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Guest Daddy

New Orleans Charity Soul Auctions

Guest Daddy

Just to let you know ...

There are two auctions currently running to try and raise money for the city that produced so much music we all love. One is being run on www.soulstrut.com and another on the www.fryer-mantis.co.uk board.

The rules are collectors dig out a record, offer it up to the community of collectors and whatever $$ is raised finds its way to the needy.

The www.soulstrut.com auction has raised over 20,000$ in the past week, and the www.fryer-mantis.co.uk auction, though only two days old, is going great guns too. All kinds of records, studio tapes, acetates, issues, some NOLA some not, are on offer.

The www.fryer-mantis.co.uk board money is going to an artists and musicians' fund, the www.soulstrut.com auction is going more towards more general relief. Both can be seen in action here ...





And here are some details about a possible way the money will be spent ...


I guess I'm just wondering if you soulful lot might be up for joining in somehow?

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the news/articles section is due to be upgraded in next 24 hrs or so

once done will add above as a news item

got to be a worthwhile thing,

anyone any ideas/thoughts on how site can assist



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Guest Daddy

the news/articles section is due to be upgraded in next 24 hrs or so

once done will add above as a news item

got to be a worthwhile thing,

anyone any ideas/thoughts on how site can assist




The way that seems to be working elsewhere is for the webmaster to set up a section in the main index of the site specialy entitled something like NOLA Auctions. Then in the opening post outline the rules of the game.

These are the bidding rules cut and pasted from the one of the boards


People post records as either set sale or auction. Good records, please, and not at knock down prices (paying over the odds would be a good thing). Auctions to state end date, lets say, 7 days?

People win auction/ buy record. All bids to be posted in the right thread(NO pms or emails), all transactions transparent, anonymous (non registered member) bidding permitted, providing contact info is given on bid.

Winner sends money inc. postage by paypal to designated paypal account: nola@fryer-mantis.co.uk

Person with record sends record to winner, and covers postage equal to amount sent by buyer.

PROVIDING WE CAN ENSURE THE DONATION INFO IS LEGIT, money from paypal account makes it way to Eddie bo's pocket: the entire financial side will be open and reported on throughout

After 10 days (3 days - until the 9th sept - to get things up and auctions running, after one week first round of auctions will be closed), any unsold items go onto ebay on 5-day auctions: we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

winner of auctions gets to give money to eddie bo, and get a record too.


We are heading cash to Eddie Bocage for just being such a NO Jedi. But there are other funds that you could pick. One member of the site sent in this list (which I can't vouch for but have no reason to doubt the integrity of)

>>> .......

New Orleans Musicians Clinic (NOMC)

This is a fantastic hands-on organization who has the names and addresses of so many great musicians because they have them all coming to their FREE health clinic all these years and now, they are the ones who are tracking down the local musicians and finding them shelter.

They can be contacted at musiciank@swlahec.com

They are the New Orleans Musicians Clinic and know the whereabouts of the local musicians down there.

Contact: Kathy Richard directly at 337-989-0001

Send donations to:

NOMC Emergency Fund

funds will be distributed by:

SW LA Area Health Education Center Foundation, Inc.

103 Independence Blvd.

Lafayette, LA 70506

desk: 337-989-0001

fax: 337-989-1401

email: finance@swlahec.com


The New Orleans Musicians Clinic is determined to keep Louisiana Music Alive! It is our beacon to soothe our souls. We want to relocate our New Orleans musicians into the Lafayette/ Acadiana community where they can remain a life force! But most of them have lost everything... we must help them rebuild their lives.

They can't access any of their NOMC accounts. They desperately need money to fund these efforts.

Jazz Foundation of America:

We will be addressing the longer term needs of these jazz and blues artists who will have just lost everything.

We will be raising funds and distributing money for the musicians to get a new apartment or room for rent: by giving a first month's rent, possibly more, for them to start over, a place to live. (This is what we normally do on a daily basis for musicians across the country who become sick and can't pay their rent, we also keep food on the table and get employment to hundreds of elderly musicians through our Jazz in the Schools program. Our

operations normally assist 35 musicians a week.)

As well, we will be attempting to help New Orleans musicians by replacing the thing that matters most and the only way they can ever work again: their instruments. To those who lost their instruments, like drummers and bassists who could not carry their heavy equipment, and guitarist with their amps, we will be making an effort to work with manufacturers and music stores to

replace those instruments for as many as we possibly can.

Remember, New Orleans was only "New Orleans" because of the musicians...

Send donations to:

Jazz Foundation of America

322 West 48th Street 6th floor

New York City, NY 10036

Director: Wendy Oxenhorn

Phone: 212-245-3999 Ext. 21

email contact: Joyce@jazzfoundation.org

website: www.jazzfoundation.org <



go to: http://www.jazzfoundation.org/index2.html

and click bottom right corner of page where it says "instant pledge"

Thank you, from our hearts.

Goner Records Rock'n'Roll Refugee Fund

Goner Records in Memphis has taken refuge to many New Orleans-area rock'n'rollers who have been dispossessed after Hurricane Katrina. Some others have gone on to other parts of the country. The folks at Goner, in cooperation with the Trinity Parish Episcopal Church in Searcy, AR, have created a fund to directly assist these "rock'n'roll refugees." Some of the

names include Mr. Quintron, The Royal Pendletons, Kajun SS, Die Rotzz, The Detonations, The Gories, Darkest Hours, Therapeutic Records, Watchmeeatahotdog.com , the Mystic Knights of

the Mau Mau/Ponderosa Stomp folks and many more.

Whatever money you can raise, send to:

Trinity Parish Church Episcopal Discretionary Fund

200 N. Elm St.

Searcy, AR 72143-5271

Put 'Katrina Fund' in subject line of check.

Checks are preferred (to avoid PayPal fees), but if you must send PayPal, use this email address for your donations and be sure to indicate that this is for the KATRINA FUND: trinityparish@yahoo.com


So that would be the basic process. It is suggested that the members dig deep into their collections and produce one good record for the cause. Hopefully something special. And then members can bid with each post ans everyone see the action as it unfolds; another good to come out of this collecting habit of ours. But I guess I don't need to spell out the morality at play, you all seem solid people here on the times I've read through. So there you have it. Best of luck.

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the news/articles section is due to be upgraded in next 24 hrs or so

once done will add above as a news item

got to be a worthwhile thing,

anyone any ideas/thoughts on how site can assist




take it no suggestions/thoughts then??

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