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Preston Grasshoppers

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Enter the ninja..................................:lol:

Another great evening,as always one of the first to arrive ,this place fills very quickly.

Some signs on the tables from the cleaner - Please dont use talc on the floor - funny !

( Its not needed here ,Its a Soul thing - some just dont understand !!!)

Two people deserve special mentions....

(1) The D.J ( Glasses) l do think you should have done a longer set - Good to see a D.J enjoying

themselves on the decks - Big thumbs up ! Very entertaining :ohmy:

The other D.Js had every record I requested (J.J Barnes - Standing on solid ground - Always makes

me wanna dance . :thumbsup:

Did go a little bit JAZZ FUNK at one point but soon back on track ( Only my personal opinion):thumbsup:

(2) Mrs Sharples - Probably the BEST - Northern soul dancer on the planet - Effortless - Could watch you

dance all night. :lol:

Will I be there next time - ? See you ALL on the dancefloor -

Ninja .

P.s - I believe there is a 13th Aniversary do here - SOON - YEP - I will be attending that nihgt too

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