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Boomerang @ Canal Tavern [Thorne] - 14.08.2010

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I hope nobody minds me jumping in first, but just wanted to send out a big thanks to everyone who came along last night with a special thanks to the guest dj's Sam, Marc & Arthur and all who support this night regularly. Must admit that Karen and I were quite nervous about numbers, but thanks to you all, we ended up booking our dates for 2011 last night (pfew! :thumbup: )

Given the sorry state I'm in today (tired, not hungover), I'll post up Sam's playlist before I lose my typing:

SOUL SAM - set 1

Chuck Cissel - Don't Tell Me You're Sorry (Arista)

High & Mighty - You Gave Me A Brand New Start (Chelsea)

Howard Gayle - Find Someone (Prime)

Al Supersonic and the Teenagers - It Must Be Love (Unique LP)

Frankie Jenkins and E.J. Williams - You're Hurting Me (Skann)

Leroy Clofer - Mr Big Man (Rosemount)

Inell Young - What Do You See In Her (Libra)

Ad Libs - Love Is Knocking On My Door (Bell acetate)

The Answers - I'm The One Who Really Loves You (Soul Explosion C/U)

Allison & Calvin Turner - Every Time I'm Near You (Lulu)

Epicentre - Get Off The Phone (KYYX FM radio promo LP)

Foster and Stevens - Have Yourselves A Lovely Day (C/U)

Billy Chears - Free Your Mind (Chearston)

Fire and Fury - Baby You Really Got Me Going (Ram)

Sharon McMahan - Maybe You'll Be Back (Columbia)

Chuck Proffitt - Love Love Love (Lar Ron)

Lloyd Williams - I'm In Love With You (Studio 1)

Messengers - Love Will Make You (C/U)

Fresh - Love Is Here Now (Upper Hand Productions)

David Peoples - Got To Get My Broom Out (Saru)

Frankie Gearing - Going Through The Motions of Love (Beale Street LP)

Rhythm Machine - Can't Do Without You (Lulu LP)

C.A.T. - Where's There True Love (Magna Glide LP)

Samson & Delilah - You Bring The Tears (Polydor)

Sonny Til - I Gave It All Up (Clown)

Montiques - Take Another Look (Lamp)

Spencer Wiggins - The Breaking Point (Kent pre-release)

Bernard Smith - Man Without A People (Spectrum)

Ernie Johnson - I Can't Stop The Pain (Artco)

SOUL SAM - set 2

Robert Tanner - Sweet Memories (Megatone)

DeBow - Crime (Unicorn Project)

The 4 Dynamics - Things That A Lady Ain't Suppose To Do (Peachtreee)

Ward Burton - Sweet Temptation (Panther)

Margaret Little - Love Finds A Way (Genebro)

Fluorescent Smogg - All My Life (WG)

Little Reuben - In The Name of Loneliness (NR)

Lil Major Williams - Girl Don't Leave Me (Williams III)

Joseph Webster - My Love Is So Strong (Crow)

The Bamboos - Tighten Up (Kay-Dee)

The TSU Toronadoes - Getting The Corners (Atlantic)

The Paramount Four - Sorry Ain't The Word (Kent pre-release)

Doc Peabody - Here Without You (Both Sides)

Rosco Robinson - Just Ask The Lonley (Gerri)

Arthur Willis & Soulful Dynamic's - The Hurting Is Over (Mars La Tour)

Roy Roberts - So Much In Love (Sugar)

Bobby Thurston - Just Ask Me (Mainline LP)

Jackie Wilson - It Only Happens When I Look At You (UK Brunswick 7")

Z.Z. and Company - Gettin Ready For The Getdown (Columbus)

Mr. Soul - What Happened To Yesterday (Genuine)

John and the Weirdest - Can't Get Over These Memories (Tie)

Jimmie "Bo" Horn - I Can't Speak (Dade)

Chuck Holiday - Just Can't Trust Nobody (Gloria)

Johnny Mae Mathews - I Have No Choice (Big Hit)

For the last few years, Sam has maintained that he wishes to celebrate his 70th birthday at BOOMERANG, so plans are now underway for the big party night to be held there on 13 August 2011 :P Malayka - your cake went down so well, that you're signed up for next year's triple oven extravaganza.

Hope to post more ...after today,


ps. I can't stand it when co-promoters backslap themselves (especially on forums), but it's got to be said - I love ya Karen! X

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Guest Northern PhanTom

For the last few years, Sam has maintained that he wishes to celebrate his 70th birthday at BOOMERANG, so plans are now underway for the big party night to be held there on 13 August 2011

If its only half as good as his 60th at Allbrighton it will still be a cracking night. One for the diary and would make a fitting long.........................................................................................................................long :thumbsup: awaited first trip north to Boomerang a venue we always keep meaning to attend but never seem to have the time to fit in. Best get the hotel room booked now because I'm sure they will be in short supply for this one. :thumbup:


Tom :(

ps Excellent Sets :hatsoff2:

Edited by Northern PhanTom
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Guest Byrney

Note to self - don't spend all night outside in the court yard talking crap whilst there's amazing music being played inside :hatsoff2:

Still - one cracking night, think we've got a Boomerang convert with my lady Wendy - she loved it and we're back for the next one :thumbsup:

Edited by Byrney
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Glad it was a great night... but then it always is... First Boomerang session we've missed, so we'll have to make up for it at the next one in November. Thanks for all of your kind messages and wishes, the card really cheered us up and showed what great friends we have in you mad lot..... :lol: Love ya....

See ya soon... :thumbsup:

Cliff & Nat

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On a weekend with so much on it was heartening to see so many soulful friends once again at the Tavern. Many thanks to Marc & Sam for their wonderful enthusiastic sets, we expected no less :thumbsup: . These are the bits i played. Set 1,

Charles Otis - I See Love Girl (Caraljo)

Bill Spoon - "I Can't Wait (Until The Weekend)" (Soul Junction)

Marshall, Donovan, Broomfield - Let Me Down Easy (Augusta)

Nathan Williams - What Price (United Artists)

Terry Lindell - I'm Still Yours (York Town)

Stormy - The Devastator (Twinight)

Sandra Phillips - I Wish I Had Known (Okeh)

The Magicians - Love, Let's Try It Again (Villa)

Total Warmth - Talkin' About Love (C/U)

Two Plus Two - I'm Sure (Velgo)

The Appreciations - It's Better To Cry (Sport)

Jimmie Raye - That'll Get It (Soul Injection)

Brad Lundy - Breaking Point (Lundy)

Cam Cameron - They Say (Capri)

The Truths Inc. - If I Had A Love (Hit and Run)

Ed. Nelson - I'll Give You A Ring (When I Come, If I Come) (Sagittarius)

Black Sugar - Too Late (Sono Radio)

The Exportations - People Might Say (C/U)

The Saints - I'll Let You Slide (Wigwam)

Faye Hill and the Hill Sisters - Gonna Get Even (Blue Dolphin)


Young Ladies - "I'm Tired Of Running Around" (Stang)

Vanguards - "Good Times Bad Times" (Lamp)

Charles Mintz - Running Back (Up Look)

Papa Bear and the Cubs - You're So Fine (SMS)

The Natural Four - I Thought You Were Mine (Boola Boola)

The Celebrities - "I Choose You Baby" (Boss)

William Powell - Heatache Souvenirs (Power-House)

The Honey Bees - Let's Get Back Together (Garrison)

Romona Collins - You've Been Cheating (Clark's)

Johnny Rodgers with the Nu Tones - Make A Change (Amon)

Al Gardner - Sweet Baby (Sepia)

The Antellects - Love Slave (Flodavieur)

The Montclairs - "Hey You! Don't Fight It!" (Arch)

Mel Britt - She'll Come Running Back (Fip)

Willie Hutch - Easy Does It (Whitfield LP)

The Hamilton Movement - She's Gone (Look-Out)

Kings Of Soul - Is Your Love For Me (Down To Earth)

Chuck Ray - I Go For Love (Five-O)

Angela Davis & The Mighty Chevelles - My Love (Is So Strong) (Flaming Arrow)

Ice - "Reality" (Ice)

Detroit Sounds Of Friction - "I'm Leaving You" (Heavy Sound)

The Impressions - You've Been Cheatin' (ABC-Paramount)

Ruby - Feminine Ingenguity (Gold Token)

Jessie James - Are You Gonna Leave Me (Shirley)

Alan Harris - Love Is the Answer (unissued - Exact ChangeLP - acetate)

Wee - Try Me (Owl)

Wally Coco - Message To Society - Part 1 (Florentine)

Herby Brown (with Randy Mather - Sax) - One More Broken Heart (Blue Ash)


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Guest karen b

I want to add my thanks to those of Maria,

To Sam, Marc and Arthur for all the great music they played,hatsoff2.gif

and to the lovely crowd of people who came and joined us.yes.gif

A special hello and thank you to the lady I spoke to near the end of the night who was an oldies fan who despite not

being totally onboard with what was played some of the time still took time to tell me how much she enjoyed the atmosphere

and people.wave.gif

I would love to be personal and mention all the people I hold dear to me that were in the Tavern on Saturday but as it

was all of the room I don't have the time!!!!!lollaugh.gif

Byrney, interesting slant for next time for Wendy to teach us some Salsa moves in the courtyard, Salsoul indeed!!!!!!!!!rolleyes.gif

Soul Sam was initially thrilled with your cake Malayka, but very quickly realised it was all being dished out and nothing

for him to take home,angry.gif it was delicious.

Marc told us what a wonderful time he had playing and Carina was blown away with the size of the Taverns fish and chips,

they were both unsure of the mushy peas though.wicked.gif

Nat and Cliff you were both missed, but we did manage to save some jelly rings for you, which Liz did try to sneak off with

into the minibus t'travelodge but we had an arm wrestle and I got them back......hope you enjoy.yes.gif

Geoff and Martin being first through the door and last to leave, and thanks RBman for the complement on my perfume!thumbup.gif

Till next time,

Have fun whatever you do and wherever you go,

Karen xxx

P.S Luvya too Maria x

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Byrney, interesting slant for next time for Wendy to teach us some Salsa moves in the courtyard, Salsoul indeed!!!!!!!!!rolleyes.gif

Geoff and Martin being first through the door and last to leave, and thanks RBman for the complement on my perfume!thumbup.gif

Oh no....Karen what did I say about your perfume?,,,was it Opium or JPG.......both of them send me naughty!!!!!

Byrney....were you the guy we chatted to at breakfast at the Central; Thorrne Guest House....if so hello....glad your partner enjoyed it so much.

Great to meet and chat to Gilly for the first time......Sorry to Mick H for bending his ear about another Lifeline Weekender.....

Great time as always....and the music was ok too


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First time I find the time to put togehter some lines about that brilliant saturday at the Canal Tavern (after I already had compiled a complete playlist the sunday after in Karens kitchen only to found it all deleleted by a computer crash a few seconds later LOL) !

Well...what can I say ? A superb night with great numbers (so I have been told and so I witnessed), fantastic music (oh Sam, oh Arthur and oh Maria!) and brilliant company! It was a wonderful experience to have been asked and to have deejayed at the Boomerang. A fabulous club indeed with so many knowlegable and friendly people enjoying the spirit we all seem to love in a fabulous atmosphere! So I thank Maria and Karen for inviting me over as well as Karen, Pete, Wesley and Marylin to allow us to stay at their home for what was a splendid weekend in the beautiful Beverly area (knwon also for extraordinary good shoe wear :D)! It was a unforeseen extra bonus to enjoy the warm hospitality of the Burke family! xx

Just the exact kind of Soulnight I enjoy.

I will put a list of my plays down as well later.




reading now that Soul Sam hadn`t had a chance to experience that beautiful cake I feel a bit guilty as he was so kind to bring a piece of that cake up behind the decks while I was enjoying my second spot :yes::ohmy: It indeed tasted delicious :yes:

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With working away weekdays and Euro-souling in Sweden the weekend before, sadly the box didn't get much of a shuffle. But I better post up my plays before the boys forego their future duties in this department...

early set:

Carl Hall - What About You [Columbia]

Three Prophets - I Think I Really Love You [Together]

Vee Vee - I'm Your Fool [Movement]

Peggy Weston - Night Bird [Juldane]

Bits & Pieces - You Should Have Told Me [Paramount]

Bonnie Blanchard & Andy Aaron - You're the Only One [C.R.S.]

Alex Brown - "I'm Not Responsible" [sundi]

21st Century - I Just Can't Forget Your Name [Joy]

The 21st Century - Shadow Of A Memory [Noel]

The Ringleaders - Baby, What Has Happened To Our Love [m-pac!]

Willie & The Mighty Magnificents - "Check It Baby" [All Platinum]

Esther Grant - Here I Am [unissued Unknown]

Bobby Shannon - You're An Uplift [To-Mar]

The Emulations - These Are The Things [Emulate]

The Hamilton Movement - She's Gone [Look-Out]

Ujima - I'm Not Ready [Epic]

The Dynells - Call On Me [Vent]

Norma and the Heartaches - "Nice and Slow" (Vocal) [Joy Ride]

The Curtis Liggins Indications - What It Is? [Kaycee-Soul]

The Ascots - Just A Few Feet From The Gutter [Playboy]

The Four Voices - With A Lonely Heart [Voice]

Purple Mundi - Stop Hurting Me Baby [Cat]

The Sound-Masters - Lonely Lonely [Juliet]

Bottom & Company - Gonna Find A True Love [Motown]

Psychodelic Frankie - Putting You Out Of My Life [Hi-Speed]

James Phelps - The Look On Your Face [Apache]

then later....

Tommy & the Derby's - Don't Play the Role [swing]

Bessie Banks - Don't You Worry Baby The Best Is Yet To Come [Quality]

Out Of Sights - For The Rest Of My Life [saru]

Richard Caiton - I Like To Get Near You [up Tight]

Third Eye - Cosmos Universal Band [Api Atteiram]

Vee Gees - Talkin [Jump Off]

The Rotations - (Put A Nickel On) D-9 [Frantic]

The Checkmates Ltd - Kissin' Her and Crying For You [Capitol]

Althea Spencer - Take Me Baby [AV International]

The Soul Set - Will You Ever Learn [bi-Me]

The Athens Rogues - She Could Love Me [stop]

Clydie King - Soft And Gentle Ways [imperial]

Betty Wilson and The 4 Bars - I'm Yours [Dayco]

The Inspirations - Your Wish Is My Command [Midas]

The Spiedels - Dream Girl [Providence]

Shiela Ferguson - "And In Return" [swan]

The Flirtations - Stronger Than Her Love [Festival]

Second Re$surrection - You Done Let Daylight Catch You [stanson]

Herman Hitson - "You Can't Keep A Good Man Down" [sweet Rose]

The H. Andrews Congregation - Stop! Leave Me Alone [balance]

The Ethics - I Want My Baby Back [Vent]

Natural Impulse - She Went Away [Natural Impulse]

I'll download the photos on the weekend and post them up on our Facebook page, so beware of the 'tag' wink.gif

Next years dates will go on the November flyer, so that the Travelodge specials can be scooped up in their online sales (some have booked advance rooms for as low as £9 in the past!)


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Apologies for being late with my comments but just been busy.

Thanks to Karen and Maria for staging such a great soul event. Fantastic music (as usual at Boomerang) and a great atmosphere. However I'm sorry I didn't notice your perfume Karen, guess that's why Martin is so successful in chatting up members of the female sex, while I'm totally useless. The comment about us being first in and last to leave was true, guess that makes me a really sad obsessive, can't speak for Martin of course. I feel at home at Boomerang, just something about it.

I met Martin at Welwyn Garden City at about midday. He reckoned we'd take two and a half hours to get to the Thorne Central Guest House, and he was dead right. Our only stop was at the supermarket in Thorne to get a bottle of white wine and some nibbles to keep us going. After a drink and a wash and change of clothes we got to the Tavern at just past 4 pm, we were the first in with the exception of the promoters and DJs.

We'd barely sat down with our drinks (a nice pint of Hecks Pale Ale for me and a pint of Strongbow for Rbman) when Maria came over. Her words to us were: "I don't know why you guys have got here so early, no one gets here before 6." That comment has had both of us in fits of laughter ever since, still making me smile now. Maria is often inadvertently funny.

Sam was playing, most of his tunes were unfamiliar to me though I love the Sharon McMahan Maybe He'll Be Back. A very nice set to start off with and welcome everyone.

I won't go into details about each set, suffice to say they had me on my feet many times, just as I like it. Rbman and I enjoyed the music so much that we arranged to have our meal at our table

Nice to hear so many of my favourite tunes, particular thanks to Marc for playing the Springers and to Arthur for Message To Society and Feminine Ingenuity (again, lol).

Good to see so many friends there, hope to see you all again in November (if not before). I've already got the room booked at the guest house.

Thanks to everyone for a great time; and especially to Martin for doing the driving.

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Okay, I will spend my lunchbreak today with typing my playlist now (who said I could do with a stone less LOL ?)

Both sets in no paticular order, just how I filed them back.

Playlist Marc Forrest first set (07.30 - 08.45)

"Honey Bees" Good To Each Other unrel. acetate

Mavis Staples Pick Up The Pieces unrel. Groovesville acetate

Salt & Pepper A Man Of My Word Heatwave

Dynamics I`m A Lonely Man Dyna

Flint Emeralds Just Like A Baby (Rocking In The Craddle) Gatewood

Barrett Strong Two Of A Kind Unrel. acetate

Lee Shot Williams It Ain`t Me No More PM

Lou Pride Your Love Is Fading Suemi

Little Sherman & The Mod Swingers Price Of Love Sagport

Marvelows Mama Said unrel. Gold Star acetate

Eddie Campbell Contagious Love Artco acetate

Theron & Darrell I Was Made To Love Her Solo

Rideout Spend Some Time Hotlicks

New Wanderers Ain`t Gonna Do You No Harm Ready

Kelly & The Soul Explosions Talking ABout My Baby`s Love Dynamite

Mixed Sugar Fifteen Ain`t Young No More F.G.S.

Bettye Scott & The Del-vetts Good Good Feeling One Way

Innersection I`m In Debt With You Group 5

Tony Daniels I Won`t Cry Beval

Freddie Butler Save Your Love Wheelsville

Old (M)pressions Right On Brooks Brothers

Ice Hard Times GreatNorthwestMusicompany

Mixed feelings Sha-La-La United

Talmadge Armstrong Gigi Spindletop

Paul Vann I`m Surprised Chance

Lee Brackett Save A Foolish Heart Excello

Prince Paul & The Swinging Imperials In The Beginning Parker

Gene Middleton You Can Get It Now Soul Town

Sammy Troy King For A Day Unrel. acetate

Second set (11.00 - 12.00)

Perk Badger Do Your Stuff Suncut

Village Callers C/UP

Skip Mahoney & The Casuals Town Called Nowhere DCInternational

The Esquires Now Get Ready Trinidad

The Springers Nothing`s Too Good For My Baby Wale

The Nu-Rons All Of My Life Nu-Ron

Mal Adams & The Chasmeres & The Imperi-els Band Since Man Began Emerge

The Jades Lucky Fellow Mode

Rey Villar & The Royal Flush Heaven Is My Witness Escobar

The Honey-B`s What Love Can Do B`s Wax

Terri Goodnight They Didn`t Know Phelelectron

The Patches Make This World A Better Place (To Live In) Phax

Bobby Rich There`s Got To Be A Girl (Somewhere..) Sambea

The Hamilton Movement We`re Having A Set (At the Disco) Look Out

Billy Byrd Lost In A Crowd Scream

Deep South Dance Band Don`t It Make You Feel Good IPM

Roy Roberts Experience Stop (Watch What You Are Doing) Linco

Ralph Jackson I Can`t Leave Your Love Alone Rajac

Roy (Cortez) Butler Dream Instru. Boo

William Bostic What You Do To Me SOR

Brown Bombers & Soul Partners Wait For Me Amazing

Dennis Edwards I Didn`t Have To Int. Soulville

Lester Tipton This Won`t Change La Beat

Roy Roberts So Much In Love Sugar

Houston Outlaws C/UP

Keith Curtiss I Got To Keep You Baby Smoke

Hank Hodge with J-Note Orchest. Eye For An Eye Eye

Milton James My Lonely Feeling Dore

Edited by Marc Forrest
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Guest Byrney

Byrney, interesting slant for next time for Wendy to teach us some Salsa moves in the courtyard, Salsoul indeed!!!!!!!!!rolleyes.gif

I've briefed Wendy. She'll be running New York Mambo Salsa lessons (on two) in the court yard but may need some Fania tunage to fuel the chaos:hatsoff2:

Byrney....were you the guy we chatted to at breakfast at the Central; Thorrne Guest House....if so hello....glad your partner enjoyed it so much.

Yeah that was me fellah, spitting bacon and sausage everywhere whilst discussing the merits of moving motown lovers to the joys of D Town, Wheelsville etc;) Good to chat with you both.

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