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Two (2) Real Great R&b Soul 45S Spins, For Sale

Hello !

You get a chance to get two (2) Real Great R&B/ Soul 45s spins !!

Original pressing of course.

-Auctual undoctor soundclips are included below- Listen them !!

Price is in UK GBP

I accept ONLY PayPal as gift.

Shipping cost (for Europe) is 5.50 GBP & for the rest of the world, is 6.5 GBP by REGISTERED mail with tracking number.-

* Z.Z. HILL - One Way Love Affair ( MH 202) EX 60 GBP

Oh what a brutish tune !! Ultra fave of mine that always love to spin it ! Tough to find.-


* NAPPY BROWN - Coal Miner ( Savoy 1594) M- 60 GBP

Luscious midtempo R&B gem !! Always in demand.- Real real great one in almost unplayed condition !


Thanks for looking !

PM if you're insterested.-

PS : Take a look my previous sales' post with two biggies 45s.

I have accepted a numerous of mails for them, asking me a reduction of prices or trades.

I think that they are very cool prices for these obscurities that very rarely surfaced !!

So, take a look in order to grab them. Please do not ask me for trade.

Thanks to all of you that made me your offers but I think that my price for them are very cool !

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