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Ending In A Few Hours - Trade Martin, Flaming Emeralds, The Ambers, Imperial Wonders, Gwen Owens, Bobby Patterson, Rose Battiste, Bill Harris

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Guest stash313
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A new set of sales for the end of August, all end on Bank Holiday Monday 30th August.... 35 Classic singles from the likes of The Imperial Wonders, Major Lance, Gwen Owens, Vibrations, Greg Perry, The Ambers, Trade Martin, Flaming Emeralds and rare albums from Isley Brothers and The Originals and many more... For more info or to bid; http://shop.ebay.co....=&_trksid=p4340

The Imperial Wonders - You Live Only Once - Solid Foundation

Brothers & Sisters - For Brothers Only - Toddlin Town

The Tradewinds - Strange - Triumph

The Moments - Rain In My Backyard

Sons Of Robin Stone - Got To Get You Back - ATCO *(DEMO)*

Rosey Jones - Have Love Will Travel - Sound Gems *White DEMO*

Major Lance - Little Young Lover / Must Be Love Coming Down - Curtom

Gwen Owens - Just Say You're Wanted and Needed - Velqo

Rose Battiste - Hit and Run - Revilot

The Ambers - Another Love / Potion Of Love - Smash

Trade Martin - She Put The Hurt On Me - Stallion

The Flaming Emeralds - Have Some Everybody - Fee

Greg Perry - It Takes Heart - Alfa

Cash McCall - Im In Danger - Checker

Barbara Lynn - Take Your Love and Run

The Poets - She Blew A Good Thing - Symbol

Lee Andrews & the Hearts - Nevertheless - Crimson

Gwen Owens - You Better Watch Out - Casablanca

Millie Jackson - My Man A Sweet Man - Mojo

The Fidels - Try A Little Harder - Jayboy

Chuck Jackson - I Only Get This Feeling - ABC

Bobby Patterson - My Baby's Coming Back To Me / What A Wonderful Night For Love - Jetstar

Marke Jackson - I'll Never Forget You - Jamie

The Vibrations - Gonna Get Along Without You - Okeh

Jodi Mathis - Don't You Care Anymore - Capitol

Cecil Washington - I Don't Like To Lose - Wigan Casino 25th Anniversary single

Alice Clark - You Hit Me / Harvey Averne Dozen - Think It Over - Atlantic/Warner Bros

Bill Harris - Am I Cold / Am I Hot - RCA

Barbara Randolph - I Got A Feeling - Soul

Edwin Starr - 25 Miles - Gordy

Isley Brothers - Greatest Hits L.P Featuring *MY LOVE IS YOUR LOVE (FOREVER)* - Tamla Motown

The Originals - Portrait Of The Originals - Soul Featuring *DON'T STOP NOW* - Soul

All these end on Bank Holiday Monday 30th August, for more info or to bid click the link; http://shop.ebay.co....=&_trksid=p4340

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Guest stash313

Just five days left to go on these and as always with Ebay plenty of potential bargains.

Here's some scans to tempt you! ;-)

post-3763-072916300 1282645572_thumb.jpg

post-3763-098418400 1282645628_thumb.jpg

post-3763-038405000 1282645666_thumb.jpg

post-3763-072916300 1282645572_thumb.jpg

post-3763-098418400 1282645628_thumb.jpg

post-3763-038405000 1282645666_thumb.jpg

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