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Set Sale - 10 Records For Sale - Cheap & Good Records

I accept PayPal (and I don't add fees), but I am also open if you have another payment option in mind.

Shipping is from Denmark, and it costs £4 to ship one-three records within Europe. If you live outside Europe or want to buy more than three records, then please get in touch to get the exact prices.

PM or e-mail: sebastianlarsen@hotmail.com

Please note that not all sound clips are from the actual records for sale, but if you would like to hear the quality of the actual records for sale before deciding to purchase or not, please let me know, and I will record what you're interested in.

Please feel free to ask if you have any questions.


- Debanairs "Feel Alright/Everything I Need" (W-BS) M- SOLD Great northern girl group sound.

Listen to "Feel Alright" :


- Donnie Elbert "I Got to Get Myself Together/Can't Get Over Losing You" (Bullet) M- SOLD great xover.

Listen to "I Got to Get Myself Together" :


- Edie Walker "Good Guys/Young Tears Don't Fall Forever" (Rising Sons) M- £8 Styrene press = 2nd issue released in the 70s.


- James Kelly Duhon "In School/Heart Breaker" (Jude) M- SOLD

Listen to "In School" :


- Masterplan "Loving, Living, Laughing" (Fos-Glo) M- £15

Listen to "Loving, Living, Laughing" :


- Mill Street Depo "I May Be Right, I May Be Wrong/You Won't Support Me" (Stang) M- £20 Great slept on 70s soul.

Listen to "I May Be Right, I May Be Wrong" :

Listen to "You Won't Support Me" :


- Patricia Denson & the Soul Expressions "I Thought I Heard You Moan/Home From Vietnam" (Chillean) EX+ £30

Listen to "I Thought Heard You Moan" :


- Sam & Kitty "Your Money - My Love/Don't Hit On Me" (Four Brothers) EX+ £20

Listen to "Your Money - My Love" :


- Baby Washington "I've Got to Break Away/You (Just a Dream)" (Master Five) M- £3 Very cheap but a nice 70s tune. Books at £10.

Listen to "I've Got to Break Away" :


- Brief Encounter "(Don't You See) I'm Crazy About You/We're Going to Make It" (Seventy-Seven) M- SOLD

Listen to "(Don't You See) I'm Crazy About You" :

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