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A Few More For Sale (Discounted)

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All prices include special delivery (uk). Full money back if not satisfied


Paypal (gift) saveltd@btconnect.com

All tunes discounted from my web site to make space (roughly £40 knocked of the original asking price)

Go to www.saveltd.co.uk if you want to see scans etc.

Orlons Envy Cameo white demo £110

Dee Edwards All the way home D Town rare issue £110

Eddie Regan Playin' hide and seek Abc Paramount white demo £110 near mint original

Clyde McPhatter Lonely people can't afford to cry Amy rare issue £115

Smokey Robinson and the Miracles I care about detroit Standard Groove £110 (history)

Susan Rewis They say you found a new baby Columbia white demo £110

Marv Johnson Come on and stop United Artists white demo £110

Emanuel Laskey I'm a peace loving man Thelma £110

The Vibrating Vibrations Surprise party for Baby Neptune white demo Rare! £110

Dean Barlow Third window from the right Lescay £110

Carleen Anderegg Fool's Paradise Rbe (pressed as Jeanette Harper) £110

Merle Spears I want to know Atlantic white demo £110 top tune!

Ronnie and Robyn Sidras Theme + Blow out the candle Sidra white demo m- £110

Tammy Wayne Have a good time Boom white demo £110 getting plays

Carole Waller This love of mind + Stop and get a hold of myself (the version) Usa Demo £110 bargain

Dewey Jeffries When no one cared Gary-Dew Records £110 another bargain

Good luck and thanks for looking

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