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Escorts - - I'm So Glad I Found You

Hi Paul, got this on the SUPERB and scarcely seen 'All we need is another chance' LP (Alithia) if interested...Recorded live in the State Penn whilst they were all doing time. Whilst you're on an O'Jays theme there's also an immense version of the ballady 'look over your shoulder' on it. Worth it for the LP cover alone!!!

Didn't know it came out on 45? Could be wrong.

ATB Mark

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Hi Mark,

Ideally I'd want the 45 if I can get one. I've been informed that there is a 45 release on Alithia.


Ok Paul I found it. It's bl**dy cold up in my loft. I have a mint copy on Alithia. It's actually the B side to "Ill be sweeter tomorrow" Let me know what you want to pay as i have no idea of current value.



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