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next keele niter

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Well seeing as Mick is on his hols i'll answer for him!!!

Saturday 4th Sept


Mick Smith


Dave Welding

Roger Banks

Keith Minshull

Bob Hinsley

Next one will be the Christmas niter 18 December

there is no niter in July due to the bar area being decorated!!!!!!!

Hope that helps ;-) xxx

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Saw a couple of links for Keele on july 10th.......is this now cancelled?



Also dont forget that Butch is a resident at Mick Smiths Keele Allnighter next one July 10th ;-)


ooops sorry ..........just seen that the July one is cancelled...sorry for the posting..

Edited by Peter

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No problem mate, it was on then the uni decided to decorate and the niter without the record bar would be like Mick without his moustache--- strange!!!!! ;-) xxx

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