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'david' Rare David Ruffin Hip-O-Select Album Unreleased Motown Album - Numbered Copy

Guest stash313

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Guest stash313

*Listed this earlier in the summer but has to be re-listed due to un=paying bidder*

Didn't really want to sell this but sadly needs must and all that. Just up-loaded a copy of the rare and formerly un-released album from David Ruffin ' David ' Originally scheduled for release in 1971 and shelved spending its life in the Motown vaults until 2004 when Hip-O Select and Motown released a limited edition 3500 copies of the album.

This is number 0333 of 3500 and is in relatively good condition.

A true collectors item now, you can find more info here:



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Guest stash313

Just a few days left, ends Sunday...


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Guest stash313

One day left on this, still at a bargain price!

Rare never again to be released, individually numbered album from Hip-o-Select.


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Guest stash313

Ending later today...

Don't miss out.

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