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Soul Funk R&b List - Sixties Only

Guest Shakerbaker

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Guest Shakerbaker

All records are either old DJ copies or spares. Bargain prices IMHO.

Email rob.baker.jr@gmail.com to reserve records. Please feel free to make an offer if you're interested in multiple 45s. Most of these can be found on youtube, but let me know if you need a clip of anything not available.

Buy 3 Records in the $10-15 range and I'll take 50% off the third record.

Postage inside USA is $4. All postage overseas is $7. Paypal ONLY.

Thanks for looking!

Ernie K-Doe - A Certain Girl / I Cried My Last Tear (Minit) VG+ $10

Essential NOLA R&B dancer

Mary De Loach - Move This Thing Part I / Move This Thing Part II (Arctic Gospel Series) M- $50

RARE uptempo gospel blues with killer guitar

Valentinos - You've Got The Kind Of Love That's For Real / Two Lover History (Jubilee) VG+ $10

Classy melodic uptempo northern soul

Tony Birchett - Don't Put Out The Fire / Your Thang My Thang (LBJ) VG+ $35

Rare and killer northern soul with fantastic drums

Prince Harold - Born To Please / Why'd You Go Away (Verve) VG+ $10

Uptempo dance cut

Rufus Thomas - Love Trap / 6-3-8 (Stax) M- $10

Stock copy of strong (and affordable) funk that's under the radar

Howard Tate - Stop / Shoot 'Em All Down (Verve) VG+ $10

Great uptempo soul

Howard Tate - That's What Happens / These Are The Things (Turntable) VG+ $10

Cool soulful mover

Diamond Joe - Gossip Gossip / It Doesn't Matter Anymore (Sansu) VG+ $10

Cracking NOLA R&B

Joe Simon - I Got A Whole Lot Of Lovin' / Yours Love (SS7) VG+ $15

Way under-rated floor filler.

Mitty Collier - I Can't Lose / You Hurt So Good (Peachtree) VG+ $20

Fantastic female funky soul from Atlanta

Ray Charles - You're Just About To Lose Your Clown / Together Again (ABC) VG+ $10

Amazing organ driven dancer. Definitely under-appreciated

Aretha Franklin - Tighten Up Your Tie, Button Up Your Jacket / Hands Off (Columbia) VG+ $30

In-demand mod classic with rising price tag

Dorothy Prince - Hey Mister / I Lost A Love (m-pac) M- $10

Fem Soul from Chicago

James Duncan - Three Little Pigs / Can't Fight The Time (King) VG+ $30

In-demand R&B dancer. Nice copy.

Garnett Mimms - Prove It To Me / I'll Take Good Care Of You (United Artists) VG+ $20

In-demand northern soul dancer

Eddie Wilson - Shingaling Stroll / Don't Kick The Teenager (Back Beat) VG+ $15

Under-rated funky cut

Maurice Dollison - The Earthworm Part I / The Earthworm Part II (m-pac) M- $20

Very nice funky dancer

Mighty Joe Young - Hey Baby / I Want A Love (Webcor) VG+ $15

Uptempo R&B romper

Virgil Griffin - If You Can't Go, Don't Hinder Me / A Forgotten Lover (Reginald) M- $15

Very fast uptempo funk with killer drums

Little Bernie - The Waddle / Lonely Soldier (Jove) VG+ $30

Crazed R&B dancer that's deadly in a packed club. Nice playing copy.

The Moon Man - The Moon Man Is Back / Moon Walk In (Good Sounds) M- $15

Lo-fi R&B soul for the dancefloor

Clifton White - The Warm Up Part I / The Warm Up Part II (ANLA) M- $15

Very nice uptempo funk with great organ and raw vocals

Eddie Billups - My Girl / No Love Have I (Shurfine) VG+ $10

Fantastic Georgia Soul

Philly Four - The Elephant Part I / The Elephant Part II (Cobblestone) VG+ $15

Unusual and fantastic instro

Cookie and his Cupcakes - I'm Twisted / Mathilda (Paula) VG+ $10

Classic R&B Dancer

Dorothy Berry - You're Driving Me Crazy /I'll Come Back To You (Little Star) M- $15

Great uptempo female soul

Johnny Moffett - I Found Joy / Send Her Home To Me (Canterbury) VG+ $10

Kicking funky soul for the dancefloor

Move This Thing.mp3

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Guest Shakerbaker


Aretha Franklin

Garnett Mimms


Dorothy Berry

Little Bernie

Moon Man

Clifton White

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Guest Shakerbaker

Ray Charles and Diamond Joe are now SOLD

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