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Bridlington Weekender (Main Room & Club Room)

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Sorry it's took so long to list what I played at The Bridlington Weekender, however, I do work away and this has been my first real chance to type up my list.

I have listed them in alphabetical order (found it easier looking through my play boxes).

Friday Night - Last hour and 20 minutes, double decking with Rob Wicks.... Main Room

Saturday Afternoon - (1st half hour warm up) and then 4pm - 5pm.... Main Room

Saturday Night - 11pm - Midnight.... Club Room

Sunday Night - 10pm - 11pm.... Main Room

Well here goes:

Arabians - (Please) Take A Chance On Me (Le-Mans/Demo)

Albert Washington & The Kings - I'm The Man (Fraternity/Demo)

Alexander Patten - A Lil Lovin' Sometimes (Capitol)

Ann Sexton - You've Been Gone To Long (Seventy 7)

Arthur Alexander - Keep Her Guessin' (Dot)

Baby Washington - Leave Me Alone (Sue)

Bettye Swann - The Man That Said No (Money)

Bill Bush - I'm Waiting (Ronn)

Billy Davis - Stanky (Get Funky) (Cobblestone)

Billy Storm - Educated Fool (Infinity)

Bobby Day - Pretty Little Girl Next Door (RCA Victor)

Bobby Hebb - Love, Love, Love (Philips)

Bobby Paris - I Walked Away (Capitol/Demo)

Bob Relf - Blowing My Mind To Pieces (Trans.American)

Candi Staton - Now You've Got The Upper Hand (Unity)

Christine Cooper - Heartaches Away My Boy (Parkway/Demo)

Cindy Scott - I Love You Baby & the flip side; In Your Spare Time (Veep/Demo)

Connie Clarke - My Sugar Baby (Joker)

Curtis Blandon - In The Long Run (Wand/Demo)

Dana Valery - You Don't Know Where Your Interests Lies (Columbia/Demo)

David Ruffin - Rode By The Place (Where We Used To Stay) (Motown)

David & Rubin - (I Love Her So Much) It Hurts Me (Warner Bros/Demo)

Darrell Banks - Angel Baby (Atco/Demo)

Dean Courtney - I'll Always Love You (RCA Victor/Demo)

Dean Parrish - Bricks, Broken Bottles & Sticks (Musicor)

Dottie & Millie - Takin' About My Baby (Topper)

Doug Banks - I Just Kept On Dancing (Argo)

Edward Hamilton & The Arabians - Baby Don't You Weep (Maryjane)

Eddie Wilson - Toast To The Lady (Tollie/Demo)

Ellusions - You Didn't Have To Leave (Lamon)

Epitome Of Sound - You Don't Love Me (Sandbag)

Fantastic Johnny C - (She's) Some Kind Of Wonderful (Phil L.A of Soul/Demo)

Four Pro's - Just Another Girl (Carla/Demo)

Four Perfections - I'm Not Strong Enough (Partytime/Demo)

Four Tracks - Like My Love For You (Mandingo)

Frank Beverly & The Butlers - If That's What You Wanted (Gamble)

Frankie & Johnny - I'll Hold You (Hickory/Demo)

Geroge Hughley - That's Why I Cry (Buddah/Demo)

Gene Toones - What More Do You Want (Simco/Demo)

Gene Woodbury - Ever Again (Del.Val)

Gladys Knight & The Pips - No One Could Love You More (Motown)

Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - Get Out (And Let Me Cry) (Landa)

Howard Guyton - I Watched You Slowly Slip Away (Verve/Demo)

Jackie Wilson - It Only Happens When I Look At You (Brunswick)

James Carr - That's What I Want To Know (Goldwax)

Jerry Williams - If You Ask Me (Calla/Demo)

Jimmy (Soul) Clark - (Come On And Be My) Sweet Darlin (Soulhawk/Demo)

Jimmy James - A Man Like Me (Stateside)

J J Daniels - Mr Lonesome (Sure-Shot/Demo)

Joe Valentine - I Lost The Only Love I Had (Val)

Joanie Sommers - Don't Pity Me (Warner Bros)

Johnny Howard - The Chase Is On (Bashie/Demo)

Johnny Moore - Walk Like A Man (Date)

Johnny Sayles - I Can't Get Enough (St Lawrence)

Johnny Wyatt - This Thing Called Love (Bronco)

Joe Jama - My Life (Optimum)

Johnny Honeycutt - I'm Coming Over (Triode)

Kenny Gamble - The Jokes On You (Arctic/Demo)

Kurt Harris - Emperor Of My Babys Heart (Diamond/Demo)

Lenis Guess - Just Ask Me (S.P.Q.R)

Lew Kirton - Heaven In The Afternoon (Alston)

Linda Jones - You Hit Me Like TNT (Blue Cat/Demo)

Marsha Gee - Baby, I Need You (Uptown)

Marv Johnson - Come On And Stop (United Artists)

Mel Britt - She'll Come Running Back (Fip)

Minnie Jones & The Minuettes - Shadow Of A Memory (Sugar)

Nolan Chance - Just Like The Weather (Constellation)

Pat & The Blenders - Just Because (Fast Eddie)

Paul Thompson - Special Kind Of Woman (Volt)

Patti & The Emblems - I'm Gonna Love You A Long, Long Time (Kapp/Demo)

Pearlean Gray - I Don't Want To Cry (Green Sea)

Rose Battiste - Hit & Run (Revilot)

Roy Hamilton - You Shook Me Up (RCA Victor/Demo)

Ruby Andrews - Just Loving You (Zodiac)

Rufus Lumley - I'm Standing (Holton)

Sam & Kitty - I've Got Something Good (Four Brothers)

Sandi Sheldon - You're Gonna Make Me Love You (Okeh/Demo)

Seven Souls - I Still Love You (Okeh/Demo)

Sherrys - Put Your Arms Around Me (JJ Records)

Showmen - The Wrong Girl (Minit/Audition)

Spellbinders - Help Me (Get Myself Back Together Again) (Columbia)

Stanley Mitchell - Quit Twistin' My Arm (Dynamo/Demo)

Sweet Things - I'm In A World Of Trouble (Date/Demo)

The "5" Royals - Catch That Teardrop (ABC - Paramount)

The United Four - She's Putting You On (Harthon)

T J Williams & Two Shades Of Soul - Baby, I Need You (Josie/Demo)

Tommy Navarro - I Cried My Life Away (De Jac)

Tony Galla - In Love (Swan/Demo)

Tyrone Barkley - Man Of Value (Midsong/Demo)

Willie Tee - Walking Up A One Way Street (Atlantic/Demo)

Yvonne Baker - You Didn't Say A Word (Parkway/Demo)

Yum Yums - Gonna Be A Big Thing (ABC Paramount/Demo)

ZZ & Company - Gettin' Ready For The Getdown (Columbus)

KTF........................... Bridgey

Edited by Bridgey
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