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Soul Hipster is appearing at the GoGo in Edinburgh tonight. I don't know if he is going to be accompanied by any flipsters or finger poppin' daddies but certainly I hope to be there. So expect a review on Saturday afternoon at 2:30pm (BST) on Reflections on Northern Soul on www.radiomagnetic.com.

It’s another two hours of the best in rare Motown, classic Northern, a simmering of southern, a sun soaking of Beach Music and a hot salsa of Latin Soul. Among a slew of re issues we’ll have records by Lou Lawton, Don Fardon, The Excuses, The Embers and the Swedish soul sensation Sven Zetterberg. “Swedish soul sensation” when was the last time you heard me say that?

There will of course be a live session drawn from the vaults of Reflections on Northern Soul and recorded straight from the decks of a top club.

Thanks to Martin’s Northern-Soul site, On The Scene club guide, and Paul Massey’s SoulScotland pages there will be a fairly comprehensive gig guide. If you would like a mention for your event please reply to this e-mail. Use the same technique if you would like a mention for yourself, a friend or your magazine or web site.

There are seven of the previous reflections available online to listen to NOW if you go to www.radiomagnetic.com/archive/rnb.php

If you go to FORUMS then PLAY LISTS you should be able to find the track listings to go with each show. If you head there now you can have a look at what I played last week.

If you fancy a weekend of across the board soul as well as bed and board in an exclusive Scottish country house setting check out www.soulscotland.co.uk for details. It’s in October.

Saturday 17th july wigan casino revival night with original casino DJ's at Marco's in Edinburgh.

Saturday 24th july the Caledonia Soul club presents Arthur Fenn in Glasgow.


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