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Soul Funk 45S On Ebay W/ Mp3 Audio Clips

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Just listed some 50+ 45's on ebay. All auctions with scans and MP3 clips.

Have a look here: http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZsoulfulseven'>http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZsoulfulseven

Full list of records on auction below:

Baker Brothers on Arse

Band No Name on NRK

Big Joe Louis & The Soul Investigators on Timmion

Bobby Jonz on Dispo

Caribean Gay Torpedos on Tropical Breeze

Casino Royale on Key-Loc

C Henry Woods Troupe on Enyx

Contra Band on Asita

Dade Winds on Jubilant

Dapps on King

Dave Love on Solid Soul

Dynamos on Dynamo

Eight Minutes on Perception

Enchantment on Desert Moon

Escorts on Helva

JD & The Evils Dynamite Band on Soul Fire

Fergusonm Davis & Jones on Exhibit

Gi Gi on Sweet

Gizelle Smith on Old Capital

Glass Tear on Avion

Harvey Scales on Magic Touch

Image on Verdy

Jerryo on Shout

Jerry Washington on Excello

Jimmy Bee on Ala

Jimmy Bee on Cherry Red

Jive Turkeys on Colemine

Joe Bataan on Rca

Jukka Tolonen on Love

Kitty & Sheenie LaNier on Satolite

Lee Williams & The Cymbals on Carnival

Mahogany on Mahogany

Masqueraders on AGP

Mighty Mo on Peace Street

Mod Singers on Savern

Myron & E w/ The Soul Investigators on Timmion

Neapolitans on Neapolitan

Newcomers n Truth

Nite-Liters on Rca

Oiling Boiling on Ufo

Roger Cruz on Trac

Sharon Jones & The Walkysons on Butterfly

Soul Destroyers on Stark Reality

Soul Set on BB

Soultors on Timmion

Stony Island Band on Glades

Timmie Rogers on Partee

Toddlin' Town Sounds on Toddlin' Town

Tommy T on Inter/Soul

Tommy Tate on Sundance

Ultimate Choice on Heat

Willie Hooks on Soul World

Willie Tee on Atlantic

Yohon on Marycarol


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