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Rob Wigley

The New Conservatory, Leeds

DJ's for the first night are Pat Brady, Eddie Wainwright and young Rich Evans of That Drivin' Beat.

So expect to hear sounds of the highest calibre !

The bar has an intimate dance floor and has a brilliant American style bar, great seating area,

Amstel lager promotion at £2 a pint and a pool table.

admission is free all night. Event runs 8pm til very late.

Pat is doing this as a "thank you" to all those people who supported us at Bridlington and Scarborough Weekenders and future events will feature a variety of guest DJs and some famous old names from the Leeds area.

here the link to the website


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Thats every first Friday and 3rd Friday starting November 5th.

Brid & scarborough Weekender tickets on sale as well thumbsup.gif

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young Rich Evans of That Drivin' Beat.

That's news to me?? :-)

Rich has guested for us before and he's definitely one to go see, bags of talent this lad!


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Hi Karen & Rob

We'll try & get down for the second one,as we cant make Friday. Is there one on the 17th December?. Its just that my 40th is on that night & it's only round the corner,though I suppose if it does clash people could do both.

Good luck with the new venture x

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