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Greatstone Crimbo Party 18Th Dec

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First chance to get on here, what with all this festive carnage going on. Had to post up though, with more of a thank you than a look-back. As we always do this time of year we were all looking forward to our year end party, then the weather stepped in! We thought that was it, no go. However how wrong could we be, really a great turn-out, people coming from near and far, our busiest night for some time. First prize as always goes to Mick & Mo from Skegness, true pioneers!!

Manchester appeared to get off lightly with the weather and we had a very strong Mancunian turn out, far too many to mention. The midland contingent however fared worst and some could not make it,and to be honest if everyone turned up who intended to get there, we would have been rammed. Anyway just wanted to thank everyone who came along and made for a great year end party. All the resident Dj's, Budgie , Mark, Paul and our guests Tony O, Les Hare and Dave Ripolles who all played some terrific music and got the atmosphere going right up til gone 2.00am. Play lists in relevant section.

Thanks again, have a great Christmas & New Year......Greatstone SC

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I would like to say thanks to everyone who came and made it a great night for us all as Tony said if the weather had been kind to us there would not hae been enough room at the inn for everyone :thumbsup: A big thank you to our stalwart travellers Mick and Mo i dont know how they do it. John May and Mrs May great to see them again 2 months on the trot, Great to see Phil wainwright out and about not much of a scottish accent though :D , Nice to see Mace and mr beggs, Mr Cato and the Beautiful Lydia a great nigh spent with good friends and great music, good to see some of the younger lads from the Beat boutique enjoying themselves with us old gits :lol: ,

Dave was awesome as always, a pleasure from start to finish. Budgie really mixed it up early doors 70's 80's and 60's something for everyone a big thank you to Tony O for his set and also playing one of my favourite records of all time The poets wrapped around your finger, I double decked with paul and had a great time 60's and 70's all the way, Tony and Les finished off the night big style with a few classics thrown in. Merry Christmas everyone see you all in the New year.

right Tony lets get down to Business and books us some Dj's.


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