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Another 10 For Sale

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Some more sales, but first the detail:

I accept cash (posted at your own risk), UK cheques, but prefer paypal (no extra charges).

Postage (1-3 45s):

Value up to £40 sent UK recorded - £2.20

Value £41 upwards sent UK special delivery - £5.60

Overseas will only be sent fully tracked and insured which costs about about £8.00 for insured over £40.

All originals unless stated, conservative grading, money back if not happy.

Happy to listen to offers, particularly if buying more than one record, but not the ones that go along the lines "will you take {insert half amount asked or less} and include postage, and take my dog for a walk, and include 4 wristbands for Prestatyn, and clean my car" - You get the picture :yes:

Sound files for most of these will be in refosoul, if you need an actual soundfile from a 45 drop me a pm and I'll do one (a soundfile that is).

The Four Pro's - Just Another Girl - Carla 2531 WLP - VG wol 75

Not the prettiest copy but plays well - sound file below

Big Frank And The Essences - I Won't Let Her See Me Cry - Philips 40283 - Ex- 225

Light marks and bb hole

Brothers Of Soul - I'd Be Grateful - Boo 1006 (orange label) - Ex 125

Slight label wear and a small tear

The Belles - Don't Pretend - Mirwood 5505 - M- 60 On Hold

Ruby Andrews - Just Loving You - Zodiac 1010 - VG+ - 90

Label wear, plays really well for grade - sound file below

Continental Showstoppers - Not Too Young - Seventy 7 107 - M- 225

Barbara Lynn - Moving On A Groove - Jet Stream 829 - M- Sold

Barbara Lynn - Trying To Love Two - Ichiban 142 - Ex 60

Tommie Young - Hit & Run Lover - Soul Power 110 WLP - VG+ 60

Label wear, stamp on label, occasional pop and crackle but OK for grade - sound file below

Jackie Wilson - Because Of You - Brunswick 55495 - EX+ 80

Thanks for looking

Drop me a pm or contact paul {at} paulsrecords {dot} com with any questions or to reserve.

View my previous sales

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"Very reasonable" equals "Top Book" in this instance does it not!:yes:

I don't understand this 3rd party endorsement bit that appears quite frequently in sales.

Everyone has the right to offer an item for sale at whatever price they think fit.

However, there is a world of difference between that and third parties volunteering unsolicited opinions on the 'fairness' or 'reasonableness' of the price. The comments are clearly designed to encourage prospective buyers to pay the sale price. A line is crossed at this point. Once opinions are introduced then we can all have one.

In this case mine is as follows:-

This item is being offered at the TOP BOOK GUIDE PRICE as per John Manship's 5th addition. If that fits your definition of " very reasonable" and you want the record then I would suggest you buy it. If it doesn't then I should wait for a cheaper one to come along!!!:thumbsup:

Just my opinion.



Yeah, I bunged him a fiver to say that :hatsoff2:

Interesting point about JM's price guide, it might be worth noting that "top book price" according to that on Fourth Day - You Turn Me On - DT is £45. Just shows that a guide is a just a guide, particularly when it came out over 2 years ago.

I thought 150 was about right and so did the buyer.

Can I remind everyone that this is a sales thread, if you want to discuss current prices of records then "Look At Your Box" might be more appropriate? :(

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