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Greg Belson

Jazzman Live! on Saturday 17th July

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We're proud to be able to announce the beginning of the Rubylo Jazzman sessions starting Saturday 17th July and going the third Saturday of the month thereafter.

DJ's are Fryer, Greg Belson and Jazzman Gerald - also expect top notch guests to enter the fray once in a while! So expect rare and not so rare funk 45's, some jazzual dance, a tinge of the newer stuff, and a liberal dab of the hallowed grooves called titty shakers.

See flyer for details or here's a webflyer for your info.



(1) Pat Brown - The good got to suffer for the bad

(2) Joe Buerger - Funky Joe

(3) Angela Jefferson - i can feel myself slipping away

(4) Pearl Dowell - Its All Over

(5) T.S.U Tornados - Only Inside

Belson -

(1) 400 Years of What - Get down people

(2) Mighty Joe Drake - Get out of my life, woman

(3) Bobby Butler - Next time you see me

(4) Althea Spencer - Take me baby

(5) Priscilla Price - Rockerfella Jones

Jazzman Gerald -

1 - LETQ - Destroy the Nihilist Picnic

2 - Dube Soul Drives - Black Zorro

3 - Manny Corchado - Pow Wow

4 - La Lupe - Fever

5 - Heem & the Monsters - Wake Up

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