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Guest Dave Mortimore

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Guest Dave Mortimore


. It's true to say about life, in that things don't always go as planned, even when you've done all the groundwork and unfortunately this is one night that was the victim of surrounding circumstances. Consequently, it fell below expectations.


. At the beginning of the year, this anniversary night had been earmarked for Dec 4th. But Dave Morris discovered later that this date would have clashed with Bournemouth Pier. So he pulled it back to the next free saturday of the 18th and then set about assembling his line-up with the expanded two room set-up.

. However, unbeknowns to Dave were the on going plans for the 50th birthday celebration of the venerable Steve Lyons on the very same night. Steve is a philosophical, laid back and well liked character, with many friends who stretch back a long way from his promotional activities on the south coast soul scene.

. So the auspices weren't good, as so many people were going to be caught between the goal posts of two special occasions.

. Some of us would try to attend both. We arrived at The Belvedere Hotel at 9 p.m. (and endeavoured to get to the university for 11 p.m.) - Steve's Birthday Party was everything anyone could have hoped for. There was a vibrant and busy atmosphere as close friends from the past, family and so many people from the soul fraternity came together to share and celebrate a special landmark in the life of this well liked man.


. As we made our way through the snow to The Talbot Heath Campus, I had a feeling that the celebrations in town and the extreme weather were going to have an effect on the anniversary of 'On The Soul Side'

. My instincts were confirmed as we were greeted at the door by Dave and Viv. It was quieter than a normal soul night, as things were usually buzzing by 11 p.m. - The conditions had put off many from travelling. As there were so many people from West Dorset to Sussex who were turning up, but hadn't made the journey. Dave was also down by four D.J.s and consequently the occasion had now been drawn back to a one room event in The Loft Bar.

. Eventually numbers did build up as more people spilled in from The Belvedere Hotel and belatedly an atmosphere more becoming of the university was created. I went into Dylan's Bar to look around, as the men from the now defunct Railway Club were packing away their equipment. Many of the chairs and tables had been stacked away to one side to expose a large dancefloor and I couldn't help but share the same feelings as the guys, in that it had been a real shame that we couldn't experience what might have been.

. I think everyone understood the difficult circumstances and as we said our goodbyes, there was alot of warmth and positive sentiment shown towards the promoter and D.J.s in what they had achieved.


. We look forward to next year's events, Dave & Jan Mortimore


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Gutted for all involved...

we were looking forward to coming down but..

SNOW hit south London and it was game over....

same happened last year with Luton....

Dave --- Danny see you in the new year....

Take care all....

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After a shock mini blizzard early Saturday morning and tv reports of hazardous driving conditions between Sussex and Dorset we left making a decision on whether to travel until late Saturday afternoon. By 4:30pm snow began to fall again on top of that from earlier in the day which had now frozen making walking never mind driving treacherous. Reluctantly we had to concede to the weather and spent Saturday night at home - gutted for missing the night and gutted for everyone who had spent months of hard work planning & promoting this event, Dave, Viv, Danny, Mandy and all sorry we couldn't make it, have a great Christmas & New Year and we'll catch up with you at the uni next year.


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Well done for putting the night on all of you, sorry I couldn't make the south coast due to the white stuff. I'm sure the tunes were as good as always and I'm glad the people who attended had a good night- all the best and merry xmas to you all.

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