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Riversidesoul 17Th December

Posted (edited)

A big thank you to all of you who braved the weather to come to out to our Christmas and 4th Anniversary event. A good turnout with a great crowd and atmosphere. Special thanks to Dave Abbott for 2 great sets and thanks for Soul Inc, the Intention and the Cautions. Very positive feedback from the Riverside faithful Dave. He was well backed up by Sue and Des for some great sets. A lot oF people were saying that this was the best if not one of the best Anniversary events we have had. That takes some doing IMo, especially after Ronnie Walker last year.

Photos are on the website www.riversidesoul.co.uk and thanks to Sue & Martin Taylor for taking them.

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I have to say Ronnie Walker last year aside that was the best Riverside event for me,not only musically but for the friendly atmosphere created by the punters from both near and far!Hand on heart maybe 30 records or more I hadnt heard before,magic!

As per usual my legs in the morning told me I had a good time! Many many thanks for your good wishes,hugs and cuddles when Sue and I danced to Sues last record Juanitta Williams Baby Boy,means a lot to us.

We've had plenty of messages apologising for not making it due to the weather - Hey guys you cant help the weather,theres always next year!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our growing soul family and friends and see you all out and about in 2011


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What started off as a nightmare nite i.e. turnng up at the wrong venue(!!) turned out to be a great, enjoyable evening. Thanks To Carol and Sid for rescuing us and getting us to the correct venue, Mike for putting a great nite on and the very friendly crowd. Big thanks to John for the company, getting me drunk and letting me dribble rose wine all down my top - and to Ali and John for the great hospitiality.

Even with the threat of snow the place was packed; very nice people and varied and enjoyable music. thanks again to ecveryone involved for a great nte :lol:

The nite before i took out 60 records from my playbox to be replaced...so this is what i put together...

9:20 to 10:00

Marvin Gaye - Love Starved Heart

Jimmy McFarland - Lonely Lover

Roy Roberts - Got To Have All Your Love

Damn Sam The Miracle Man

Bill Bush I'm Waiting

Pat & The Blenders - Just Because

Lou Lawton - Nick Nack Patty Wack

The Lost Souls - A Secret Of Mine

Johnny Howard - The Chase Is On

Jokers - Soul Sound

Vanguards - Good Times Bad Times

Celest Hardie - You're Gone

Four Real Inc - The Man (Master Plan)

Kenny & Larry - You And I Are Through

L Allen - Can't We Talk It Over

Deadbeats - No Second Chance

11:20 - 12:05

Dobie Gray - Out On The Floor

Cautions - No Other Way

Fortson & Scott - Sweet Lover

Vince Dena - Love Cant Be Modernized

Harvey Averne - Never Learned To Dance

Honey & The Bees - Dynamite Exploded

Tommy & The Derby's - Don't Play The Role

Clarence Townsend - I Found A New Love

Soul Incorporated - My Proposal

Dusty Springfield - What's It Gonna Be

Soul Communicators - Those Lonely Nights

Phonetics - Just A Boys Dream

Intensions - She Needs Somebody

Greater Experience - Don't Forget To Remember

Flash McKinley - I'll Rescue You

Benny Harper - My Prayer

Freddie Chavez - Baby I'm Sorry

T.C Lee - Up And Down The Hill

Houston Outlaws - Ain't No Telling

Hyperions - Why You Wanna Treat Me Like You Do

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Some great tunes played reference to the playlist- sorry I couldn't make it due to the snow in Wiltshire- I'm glad you all had a top nite- merry xmas to you all

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