Still sounds so good - stomper)W.O.L. President EX £10

23 THE CHANTS I get the sweetest feeling (Good UK version) RCA (Demo) M- £10

24 DEAN COURTNEY I'll always need you (Classic northern oldie) RCA (Demo) VG+ £6

25 THE COASTERS Cool jerk (Great version) M.O.L. Stateside M- £10

26 ISLEY BROTHERS Twist and shout (The tune that inspired the Beatles) Stateside EX £12

27 THE OKAYSIONS Girl watcher (Classic northern - tough on UK) Stateside VG+ £15

28 PATTY AND EMBLEMS Mixed up shook up girl (Great girlie soul dancer) Stateside EX £25

29 THE PLATTERS Washed ashore (Classic) Stateside EX £8

30 THE PLATTERS Sweet sweet lovin (Overlooked - great dancer) Stateside EX £10

31 INEZ & CHARLIE FOXX Tightrope (Thumping northern dancer) Stateside EX £15

32 DEAN PARRISH Tell her (All time great) Stateside EX £20

33 BOB KUBAN The cheater (Classic northern) Stateside M- £20

34 BOBBY PARKER Watch your step (Great mod club spin) W.O.L. Sue EX £15

35 TOMMY DUNCAN Dance dance dance (Smooth mid tempo - tough number) Sue EX £20

36 THE TEMPTATIONS Aint too proud to beg (Classic) TMG 565 EX £8

37 MARTHA & THE VANDELLAS One way out (Tough on UK no.) TMG 621 EX £10

38 GARNET MIMMS Looking for you (Monster oldie - plays OK) United Artists VG £15

SECTION 2 - 60's & Northern soul - US labels

39 BETTY EVERETT Love comes tumbling down (Great dancer) ABC M- £40

40 NINO TEMPO Sister James (Big spin north west) A & M M- £35

41 BEVERLEY HILLS I don't care anymore (Heartfelt soulful crossover) Air play M- £20

42 THE DRIFTERS I count the tears (Great 6T's soul - Rare demo) Atlantic(Demo) M £15

43 BARBARA LEWIS Straighten up your heart (2 superb slices of mid paced soul) Atlantic M- £10

44 WILLIE TEE Walking up a one way street (Classic northern soul) Atlantic M- £12

45 VOICEMASTERS Dance right into my heart (Wicked crossover !) Bamboo VG+ £25

46 THE VOICEMASTERS You've hurt me baby (Fabulous group dancer) Bamboo M- £20

47 WALES WALLACE We're not happy (Great Chicago crossover double sider) Bashie VG+ £25

48 BAD BOYS What took you so long (Good group soul dancer) Bell (Demo) M £15

49 RAIN Out of my mind (Great forgotten oldie) Bell (Demo) EX £20

50 THE ARTISTICS The chase is on (Great group version of Johnny Howard) Brunswick M- £25

51 JACKIE ROSS Keep your chin up (Classy mid tempo Chicago) Brunswick EX £40

52 JACKIE WILSON Because of you (Monster nighter spin) Brunswick(Demo) M £100

53 POOR BOY & ORPHANS I know she loves me (Uptempo crossover magic) Butch's thang EX £30

54 GORDON KEITH Look ahead (Massive nighter spin - Chicago gem) Calumet M £75

55 DARLENE PAUL Act like nothing happened (Lovely mid tempo) Capitol EX £25

56 THE MAGNIFICENT MEN Forever together (Stafford classic mid tempo) Capitol M £20

57 MARION BLACK Who knows (In demand R'n'B style mover) Capsoul M £40

58 C VAUGHN LESLIE I need someone (Rare Texas soul pounder) Charay M £125

59 LONNIE BROOKS Demonstrating (Hard driving gritty dancer) Chirrup EX £30

60 JOE FRAZIER The bigger they come (Knockout northern soul !!!) Cloverlay M- £80

61 I.A.P. CO Check yourself (Good group soul dancer) Colossus EX £50

Stands for Italian Asphalt Pavement Co. !! They're black. - it's a Jerry Ross prod penned by Gamble & Huff. Kudos !!!

62 RAY JIMENEZ Leave her alone (Absolute magic ! Soulful mid pacer) Columbia(Demo) M- £50

63 HUGH McCRACKEN What I gotta do to satisfy you (Great R'n'B dancer) Congress (DJ) M £75

64 HOLLY MAXWELL One thin dime (Lovely Chicago mid tempo gem) Constellation EX £30

65 ORTHEA BARNES Take my heart and soul (Great upbeat dancer) Coral M £50

66 THE WINSTONS Aint nothing like a little lovin' (Wicked crossover dancer) Cur Tom M- £45

67 THE CHERRIES & Rhythm Kings You know you gonna need me (Early girlie dancer) Della M £25

68 THE MAGNIFICENT 7 Never will I (Big voiced mid tempo) Dial M £30

69 LEE GREENWOOD AFFAIR Think it over (Pounding blue eyed northern) Dot M £30

70 OTIS CLAY The only way is up (Solid modern soul spin - Orig to Yazz!) Echo EX £40

71 BOBBY JONES Talkin bout Jones (Rare demo - stomping Chicago)X.O.L. Expo (demo) EX £35

72 ALBERT WASHINGTON I'm the man (Cooking R'n'B shaker) Fraternity M £40

73 DANNY WHITE Miss fine miss fine (Great R'n'B dancer) Frisco M £25

74 DEE DEE SHARP What kind of lady (Classic northern that's zooming up in £) Gamble VG+ £35

75 THE SANDPIPERS Lonely too long (Rare mid tempo Detroit dancer) Giant EX £300

76 THE PROFILES Take a giant step (Great mod / northern oldie) Goldie M £55

77 SPENCER WIGGINS Lonely man (Rich soulful vocals on this dancer) Goldwax M £35

78 UNDISPUTED TRUTH You've got the love I need (Brilliant Motown dancer) Gordy M £10

79 GAIL WYNTERS You don't have to be in love (Uplifting mid tempo winner) Hickory(Demo) M £55

80 GAIL WYNTERS You've got the power (Thumper - very slt warp N.A.P.) Hickory(Demo) M £15

81 THE SPRINGFIELD RIFLE That's all I really need (Excellent flute backed mid tempo) Jerden M- £30

82 BILLY WATKINS I'm tired (Great Chicago soulful R'n' cool.gif Jerhart M- £40

83 WILLIE SMALL How high can you fly (Great Latin tinged northern spin) Jessica M £25

84 SOUND OF SOUL Hey girl I still love him (Nice mid tempo girl group builder) Josie M- £40

85 VOICES OF EAST HARLEM Cashing in (70's northern at its best) label stain Just Sunshine EX £20

86 CHI CHI If you're gonna love me (Great beat ballad) Kapp (Demo) VG £12

87 RUBY & ROMANTICS We can make it (Beautiful floater) Kapp VG+ £15

88 THE HESITATIONS You can't bypass love (Cooking Pied Piper production) Kapp M £30

89 PAUL SINDAB Can't wait no longer (Brilliant 60's soul semi known) Kasika EX £60

90 OBERIA MARTINEZ Gotta think it over (Superb R'n'B flavoured mover) Keith (Demo) EX £40

91 THE MARVELLOWS You're such a sweet thing (2 great soulful group dancers) Loma EX £15

92 ED TOWNSEND I might like it (Awesome beat ballad) Maxx EX £50

93 THE JEWELS We got togetherness (Classic 100mph oldie) MGM (Demo) EX £50

94 ROY WRIGHT Hook line and sinker (Thumping Chicago soul) Mica M £50

Flipside to this is the 1st issue of "I cant please you" - Jimmy Robbins before it was issued on Jerhart. Two for one !

95 FREDDIE GORMAN The day will come (Superb early popcorn / soul crossover) Miracle M- £100

96 SPANKY WILSON You (Funky crossover dancer) Mothers EX £75

97 THE SUPREMES Let me go the right way (Pre hit Supremes dancer) Motown(Demo) M £20

98 SHY GUY Just a little love talk (Oddball mid tempo) MR D M £40

99 THE TYN TYMES Baby I love you (Absolute thumping northern) Music box M/M- £150

Obscure as you like college band from the deep south in a pic sleeve ! Raucous version of Howard Tate song.

100 SUNLOVERS You'll never make the grade (Pumping west coast soul) Mutt-Jeff M £50

Always buying collections or single items - let me know what you have

101 THE VIBRATIONS Surprise party for baby (Classic northern spin) Neptune EX £25

102 GLADYS Love (Beauty from '67 - super soulful mid pacer) O-Gee M- £50

103 MAJOR LANCE You don't want me no more (Demo !!!! Massive oldie) Okeh (Demo) EX £300

104 TED TAYLOR You must have been meant for me (Great soulful R'n' cool.gif Okeh EX £20

105 MAJOR LANCE Aint no soul (All time great - on a nice demo !!) Okeh (Demo) M- £30

106 THE VIBRATIONS End up crying (Killer Chicago group soul) Okeh M- £30

107 WALTER JACKSON Its an uphill climb to the bottom (Awesome ender) Okeh M- £30

108 MAJOR LANCE Investigate (All time classic) Okeh M £30

109 SHARPEES Tired of being lonely (Great Chicago group soul cheapie) Onederful M £8

110 DON FLETCHER Two wrongs don't make a right (Great R'n'B mid tempo) Peacock EX £20

111 THE CHEERS I'm gonna get even with you (Pounding northern semi known) Penny EX £35

112 AUDREY AKINS Down came my tears (Early femme soul mover) Petal (Demo) EX £25

113 RON ALSTON Somethin' aint right (Great dancer good horn licks) Philips (Demo) M- £20

114 BOBBY ADAMS You got next to me baby (Driving R'n'B mover) Pilma M £30

115 COOKIE JACKSON I didn't lose a dogonne thing (Cookin' R'n'B dancer) Press (Demo) M- £25

116 RHYTHM AND SOUL Bread and water (Superb uptempo dancer - heavy W.O.L.) R & S EX £20

117 LESLEY MILLER Bringing out my tears (Lovely big city soul production) RCA (Demo) M- £30

118 THE GEMINIS Cant let you go (Excellent girl group dancer) RCA (Demo) M- £20

119 THE BARONS Since youre gone (Brilliant soulful group dancer) RCA (Demo) M £30

120 THE BROTHERS Are you ready for this (Monster northern inst) RCA (Demo) M £20

121 LEE ANDREWS Quiet as its kept (Good old fashioned northern oldie) RCA (Demo) EX £20

122 THE DYNAMICS You make me feel good (As good as their biggie - top sound) RCA (Demo) M £45

123 LITTLE NATALIE & HENRY Teardrops are falling (Good soul shaker) Roulette EX £15

124 THE SPECIALS Baby you need me (Killer crossover dancer) Satch EX £50

125 THE INVITATIONS They say the girls crazy (Really nice 70's) Silver blue VG+ £20

126 THE SOPHISTICATES Back up baby (Great West coast dancer) Sonny M- £75

127 JR WALKER Tune up (All time classic inst) Soul EX £20

128 ROSCO ROBINSON One bo dillion years (Good R'n'B dancer) Sound stage 7 M- £25

129 GETTO KITTY Stand up and be counted (Brilliant early 70's stomper) Stroud M £40

130 S.N. & THE CTS The pleasure of your company (Horn driven dancer) Sunburst M- £35

131 BRENDA HOLLOWAY When I'm gone (All time great) Tamla M- £20

132 THE MIRACLES If your mother only knew (Wonderful early Smokey magic) Tamla M- £40

133 MARVIN GAYE You're a wonderful one (Classics like this are hard mint) Tamla M- £15

134 DENISE LA SALLE A love reputation (Classic Chicago - 1st label !!) Tarpon EX £50

135 ROSCO ROBINSON What makes a man do wrong (Rare hard hitting soul shaker) Tuff M- £50

136 ESTELLE BROWN Stick close (Oooh sheer class mid tempo) United Artists M £100

137 THE SUGARLUMPS Wont you help me (Great girlie dancer - rare no.)W.O.L. Uptown (Demo) M- £60

138 THE MONITORS Since I lost you girl (Superb !!) V.I.P. VG+ £8

139 GEORGE GOODMAN & HEADLINERS I'm so tired (Early group soul) Val M- £10

140 THE SOULTONES You and me baby (Highly underrated group soul stomper) Valise M- £15

141 CHERYLE THOMPSON Don't walk away (Lovely mid tempo Stafford spin) Vee Jay (DJ) M £50

142 THE SHALAMARS Stop and take a look at yourself (Classic - water dmgd label) Verve (Demo) EX £20

143 COLETTE KELLY City of fools (Magical soulful sound) Volt (Demo) M- £40

144 THE EXCEPTIONAL THREE Unlucky girl (Superb crossover) W.O.L. Way Out EX £40

SECTION 3 - General soul collectors labels

145 BOOKER T & THE MG's Slum baby Stax M- £4

146 BOOKER T & THE MG's Hang em high Stax EX £4

147 CARLA THOMAS Strung out Stax EX £4

148 JOHN LEE HOOKER Slow and easy Stax M- £4

149 OSCAR MACK You never know how much I love you (Great dancer) Stax (Demo) EX £20

150 LITTLE MILTON What it is Stax EX £4

151 EDDIE FLOYD/MAVIS STAPLES Aint that good Stax M £6

152 THE SOUL CHILDREN Tighten up my thang (Edge chip - N.A.P.) Stax M- £4

153 EDDIE FLOYD Things get better Stax M £4

154 THE EPSILONS The echo Stax EX £12

155 ALBERT KING Crosscut saw (Great blues) Stax (Demo) M- £8

156 JOHNNIE TAYLOR/CARLA THOMAS Just keep on loving me Stax M £5

157 JOHNNIE TAYLOR I had a fight with love Stax EX £4

158 JOHNNIE TAYLOR Try me tonight Stax M £4

159 JOHN GARY WILLIAMS The whole damn world is going crazy (Rare 70's) Stax M- £75

160 JEAN KNIGHT Mr big stuff Stax EX £6

161 MABLE JOHN Running out (Drill hole damage to label) Stax EX £5

162 MABLE JOHN If you give up what you got Stax EX £7

163 THE MARKEYS Sack o woe Stax EX £5

164 MARKEYS Double or nothing Stax M £4

165 WILLIAM BELL/MARGIE JOSEPH Loves sweet sensation Stax M- £6

166 WILLIAM BELL Don't stop now Stax M- £6

167 WILLIAM BELL My kind of girl Stax EX £4

168 WILLIAM BELL Marching off ot war Stax VG £3

169 VEDA BROWN Short stopping (Jamaican press !) Stax VG+ £4

SECTION 4 - Club sounds / R'n'B / Latin / Jazz / Funk etc.

170 TOM & JERRIO Boomerang (Massive mod oldie) ABC M- £10

171 B.B. KING Waitin on you (Great blues dancer) ABC M- £10

172 RAY CHARLES Somethings got to change(Great club soul great organ break) ABC (Demo) M £10

173 RAY CHARLES You're just about to lose your clown (Good R'n'B mover) ABC (Demo) EX £8

174 JIMMY ROBBINS Repossessing my love (Great R'n'B dancer) Ala M- £10

175 GIL SCOTT HERON The bottle (All time classic funky dancer) Arista M- £12

176 OTIS REDDING Papa's got a brand new bag (Wicked version !!!) Atco EX £8

177 SHIRLEY SCOTT Its your thing (Great funky jazzy version) Atlantic EX £10

178 SOLOMAN BURKE Looking for my baby (Great club soul dancer) Atlantic(Demo) EX £12

179 LITTLE MAC & BOSS SOUNDS In the midnight hour (Superb Hammond organ version)W.O.L. Atlantic(Demo) EX £8

180 RUTH BROWN I burned your letter (Early femme R'n'B dancer) Atlantic M £20

181 LAVERN BAKER / JIMMY RICKS You're the boss (Gorgeous R'n'B duet) Atlantic M- £25

182 HECTOR RIVERA Playing it cool (Good Latin soul) Barry EX £10

183 VILLAGE CALLERS Evil ways (Funky Latin tinged club sound) Bell M- £8

184 PHIL UPCHURCH You cant sit down (Absolute classic organ workout) Boyd (Demo) EX £12

185 JACK McDUFF Ain't it (Great hammond organ inst) Cadet (DJ) EX £8

186 THE ORLONS The Wah watusi (Mod fave - used in Quadrophenia !!!!) Cameo EX £8

187 NANCY WILSON Uptight (Mod favourite classic) Capitol M £10

188 COLUMBUS SMITH Got my mojo working (Storming version) Columbia EX £12

189 HARMONICA FATS Tore up (Harmonica led pounding R'n' cool.gif Darcey EX £10

190 BOBBY BLAND Getting used to the blues (Fantastic) Duke EX £12

191 BOBBY BLAND Call on me (Great R'n' cool.gif Duke EX £8

192 RIFF RUFFIN Peepin' and hidin' (Great R'n'B dancer) Duke (Demo) M- £20

193 RAY BARRETTO Right on (Brilliant Latin soul dancer - mod biggie) Fania M £30

194 LITTLE JOHNNY TAYLOR I smell trouble (Good R'n' cool.gif Galaxy EX £8

195 JAMES BROWN There was a time (funky late 60's dancer) King M- £12

196 Z Z HILL You were wrong (Cracking R'n'B dancer) MH EX £20

197 ROBERT PARKER Tip toe (Fabulous club soul dancer - W.O.L.) Nola M £15

198 FRED & THE NEW J.B.'S Breakin' bread (Funk dancer) People M- £8

199 ELLA FITZGERALD Sunshine of your love (Killer jazzy version of Cream song) Prestige M £12

200 JOE THOMAS ORCHESTRA I don't want nobody (Big band R'n'B mover) Sue M £10

201 SOUL SISTERS I cant stand it (Club classic) Sue M- £10

202 JOE CUBA SEXTET Oh yeah (Great Latin soul dancer) Tico EX £10

203 JIMMY ROBBINS Waitin on you (As good as his other R'n'B monster) 20th century VG £15

204 JOHN LEE HOOKER Boom boom (All time great) Vee Jay EX £10

Always buying collections or single items - let me know what you have.

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Guest Johnny One Trout

61 I.A.P. CO Check yourself (Good group soul dancer) Colossus EX £50

Stands for Italian Asphalt Pavement Co. !! They're black. - it's a Jerry Ross prod penned by Gamble & Huff. Kudos !!!

No they're not it's a joke name for the Duprees, this record was released in the UK and presumably in Europe as the Duprees on Mercury (it's exactly the same) and just to prove it LOL here's a photo from the picture sleeve ;oP



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Great record Johnny, got mine a bit cheaper than £50 though

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Guest Johnny One Trout

So did I Brett a good few years ago now ;o) Mind you it took some finding at the time although there seem to be a few more around now. Seems that 50 has been the going rate for a while now though ;o))


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Guest Johnny One Trout

Oops i'm getting it mixed up with sommat else thanks for clearing that up Mick ;o)


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First heard the Italian Asphalt & Pavement record throu Marco Santucci and what a brilliant name for a band. Apparently it did actually chart in May 1970.

I saw the Colossus copy 2 weeks ago for $7 on an Altanta dealers list. I kid you not.

It's a fabulous record. Absolutely love the brass and the harmonies in the chorus.

Talking of fabulous - the Duprees official web site is very "Viva Las Vegas". http://www.duprees.com/home.html

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