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Little Flint Eboney Essence Maurice Jackson Ect

Pm me here to reserve and arrange payment

Sound clips to follow

Eboney Essence Let me In Goodie Train sl wol £200

2mins and 27seconds of dance floor bliss

Little Flint Pain Beast Label M- £60

Janie Welsh Can't stop thinking about you GDC M- £30

Dwight Thompson Man oh Man / My women is calling M- £75

A Willingham Suite Record ....Tasty double sider. 1975 German release on Poker

Clifton Dyson & G Matthews I'm giving up / I'm lonely QS M- £25

Not to well know yet. Up tempo late 70.s Modern

Willie Johnson What am I going to do without you Savannah Int M- £60

Southport & Hilton weekender favourite

Maurice Jackson Lucky Fellow Candle Lite £60

Looks vg vg+ Plays loud and clear

Superlatives Don't let true love die Dynamics 1017 M- £60

Keith Money spin from the 100club.. But this tune is yet to have its day

Thanks for Looking :thumbsup:


Edited by Dolly13

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