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Decembers Horti


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A night of pure quality and another successful year for the Horti Club - right music, right people, right venue. If you're new to soul music in South Yorkshire a great place to get together to listen to as well as make good friends - Friday's do summed up everything that's best in Sheffield soul at the moment - the old, the crossover, the contemporary, all coming together to make a top night!

So many great dj's sharing their tunes, knowledge, advice and anecdotes combine to make the Horti the place to be in Sheffield. Gary, John & Alan always seem to bring something new to the club in their sets each time they play. There's something for everyone at this club and If the 2010 guest list set the standard for soul in Sheffield, the quality of the 2011 list raises the bar and heightens the anticipation.

A massive thank you to Gary and John for putting the Horti together, and to all the people who come together to make it.

Here's to 2011

KTF Soul People

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