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Guest Daddy

New Orleans Charity Soul Auctions

Guest Daddy

Just to let you know ...

There are two auctions currently running to try and raise money for the city that produced so much music we all love. One is being run on www.soulstrut.com and another on the www.fryer-mantis.co.uk board.

The rules are collectors dig out a record, offer it up to the community of collectors and whatever $$ is raised finds its way to the needy.

The www.soulstrut.com auction has raised over 20,000$ in the past week, and the www.fryer-mantis.co.uk auction, though only two days old, is going great guns too. All kinds of records, studio tapes, acetates, issues, some NOLA some not, are on offer.

The www.fryer-mantis.co.uk board money is going to an artists and musicians' fund, the www.soulstrut.com auction is going more towards more general relief. Both can be seen in action here ...





And here are some details about a possible way the money will be spent ...


I guess I'm just wondering if you soulful lot might be up for joining in somehow?

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