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Dab Of Soul, Nantwich, December 18Th


Just wanted to post a quick thanks to everyone who braved the elements on Saturday night.

The snow affected our attendence, not that the snow was too bad in Nantwich but the surrounding areas were badly hit which made travelling impossible for some regular travellers.

Despite the weather the night was a great success thanks to some intelligent DJing my messers Fisher and Kay. Playing some top tunes and some stuff i had`nt head for years,they really created a great atmosphere in the room and had the dance floor buzzing. I finnished off with an hour of mid-tempo and played some stuff i normally dont get the chance to...must say it seemed to go down well as everyone stuck around!

We had travellers from such places as Derby, Notts, Bedford and Stoke.

This was the 12th edition of "Dab of Soul" and after 2 years the event has exceeded everything we set out to achieve.

A Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to all of the regular Dab followers!

Our next date will be our second anniversary and we are pleased to welcome Keith and Maxine Woon and Brett Franklin as guest DJs...bring it on!


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The snow certainly affected our attendance mate, left London at 2pm eventually arriving back in the Potteries at 11pm, amused I was not. Why can't we run trains in any extreme of weather in this country?

Anyway, heres to another year of top notch Soul in this neck of the woods.

Keep on Dabbing


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I would just like to add that despite the extreme cold and terrible weather experienced on Saturday the amount of people who turned out to "Dab" was a very welcome surprise.The music on offer from the other guys was without doubt exceptional, (special mention for that white album track Chris :thumbsup: .

For my part, here is what I played, in no particular order,

John Wilson - Ain't enough lovin' - Sweet City

Bobby Patterson - Recipe for peace - Paula

Joe Simon - We're Together - Posse

Second Nature - Still a lot of love - Jam

Garland Jeffreys - She didn't lie - A& M

Willie Hutch - When A boy falls in love - RCA

Joe Walker - This is my last goodbye - Bold

Johnny Moore - It's just my way of loving you - Date

Live Band - Chance for hope - TSOB (LP track)

The Official Steppers - Get up - 2 Funky (Promo LP track)

Walter Jackson - Let me come back - Brunswick

Ollie Nightingale - I don't know why I love you - Memphis

King Sporty - Thinking of you - Miami

Del Davies - Baby dont wake me - Bread

Authentiks Unlimited - Heaven only knows - Cosmos

Sir Henry Ivy - He left you standing there - Future Dimension

Peter Prewitt - "U. A" - TS

Almeta Latimore - These Memories - Mainstream

Sandra Wright - I come running back - Demon ( LP track)

Curtis Mayfield - People never give up - Curtom (12")

Thanks again to Chris and Dave for the invite .

A Merry Christmas / Happy New Year to all

see you in 2011

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was a great night--i was on in the oldies room

but the bits i heard were top drawer

first time i heard Mr Fisher for e.g. ----- WELL IMPRESSED

lots of top dj s lined up

so DONT MISS ANY or you will be

green like the incredible hulk

when you see the play lists

the tunes above give you an idea


Credit to Chris n Dave for booking quality not quantity

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Cheers Guys,

John loved the Bobby Patterson track, a new one to me. The white label LP track was Art Gentry "This is my chance" a Kent freebie from the mid 90s.

Keith, appreciate the support as always mate, heard you played a blinder in the oldies room....mentioned it on my radio show!

Thanks again to everyone who turned out....


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