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Function In Malmoe, Sweden 27 Nov 2010. With Dave Ripolles

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Just wanted to say a public THANKS to all the punters who turned up for our latest Function night and to Dave Ripolles who was our guest DJ and treated us with absolutely jawdropping music throughout the night. :D Check out playlists and some pictures from the night below.

Next date is 29th of January and we'll be celebrating our 4th anniversary that night. More info to follow.

--- --- ---

DAVE RIPOLLES 00:00-00:30 (big room)

Nobody's Children - Shardarp - TOEHOLT

Sag War Fare - Don't Be So Jive - LIBRA

Harvey Scales - Trying To Survive - MAGIC TOUCH

Joey Irving - Can You Handle Me Girl - VINCENT

Emulations - Move A Little Slower Girl - EMULATE

Fantastics - Where There's A Will - IMPRESARIO

Four Andantes - Hipper Than Me - MO DO

Mickey And Them - Hey Brother Man - CG

Ebonystic - Aint It Good To You - SCREAM

Marlboro Men - Ride On Iron Horse - NITE BEAT

Third Creation - Puppet On A Chain - MADHATTER

DAVE RIPOLLES 01:00-01:30 (big room)

Anubis - Ecology - SALT CITY

Ellipsis - People - BRIARMEADE

Mellow Madness - Save The Youth - MEGA

"Eddie Levert" - Life Is A Miracle - c/u

Black Rock Educators - Isn't It Nice - COHEN

Wally Coco - Message To Society - FLORENTINE

Everyday People - World Full Of People - BROWNSTONE

Black Sugar - Too Late - SONO RADIO

Cindy And The Playmates - Don't Stop This Train - KEMP

Sweet Mixture - House Of Fun And Love - BAZAAR

Norma And The Heartaches - Nice And Slow - JOY RIDE

Precious Three - I Need A Man - REF-O-REE

DAVE RIPOLLES 02:00-02:30 (big room)

Cosmos Universal Band - Third Eye - API ATTEIRAM

Ice - Reality - ICE

7 Miles Per Hour Band - Latin Freak - MUSIC CITY

Gold - What About The Child - MRC

Charles Simmons - Save The World - HIT SOUND

Dynamic Corvettes - Keep Off The Grass - RU JAC

Kings Of Soul - Is Your Love For Me - DOWN TO EARTH

Buddy Cantrell - You Ain't No Good - TUSKA

T.S.U. Toronadoes - A Thousand Wonders - OVIDE

Saints - I'll Let You Slide - WIG WAM

Willie Wright - Right On For The Darkness - HOTEL

--- --- ---

SEBASTIAN 23:20-23:40 (big room)

Mighty Lovers - Ain't Gonna Run No More - SOULHAWK

Jimmy Mack - A Woman Is Hard To Understand - HAMSTER

Bobby Black - Right On - AXIS

Objectives - Love Went Away - JEWEL

Jimmy Bo Horne - Don't Throw Your Love Away - DIG

Al Johnson & Angela Coulter - You Got To Make It For Yourself - B.S.P. SOUL CITY

Blues Busters - Ohh, Baby - BMN

SEBASTIAN 01:30-02:00 (big room)

Delshan & Love Children - Angela Baby - JACHELLE

Jamie Ross - Try My Love - CAT

Bogen Richard - I Am My Own Man - BIRTH

Hot Ice Company - You Ain't Heard Nothing Yet - LIONEL

Bobby Valentin - Use It Before You Lose It - FANIA

Tippie And The Clovers - Bossa Nova Baby - TIGER

Isley Brothers - Why When Love Is Gone - TAMLA

Johnny Sayles - I Can't Get Enough (Of Your Love) - ST. LAWRENCE

Tommy Dent - Soul Thing - COBBLESTONE

Angela Davis - My Love (Is So Strong) - FLAMING ARROW

Pages - Heartaches & Pain - SUNSTRUCK

SEBASTIAN 02:30-03:00 (small room)

Ron Hall & The Muthafunkaz - The Way You Love Me - TSOD

Ivan Neville - Dance Your Blues Away - COOKIE

Logg - I Know You Will - SALSOUL

Jack Hammer - Swim - YOUNGBLOOD

Ray Barretto - Together - FANIA

Exodus - Together Forever - CHARLOTTE AMALIE

Mark Capanni - I Believe In Miracles - CAPITOL

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