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Many Thanks To Rachel

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Just like to pass on my own personal thanks to Rachel who after 5 years of doing such is standing down as a moderator of these here soul soul source forums as feels no longer has the time available

Rachel has been one of the longest serving mods on here, she joined the mod team in Nov 2005 and since then has been mod of several forums and sections.

Have never really mentioned it as didn't want to really draw attention to it , but at the time Rachel joined the team, she was one of 3 mods (out of the 6 ) that were all under 30 and all playing an active part at venues, dj-ing, selling and so on.

As said it is something I never really commented on, but as Rachel is the last one thinks its time to give her and the other young ones credit that don't think they have ever really got !

Am sure many older members would baulk at having to deal with some of the characters and going ons that sometimes get on here, so for the likes of Rachel and the others to step up and get involved given their age and experience was a big thing to ask. To do such for five years is a even bigger ask, and have to say no doubt that she was up to it and beyond.

Anyway as said many times the only reason this site is here today is due to the efforts of all the mods over the years, a lot of the time and effort they put in does go unseen and would say is not always appreciated by all members.

Best of luck in the future Rachel and many thanks


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Guest garv

well done Rachel:thumbsup:, haven`t seen you for a long while girlie, hope you are well & enjoy your new found freedom.



i spelt your name right this time;)

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Hey chick - good luck with whatever it is taking up your time! Have you finally been promoted/found a more fulfilling job?

Big kiss to the lady with the nice voice

Kirsty, Michael, Warwick and Violet


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Wow doesn't seem long back was bigging you up for the aats job.. and there was dear old sales & wants, ah.. sales & wants... :lol:

Well done Rach, you're a star. :thumbsup: x

Edited by Simsy

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Thanks everyone, well you know, I'm over 30 now so I felt it was time to retire :lol:

Sorry Karen, but I know you can deal with them :yes:

Mixed emotions about giving it up, it's been fun, hard work, stressful and rewarding (sometimes all at the same time) but I'm really glad to have been able to help. I'd never have quite believed everything that goes on behind the scenes of a forum like this if I hadn't seen it! :lol:

I know that you all appreciate him (and if you don't then you should :lol: ), but the real thanks have to go to Mike for putting his heart and soul (pun intended) into this site.

See you about :)

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