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Central Union Soul Club Nottingham

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Well done Malc and Gary

To move a venue is a hard thing to do but you have done it and done it right. Last night proved it the old and new faces that were on the trent side last night could see that you always do what you say that is run a friendly venue with the right sounds,this is one venue that needs a visit you will not go home disapionted.

Good music good attmosphere good people well done Malc / Gary you deserve all the support you get month after month big crowd through the door Dj's did well kept it going from start to finish.

Shame the folks over the trent dont appreciate good music (in the houses) next time tell me who they are Malc and i will nip round and collect there £4 why should they not pay lol.

The only downer was the bar but that is the problem of the club to sort out its not yours you do your part with the running of the venue so i hope people dont hold you responsible as this is the only thing you are not in control of but everyone had a good time so that speakes for itself.KTF TREV AN KAREN (D.B.S.C) NOTTM

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