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100 club 24 Anniversary

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Just dug out freebie 45 out of the pile of flyers with usual badly written notes, numbers and all usual clutter.

Was as I remember the Dipolmats, but wasn't the one I was thinking off, used to have a "live" version of it up here a couple of years ago, titles gone west along with real audio.

details of the 45

Debra Johnson

To Get Love You Got To Bring Love

Taken from the "Masterpiece Of Modern Soul" Cd CDKEND 222


I really Love You

Taken from the forthcoming kent cd "Best Of Diplomats"

Interesting catching the current price of 100 Annivesary 45s, 50 quid being price of Junior McCants on Manships,

and on a similar thread

.............your top rated one is?

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