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rare modern soul NEXT MOVEMENT s/t on GEC soundfile ♫

rare modern soul PAULETTE REAVES All about love TK ♫

rare modern soul AL JOHNSON Peaceful (MARINA) ♫

rare soul/funk/jazz album KASHMERE STAGE BAND Expo '75♫

EDDIE KENDRICKS People hold on (w/ Date with the rain)♫

rare soul album MAURICE LONG Sanctified PARAMOUNT ♫

rare soul/funk album VIBRATIONS Taking a new step ♫

rare soul album SAM DEES The show must go on ATLANTIC ♫

rare disco UNIVERSAL ROBOT BAND Freak with me P Adams ♫

rare soul TIMELESS LEGEND Synchronized (Pendulum) ♫

rare soul SMOKE Risin' J BRIDGE (w/ Now you're gone) ♫

rare soul album TOPICS Giving up P-VINE/TSG ♫

rare soul RETTA YOUNG Young and restless ALL PLATINUM ♫


rare soul album NUMONICS Rollin' HODISC ♫

rare soul album BLAIR Nightlife SOLAR SOUND ♫

rare soul MIRETTES Whirlpool UNI - GREAT CROSSOVER! ♫

great modern soul McCRARYS On the other side PORTRAIT ♫

rare SONNY TURNER Standing Ovation (w/ I'll be around)♫

rare modern soul Z FOR ZAFRA on H&L ♫

rare Detroit modern soul LEE EDWARDS Shades of Love ♫

funk/soul album NINA SIMONE It's finished RCA ♫

rare soul RHANI HARRIS A Different Drummer EMPRISE ♫

rare crossover soul GEATER DAVIS Sweet woman's love ♫

rare crossover soul MAD LADS w/ Never found a girl ♫


rare soul PHIL BUMPY DINO Crazy love - crazy feeling ♫

rare modern soul RHYZE Rhyze to the top 2 STEP!! ♫

rare soul PEACE, JUSTICE & EQUALITY At the disco ♫


rare soul TOTAL ECLIPSE A great combination BRC ♫

rare soul GIFT OF DREAMS Mandroid JAM POWER ♫

rare modern soul FLYERS You're my lady GOODWILL ♫


modern soul SUN Just a minute of your time RARE!! ♫

modern soul UNIVERSAL LOVE It's you girl GLADES rare! ♫

modern soul FOUNDATIONS Change my life PSYCHO UK only ♫

modern soul ODYSSEY Our lives are shaped by.. MOWEST♫

rare modern soul AL MASON Good lovin' BUNKY ♫

rare modern soul BRIEF ENCOUNTER Human SOUND PLUS ♫

rare modern soul LARRY WEDGEWORTH No more games ♫

modern soul dance SAINT TROPEZ Fill my life with love ♫

modern soul TYRONE BARKLEY Man of value MIDSONG ♫

modern soul dancer TRUTH Touch me DEVAKI ♫

modern soul dancer MUSIC MAKERS Rock that stuff DASH ♫

modern soul dancer ALMA FAYE BROOKS Thank you RCA ♫

modern soul MOTHER FREEDOM BAND Beautiful summer day ♫

modern soul TOUCH OF CLASS Love means everything ♫

modern soul MOON WILLIAMS Suspicious love MCA rare!!♫

modern soul MAJIK Back into your heart HI rare!! ♫

philly soul JONESES In love again EPIC demo RARE!! ♫

modern soul TYRONE DAVIS Just my luck COLUMBIA ♫

rare funky soul STONE LUV Get up and dance STING ♫

TSU TORONADOES Please heart don't break RAMPART rare! ♫

crossover soul WEE THREE LTD Girl I'll always love you♫

crossover YOUNG LADIES Tired of running around STANG ♫

crossover soul GEORGE WILSON Come back to me STANG ♫

crossover soul MARJORIE MITCHELL Lord of my life ♫

crossover soul dancer OPTIMISTICS Man TURBO ♫

crossover soul dancer DELLS It's all up to you CADET ♫

northern soul DELLS Thinkin' about you CADET ♫

northern soul LITTLE RICHIE Just another heartache SS7♫

northern soul PENTAGONS Gonna wait for you SUTTER ♫

northern soul MONIQUE Nobody's baby MAURCI ♫

northern soul EDDIE HILL I can hear you crying GE GE ♫

northern soul JOE & GEORGE No one loves you NOW ♫

northern soul dancer BOSS FOUR Walkin' by RIM ♫

northern soul dance IKETTES What'cha gonna do PHI-DAN ♫

northern soul LONZINE CANNON Quit while your ahead ♫

northern soul STEVIE WONDER Contract on love W/D!! ♫

northern soul dancer LIZ LANDS Midnight Johnny GORDY ♫

northern soul ROY REDMOND You say you love me SA-MO ♫

northern soul dancer JIM & LEE Let go, baby SMASH ♫

northern soul FABULOUS JADES Come on and live RIKA ♫

crossover SIR GUY ARMOND God bless a woman SCAMM ♫

crossover MOONLIGHTERS BAND More than I can stand LAMP♫

crossover WILLIE TEE Walking up a one way street NOLA ♫

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