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1) 7" Singles

Lenny Williams 'Sho Doo Fu Fu Ooh' / 'Problem Solver' (ABC / UK / 1977 / Ex+) £6 £3

( Nice copy of this much-loved Northern Soul / 70s 'feelgood' tune – was HUGE on that scene as a new release…


Ray Charles 'I Don't Need No Doctor' (ABC / USA / 1960s / VG+) £20 £10

( First copy of this in a few years now – still a stunning, stunning 45 – just an instant floorfiller – looks a bit rough but plays more like an Ex copy with only very minimal crackle here and there…TUNE…………with The Raelettes sounding mighty FINE on the backing too… )


Beverley & Duane 'Take A Ride' (Ariola / USA / 1979 / Ex) £10 £5

( For me – this is THE best cut on their indemand LP – lovely, lovely little floater which just sucks you in after a few spins – totally infectious 70s Northern that always goes down well when played out – few scuffs and marks here and there cause minor, minor crackle here and there but in no way impinges on the overall enjoyment of this superb 70s Soul tune…

7010 http://www.youtube.c...h?v=UvF93eHTxGk

The Stringfield Family 'The Sound Of Disco' / 'The Stringfield Hustle' (Arrest / USA / 1975 / M-) £50 £25

( Rare, rare indie disco double-sider outta Washington, D.C. which really goes off….topside is a full-on Philly / MFSB-styled workout which pumps the love out while the flip is more subtle and reminded me immediately of Tommy Stewart's killer 'Fulton County Line' from his peerless 'Bump N' Hustle Music' LP on Abraxas – cannot recommend this one highly enough – it's even got a bit of disco flute in it…………oh boy!! Appears 99% unplayed… )


Willie Rosario 'Watusi Boogaloo' (Atco / USA / 1960s / Ex+) £40 £25

( Willie wrote the book on Latin dance! This man was a Big Apple L-E-G-E-N-D back in the 60s and it's so refreshing to see stuff like this getting played in clubs again – joyful, irrepressible and completely evocative tune that is just impossible to dislike – beautiful WDJ copy here – flew out last time I listed it…


Ruth Brown 'I Burned Your Letter' / 'Don't Deceive Me' (Atlantic / USA / 1960s / Ex) £20 £10

( Ditto the above – another GREAT voice – unmistakeable vocal technique and here on a stone-gold classic slice of good time R&B – just brilliant and I'm now beginning to love some of this early-Soul stuff – it really is like a breath of fresh air…few marks / scuffs here and there but has very little effect on the sound quality….love it…. )


John Edwards 'Claim Jumpin' / 'Careful Man' (Aware / USA / 1973 / Ex+) £10 £5

( 2 good tunes from John – one written by Sam Dees / Bill Brandon and the other by Jimmy Lewis – lovely copy here… )

7017 http://www.youtube.c...h?v=Dk2bFaOc5dI

Executive Suite 'When The Fuel Runs Out' / 'You Got It' (Babylon / USA / 1973 / M-) £10 £5

( Outstanding 'Proto-Disco' outta NYC – strong shades of early Patrick Adams / Cloud One here – all pumping basslines and quirky keys and floating vibes (Vince Montana, Jr? Sounds like him…) flip is also ace – unplayed copy here…

7019 http://www.youtube.c...%E2%80%99+&aq=f

Donald Byrd 'Change (Makes You Wanna Hustle) Pts 1 & 2' (Blue Note / UK / 1976 / Ex+) £10 £5

( Peachy to have this one in on a 7" – must be rare!!?? Blue Note hardly ever put out 7"s…and this is just a big, long, lovely ride on the Mizell Bros bus all the way round the World and then back to Don Byrd's studio – few marks here and there but plays reet good – Mizells = Genius = Happy Mark Rez… )

7025 http://www.youtube.c...h?v=EBVgRuUwkVk

Midnight Movers 'Can't Stand The Heat' / 'Mississippi Foxhole' (Buddah / France / 1974 / Ex+/M-) £8 £5

( Nice French pic baggie issue for these 2 great Funky Soul cuts….lovely condition… )


The Reflections 'She's My Summer Breeze' (Capitol / USA / 1975 / Ex+) £15 £10

( Well – the weather just now is about as far as it gets from being summery so I thought I'd drop this one in to warm you all up…man-oh-man – 2 Step Soul don't GET deeper than this…talk about painful vocals!! This man sounds like he's had his heart torn out and then saw it get drop-kicked off a ten storey building!! Well – I'd expect no less from J.R Bailey and Ken Williams who between them wrote and produced this little masterpiece. Trust me, this is LEGEND black music – detuned strings, wailing backing vox and bubbling basslines – it just *does* things to me…, know what I mean? Recommended, sincerely…few surface marks and light crackle – nothing major here… )


Grand Strand 'Laredo' (Creative Arts / USA / 1970s / M-) £60 £45

( South Carolina funk obscurity with a Modern Soul edge, flip is folk/funk soul. Still very unknown at the moment, could take off in the right hands…obscure as hell…great brass.. )

7041 – scan | soundfile

The Isley Brothers 'Between The Sheets' (voc/inst) (Epic / UK / 1983 / M-) £8 £4

( Killer Isley's groove and wasn't much of a hit over here so didn't chart and was deleted quick which it's always been tough to find – solid gold sleaze on that "Porno Groove" tip – much-sampled bassline and keys in Hip Hop – most famously by Notorious B.I.G on 'Big Poppa but also by legion other artists down the years – check it – baaaaad groove…stone minter here… )


Morris Jefferson 'One More Time' / 'It's The Last Time Around For Me' (Good Luck / USA / 1980 / Ex+) £20 £10

( More niceness from the Windy C – this label is a subsidiary of GEC who gave us Starvue, Heaven and Earth etc etc – 2 classy midpacers on this 7" – wonderful instrumentation and a tremendous vocal performance from MJ – I believe he was actually lead singer in Heaven and Earth – anybody confirm/deny? Few minor scuffs – otherwise completely clean… )

7056 http://www.youtube.c...h?v=n6AtfJRTFTI

Reuben Wilson 'I'll Take You There' (Groove Merchant / USA / 1974 / M-) £8 £5

( Excellent little keys-led version of the Staple Singers standard…needs a clean… )

Walter 'Wolfman' Washington 'You Got Me Worried' / 'Good And Juicy' (Hep' Me / USA / 1960s / M-) £20 £10

( Excellent (and rare!) Bluesy Funk which also has a strong dash of Soul in there too – I ain't a big Blues fan but this is good – with Moogs, Clavs and some nice guitar work without being too dull and repetitive like a lot of Blues can be – a goodie folks – seems unplayed… )

7059 – scan | soundfile

Holland-Dozier 'Why Can't We Be Lovers' (Invictus / USA / 1972 / M-) £10 £5

( If ever the clichéd descriptive word 'Classic' was fittingly used, here is the occasion…lovely copy…. )


T.H.A.T. 'Lady, Lady' / 'What Goes Around Comes Around' (Jeree / USA / 1983 / M-) £20 £10

( From the same label that gave us the mighty Family Of Eve 'Please Be Truthful' comes this tasty little double-sider – topside is a real good dancer – set at mid pace with wonderful vocals and fantastic backing while the flip is more downtempo but is equally worthy – seems unplayed…

7064 – scan | soundfile

T.H.A.T. 'I'll Be Forever Loving You' / 'Sweet Lady If Mine' (Jeree / USA / 1984 / M-) £20 £10

( Ditto the above – 2 more good sides – topside ihere is more of a 2 Stepper though and sounded really warm and bubbly as I played thru it today…again – inplayed copy… )

7065 – scan | soundfile

Lowell Fulsom 'Talkin' Woman' (Kent / USA / 1960s / M-) £15 £8

( Classic funky R&B track from a Master…stone minter…£50+ on UK Sue press nowadays…


Joey Gilmore 'Got It Together' / 'It's My Own Fault' (Lauderdale Int / USA / 1975 / M-) £25 £15

( Definitely one of this guy's rarest 45s – almost on a par with his 2 Saadia indemanders – 2 sides of solid FLA bluesy Funk straight outta the top drawer…again – immaculate condition… )

7069 http://www.youtube.c...h?v=ZOUi0bvxnTQ

Gene Dozier and the Brotherhood 'A Hunk Of Funk' / 'One For Bess' (Minit / USA / 1960s / Ex+) £8 £4

( Two good sides from Gene – heavyweight 60s instrumentals with driving backbeats – nice copy here at a very fair price… )

7077 http://www.youtube.c...h?v=S949vE_5e4Y

Norman T. Washington 'Same Thing All Over' / 'You've Been Cheating' (Pama / UK / 1968 / M-) £15 £8

( Unplayed Copy!! In a stone mint Pama custom baggie too – 2 strong Skinhead / Mod sides here with great Hammond splashes – pure late-60s pressure – on this peerless label – never been out of it's bag…Alan 'Mohawks' Hawkshaw on the B3 here… )

7086 – scan | soundfile

Jerri Jackson 'Let Me Try' / 'I Can Almost Believe' (Parallax / USA / 1960s / VG+) £50 £25

( Wow – some STUNNING 45s this month, eh? Not had a sniff of one of these in years – really, really love this – the guitar lick on 'Let Me Try' will definitely see ya getting an imaginary plectrum out – lotta people plump for the flip here as it's more 'Northern' in style and is definitely worthy – I prefer the topside though – it's a total banger – if this was one grade cleaner, I'd confidently slap £60 / £75 on it cos it's a definite rarie…lotsa scuffs / surface marks but plays good, as the soundfile will attest…TUNE…promo copy too… )

7087 – scan | soundfile

The Montclairs 'Baby (You Know I'm Gonna Miss You') Pts 1 & 2 (Paula / USA / 1974 / M-) £6 £3

( Exquisite slowie from the 'Hey You, Don't Fight It' guys… )

7088 http://www.youtube.c...h?v=iPf8mAb7o4U

Wayne Spence & Smiling Faces 'Thank God For Peace' / 'Love Is Stronger Than Hate' (Peace / USA / M- / Ex+) £60 £40

( Fantastic and raw Gospel Fink outta Cleveleand, Ohio – lovely, lovely thing… )

7090 – scan | soundfile

The Philadelphia All-Stars 'Let's Clean Up The Ghetto voc/inst' (PIR / UK / 1974 / Ex) £8 £4

( Such a good record – the backing track here was / is so different for it's time – syncopated basslines and rumbling congas and shuffling keys – so, so good – great lyrics and sterling vocal performances from Teddy Pendergrass (R.I.P), Archie Bell, Jean Carn, Lou Rawls and a whole stella of stars from PIR Records – love this so much – not M- so priced low – making a big comeback…plays beautiful… )


Lee Rogers 'Double Love Situation' / 'Love And Life (Go Hand In Hand') (Platinum Sound / USA / 1979 / M-) £10 £5

( Detroit Soul stalwart near the end of his career at this point – turns in a coupla solid midpacers – unplayed copy here… )

7096 – scan | soundfile

Lee Rogers 'Second Thoughts Pts 1 & 2' (Platinum Sound / USA / 1979 / M-) £10 £5

( Interesting and unusual pair of tunes from Lee – more like a tripy, cosmic funky jam – nicely deep basslines and a good, thoughtful arrangement with some bizarre percussion going on – a goodie…again – 100% M-… )

7097 – scan | soundfile

Wille Parker 'You Got Your Finger In My Eye' / 'I Live The Life I Love' (President / UK / 1967 / Ex) £10 £5

( Few light scuffs here and there – nuttin major – lovely UK President press for these 2 solid slabs of Windy City Northern Soul – UK pressings are SO much better than most USA pressings… )


Mitch Mitchell – Gene King 'Never Walk Out On You' / 'Inst' (Prix / USA / 1973 / M-) £60 £30

( 100% unplayed copy of this immense slab of stoned "Psychedelic Soul" perfection and is one of those tunes that I never tire of hearing. Pretty sure Dante Carfagna first championed this? Either a way it's a supreme slab of wax…. )


Bill Harris 'Am I Cold, Am I Hot' (RCA / USA / 1970s / M-) £10 £5

( Blue label press…with The Brothers 'Are You Ready For This' on the flip…

7107 http://www.youtube.c...h?v=GOTQMb8ek0c

Sammy Gordon & The Hip Huggers 'Making Love Pts 1 & 2' (Red Greg / USA / 1976 / M-) £8 £4

( Disco / Moog Extravaganza…c/o Patrick Adams, Greg Carmichael and Fay Hauser…unplayed copy here from Brooklyn's finest…………….. )

7108 http://www.youtube.c...h?v=myrzGUw0Brg

Johnny Morisette 'Meet Me At The Twistin' Place' (SAR / USA / 1960s / Ex+) £6 £3

( Tasty little R&B cut from the 'I'm Hungry' man – flip 'Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere' is also worth a mention… )


Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers 'Bustin' Loose Pts 1 & 2' (Source / USA / 1978 / M-) £6 £3

( Who remembers Go-Go? That short-lived black music phenomenon from the late-70s / early-80s – largely based in Washington D.C. – well, Chuck Brown was one of THE main men behind that scene and this here release was kinda his 'Piece De Resistance' and still sounds mighty fine to me…as sampled by Nelly a few years back now…spotless copy here…. )


Baby Washington 'Your Fool' / 'Run My Heart' (Sue / USA / 1960s / Ex+) £15 £8

( Again – such good shape for a record of this age – 2 big NS faves here with the excellent midtempo dancer on the topside getting my vote every time… )


The Supremes 'Bad Weather' (Tamla Motown / UK / 1973 / Ex+) £10 £5

( Such a good tune on these Diana Ross-less Supremes…just a lovely, lazy slab of Femme funky-soul that is completely infectious and an instant dancefloor filler – lovely copy here… )

7127 http://www.youtube.c...h?v=VVdMEghXw9Y

Garland Green 'Jealous Kind Of Fella' (Uni / USA / 1960s / M-) £30 £15

( Absolutely meltingly achingly gorgeous midtempo Northern Soul tune from right outta the top drawer – OMG – Garland Green had the voice of an angel – this is a lovely, lovely copy too – wonderful… )


Mystic Five 'Girls Get Out Of The Way – Let A Woman Come In' (Unity / USA / 1970s / M-) £30 £15

( Rare Sister Funk tune that will have it's 15 minutes of fame one day – a cracker – right in that Voices Of East Harlem kinda bag – nice and raucous too – great slowie 'Don't Let Me Down' on the flip too – spotless copy… )


Street People 'I Wanna Spend My Whole Life With You' (Vigor / USA / 1976 / M-) £6 £3

( Peaktime USA 70s 'symphonic' Soul/Disco which was a massive tune on the Northern scene as a new release back in the day (Blackpool Mecca) – I have 4 copies here – 2 are promos with the same track on both sides and 2 that have the other killer from the LP 'Wanna Slow Dance With You Baby' on the flip – let me know which one you want when you order – ok? )


Tower Of Power 'This Time It's Real' / 'Soul Vaccination' (WB / USA / 1973 / M-) £10 £5

( Fair price for this excellent Xover dancer which I've seen as high as £25 on other Lists – completely infectious…unplayed copy here… )

7135 http://www.youtube.c...h?v=Pq45-T2e-1g

Hank Diamond 'Soul Sauce' (World Pacific / USA / 1960s / Ex+) £75 £50

( Rare, rare, rare one – killer vocal version to Cal Tjader's classic backing track – this is definitely the best copy I've ever had – few light scuffs here and there which are inaudible and some fool called Bob has written his name on the label but other than that it's gorgeous…. )


2) 12" Singles:

Jesse Henderson 'I Did It Again' (Lasso / USA / 1982 / M-) £30 £15

( Folks – I've had this record a L-O-N-G time so I ain't 100% sure if it's an original or a later pressing – so – I'm gonna sell it cheap just in case – ok? Lovely condition and simply a Modern Soul classic… )

Players 'Feed The Flame' / 'Instrumental' (Hostage / UK / 1980 / M-) £20 £10

( Rare UK Boogie 12" that I've NEVER set eyes on before? Driving rhythm – hard b-lines and muted strings – actually reminds me a bit of Jupiter Beyond's 'The River Drive' – excellent stuff… )

1217 – scan | soundfile

Lenny Williams 'Midnight Girl' (ABC / Canada / 1978 / Ex+) £20 £10

( Staying in Canada for this rare 12" – not sure this ever got A UK / USA release? No blurb necessary…check the Youtube link below… )


3) LPs:

James Brown 'The Payback' (Polydor (Dbl LP) / USA / 1973 / Ex+/M-/M-) £30 £20

( All-time low price now cos I wanna sell it – ok? No other reason…'Mind Power' , 'The Payback' , 'Stone To The Bone' , 'Doin The Best I Can' etc etc – lovely copy – Bargain Of The List…!! Spot the Massive Attack sample from 'Protection'….btw – don't let my ridiculously cheap price fool you into thinking this may be a reissue cos it isn't – this is a 100% OG copy… )

sf03 http://www.youtube.c...h?v=hTNIyT804mw

Rev. Milton Brunson & The Thompson Community Singers 'No Man Is An Island' (Hob Is Gospel / USA / 1970s / M-/M-) £30 £15

( Still TIGHT in it's shrinkwrap…rare LP – killer Gospel Soul track here called 'Pray On My Child' with the wonderful vocals of Maggie Bell… )

sf04 – scan | soundfile

Bill Doggett 'Honky Tonk Popcorn' (King / USA / 1960s / M-/M-) £100 £75

( Best copy of this I've EVER had / seen….still in it's shrink and appears unplayed… )


The Harrell Singers 'There's A Land' (Hob Is Gospel / USA / 1970s / Ex+/M-) £60 £40

( Haunting Gospel LP that includes the tremelo-led Deep Gospel Soul of 'There's A Land' a massive fave round here and the lead track from Beaver's recent 'Hold Out (Keep The Faith) compilation. There are 3 more killers on the LP as well, all equally as dark and deep. Please note that 'Wright' is written on both the front and back cover in biro….one of THE best Gospel Soul LPs on the whole circuit… )

sf12 – scan | soundfile

Quinn Harris & Masterminds 'All In The Soul' (Reynolds / USA / 1970 / M-/M-) £200 £125

( 'Nuther GRAIL this List – you will not believe how clean this LP is if / when you buy it…incredibly, this is still in it's shrinkwrap…this guy was a musical scholar @ Berkley in the late-60s and this amazing Funk / Soul LP was his "piece de resistance"…'All In The Soul' is actually a twisted-up version of 'California Soul' which will blow you away…if you are into indie / underground music and also a Soul / Funk lover then I urge you to buy this LP – you will not regret it…ignore the '3 for $1' sticker on the sleeve, ok? )


Syl Johnson 'Is It Because I'm Black' (Twinight / USA / 1972 / Ex+/Ex) £250 £200

( Beautiful, beautiful copy apart from some slight damage to the intro to 'Is It Because I'm Black' – looks like it has possibly been played with a bad stylus or something? Anyways – the sleeve is 100% lovely and apart from the glitch to the opening track, the vinyl is 100% too – PLEASE don't buy this if a bit of crackle on the intro to 'Is It Because I'm Black' as I don't want this coming back in the mail…now at a fantastic price… )

sf14 http://www.youtube.c...h?v=zB39DEWNHGI

Bernard Purdie 'Shaft' (Prestige / USA / 1973 / Ex/M-) £30 £20

( Sleeve has ringwear so gets the Ex grade – otherwise the whole package is nice – 'Sgaft' , 'Attica' , 'Butterfingers' , 'Way Back Home' – strong LP with able assistance from Neal Creque – man was a MIGHTY drummer…. )

sf19 http://www.youtube.c...h?v=iDs9QkKx8yM

Senor Soul 'It's Your Thing' (Double Shot / USA / 1960s / Ex+/M-) £50 £30

( Absolutely gorgeous copy of a very rare Funk LP – 'It's Your Thing' , 'Soul Sermon' , 'The Mouse' , 'Soul Fiesta' , 'Working In The Coalmine' etc etc….West Coast organ Funk… )


Gordon Staples and the String Thing 'Strung Out' (Motown / USA / 1970 / M-/M-) £40 £25

( Want the truth? I've never actually even SEEN this LP before………..so hard to source and deffo one of the RAREST Motown LPs around – again – still in it's shrinkwrap – Funk all the way with some amazing string arrangements from Gordon himself and a whole plethora of Motown stars on hand to lend support 'Strung Out' is the tune but the whole thing is simply bonkers…deep bass, clavs, funky drums and massive string washes – what more can ya want…also known by Motown "boffins" as 'The Motown Strings' )

sf26 http://www.youtube.c...h?v=nxriu9p2Aj8

Various Artists 'INCredible Sound Of Gilles Peterson' (Sony (triple vinyl) / UK / 1999 / Ex+/M-/M-/M-) £30 £15

( Long-deleted and now-rare in it's own right comp' from the great Swiss man himself back in the late-90s…some absolute monsters on here like Willis Jackson, Sons And Daughters Of Lite, Fania All-Stars and Minnie Riperton amongst many others – all cut loud on 12" for maximum decibel exposure… )


Fred Wesley and the J.B's 'Damn Right I Am Somebody' (Polydor / Spain / 1974 / Ex/M-) £25 £15

( Fair price for a Spanish copy here – 'Blow Your Head' , 'Same Beat' , 'Damn Right I Am Somebody' etc etc…. )


Richard 'Popcorn' Wylie 'Extrasensory Perception' (ABC / USA / 1974 / M-/M-) £75 £40

( Beautiful copy – barely a mark on wax or sleeve – and it's a white promo too…again – not seen one of these around here in about 10+ years – huge funky breaks track here called 'Both Ends Against The Middle' which is a total breakbeat Funk banger – sleeve design is so bad it's good if you know what I mean…? )



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