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Tiaras On Op-Art For Sale

Hi All


Okay, so here's the story:

A few months ago a collector friend of mine negotiated to buy the contents of a storage locker. 12,000+ pcs and almost all crap, but among the finds was this interesting looking record by The Tiaras. He asked me because he knows that I'm interested in Canadian artists. Fortunately, I knew how rare it is, and that it would be of interest to Northern Soul fans, which led toThanks for all your help!

Winter's coming fast, and my friend needs to replace his roof, so he's decided to sell.

So here's your chance to own a top copy of one of the best (and rarest!) of the "genuinely new sixties discoveries" since the golden age (as Tim Brown put it), along with Frank Wilson's legendary "Do I Love You," Two Plus Two on Velgo, and the Parliaments' "Rainy Day."

The record looks like it had never been played. It has a bit of surface noise right at the beginning of each side for about 4 or 5 revolutions, and light surface audible in the quieter moments, as I understand they all do because it was not such a great pressing. But this is such a fantastic double sider that it is not too distracting (you'd have to be listening for that rather than the music). It has some very minor defects from being in storage for 45 years or so, as detailed below, but overall it is in amazing condition!

Visual: Very nice clean copy. Light scuffs on both sides, and a few short hairlines only, mostly noticeable at the edges, hardly affecting play at all. Clean labels, no writing or numbers.

Aural: there is the odd light tick or pop, but nothing too distracting. Plays beautifully loud and clean.

Overall, a conservative VG++ (one grade down from NM).

Visually graded directly under a 100W light bulb. Play graded on a VPI turntable with a Grado cartridge, using Sennheiser headphones.

If you need more info, please feel free to pm me.

Serious offers: please feel free to pm me in confidence. Thanks for looking!



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Hi All

Thanks to all who have pm'ed me.

Sorry I haven't been able to get back to all of you right away.

I'll answer all personally as soon as I can.

I'll have some sound files for you to listen to by tomorrow, if all goes well, so you can hear a sample of the actual record.

I'm thinking of leaving this open to offers until Tuesday, November 9, 2010, so everyone has a chance to listen to the files and make an offer if they wish.



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Hi Marc

Which I had the cash lying about :shades:

See you at Aaaron's show next week?


Hey Kevin

Nice to see you here!

See you at the show on Sunday.



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Hi all

Here are the sound files, straight from the record

(Grado cartridge, VPI turntable, Marantz 2230 receiver, Goldwave v5.10, sorry don't know make of sound card).

No studio whizzbangery, just the raw music. Enjoy!



As you'll hear, it's in top condition, plays loud and clean.

PM me with offers in £.

Free shipping by courier.

Last day: Tuesday, November 9, 2010, midnight.

Thanks again to all of you.



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Hi mate is there any chance you can send me a full copy of the surprise side to my email address I would really appreciate it cheers all the best c.

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