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Sept 10 Sales List Mixed Bag


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Sept 2010 sales list

Paypal gift preferred payment. Prices are in GBP and include delivery.

Gerald Trotter "one more hurt / love in my heart" Mo do vg+ 60

Uptempo plays great, deep has a few pops and clicks.

Adams John "so in love / give him up" Silver Bull Ex 60

Heinsight "heartbeat / sugarman" Churchill M- 60

Jackie Lee "darkest days / one for the road" ABC vg+ 30

Knocked down in price has very light styrene noise on quite parts of record. Nothing to major.

Lionel Abel "lonely man" Guydisc M- 20

Calvin Arnold "Think I better rest" Sonday M- 20

Jimmy Gilford "Heartbreak / I wanna be your bay" Solid Hit Ex 50

Pulse "baby I miss you" Olde world M- 50

Helene Smith "True love don't grow on trees / sure thing" Deep City M- 30

Citations "To win the race keep the faith" Balad Ex 20

Peace On Earth "love foundation / I don't know why girl" Chat Town M- 80

Procedures "Mirror mirror" Tra Mor M- 30

Force "children of our world" Badollier M- 20

Passions "Time is a natural / what am I to do" Cylyn vg+ 100 (plays great but lots of light surface marks)

Willie Johnson "what I'm going to do / its me" Savannah Int M- 50

Gwen McRae "lead me on" Ex 15

Hartfield Bros "sweet somebody / changes we go through" Boola Boola vg+ 80

Uptempo plays great sweet flip has light styrene noise in quite parts.

Jimmy Church "right on time / I don't care who knows" Sound Plus Ex 25

Bliss "its you / if you need somebody" Enjoy M- 30

Lester Young "let your love shine / fool in love" Barry M- 40

Joseph Bownman "What is love / fairlane vera" United M- 70

Big Ella "it takes a whole lot of lovin / I need a good man" Ex 30

George Tindley "so help me woman" vg+ surface marks plays great 70

Switch "its so real" Gordy" Gordy M- 10 (great modern / 2 step)

Dramatics "your love Was strange" Volt Ex 20

Benny Hall "I need you / let them talk" M- 80

Ghetto Children "don't take your sweet lovin / its not easy to say goodbye" M- 70

Demos sell for this price but get both sides here on the harder to find issue.

R. B. hudman "holdin on" Atlantic vg++ a syrface scuff on the vinyl NAP plays perfect. 20

Thanks for looking, dylan

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