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Soul Night At Esquires, Bedford, 11Th Dec


Dec 11th 2010

Geoff, Hammie and Andy

Well done to the guys for putting on a great night of across the board soul music.

As usual the Bedford crowd were there to give their support to Bedford's best plus an up and coming newcomer Andy Felts.

Let's hope that this becomes a regular venue in 2011 and please open the bar up, the night was reminiscent of the late 60's and early 70's due to a couple or maybe three Oi! Bands being present at the same time but up stairs at another venue. There were Skins, Suedeheads and Punks all over the place and at one point converging into the soul room.

The sounds were flowing and the dance floor soon filled up with a constant flow of the magical sounds of that Motown and that Northern beat. It must have been a thrill to some 'Mick, Sandie and Steve' when the talc started to flow and the beat increased into some great stomping sounds this is what it's all about you put your heart and soul into something that's been with you for 40 years your there to enjoy yourselves and without class DJ's it doesn't happen, they didn't play to themselves but to the people.

Again and I think I speak for all, well done for putting on a great night and we will all be looking forward to the next event.

DaveC and the Bedford Crew

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Thanks Dave, for those kind words, but it was a great night, everyone there was up for the sounds and I think the skinhead crew that joined in enjoyed it just as much. Not forgetting of course that some of the soul fans ( me included) were skins the first time around!!

Lets hope that Hammie & Geoff put the night on again, and it was a priviledge to join them on the decks, but they are very hard to match. Its got a lot of atmosphere in the room & when you add the people its got the potential to be a great night and as you said just like the old days. Thanks to Esquires for putting it on.

Cheers Dave & to everyone that came.


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Big thanks to everybody what great nite (skinns loved it} we will be back in the new year . Will be in touch with dates dont forget the corn exchange on23rd april 2011 K T F.hatsoff2.gifph34r.gif

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As Dave as pretty much sumed it up, I would just like to say well done guys for a quality first night of what hopefully will be the start of something good and putting Bedford back on the soul music map. I know there are many more local people who would have really enjoyed this night hopefully they will be able to attend the next one, I am sure they will not be dissapointed as this has all the right ingredients of being the Rovers of old


Steve B

I Love Music

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