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Broughton 4th Anniversary 19 June

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Busy nite at Broughton last nite, been up and running now on a regular monthly basis for 4 years now, so have to say congrats to Soul Sam and Brian Ellis and all rest involved for hitting that mark. Plans were to just do a quick pop in, but later car troubles meant spent 2 hours later on there.

To mark the 4th anniversary format was a "oldies" one, and as said crowds were in. Usual order was a bit out of window as Sam had to get across other side of uk for other venue, what caught of his set was mix of likes of say "The whole damned world is going crazy" on one hand and more traditonal oldies on other, Steve Thomas followed, started off with mix of 60/70s. Think Brian followed, but was trying to sort car for a fair bit so not 100%. From what saw and heard, was a great busy anniversary

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