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James Trouble

ANOTHER deepfunk radio show online

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It's the best 'deepfunk' record to have never been played at "Deepfunk" at Madame Jo Jo's. Ian played it on Friday. we only play original issue records on the shows. I am desperate to get a copy of it if you have one Hippo?

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I am desperate to get a copy of it if you have one Hippo?

Yes, all the records on those CD's I did you, I own (any feedback would be appreciated). Did you want to name the record because there is one on eBay or something? Sorry, I'm a tight bleeder now & don't sell anything, but I'm thinking about letting the whole lot go as part of an early mid-life crisis!

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Let your records go Hippo, you know it makes sense;-) I bet you would look good in the new DB9 with all your old records playing on the stereo;-)

When I said 'if you have one', I ment if you wanted to sell yours. Did you think I might have played it off your CD on the show? Hell freezing over etc...

I didn't want to name the I S because there are alot of ebay vultures who listen to the show, and very selfishly I'd quite like to keep them off it untill I get a copy;-)

I sent you an email with what I thought of the CDs from my work email @pxtb.com. I think it may have been the time we were having problems with the office server and we were getting stuff stuck at our end or something like that (I don't understand the technicals). You'll probably find an email in you inbox in 6 months time dated May 21st! :-S

I'll see if I can find it and send it again on Monday through hotmail. I did wonder why you hadn't replied, I thought it must have been me saying all the CDs were crap and a waste of time;-) (tee hee) Seriously, I did really enjoy the CDs, and I transfered them all over to mini disc for my car. The CD of 'cheaper' 70s/80s stuff was probably the only one I didn't totally enjoy, but all the others were really great and so much stuff I hadn't heard before. The tape of Keb Djing at stafford was interesting but very hard on the ears, I assume that was from the quality of the original tape?

I'll email you Monday...

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