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greystone soul night

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Just to tell you all out there who still like it rare..Greystone Hotel,Manchester last Saturday..great little rare soul night every month..Guest djs..John Weston and John Mills..great tunes, really nice evening..I still like some larger events but its the smaller places like this that remind us why we love this thing of ours..Its all about love for quality music and nothing more...If you live up north then give this night a try in the near future...Little Stevie still buzzing on Monday (from the tunes, not the red bull)....

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Have to agree, an exceptional choice of tunes by all the DJ's, it was my first time at this event, but wont be my last. I love it when im not subjected to the same old play safe well worn oldies for a change! Well done to all the DJ's.



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hi steve and paul

thanks for the kind words, this was our intention to play music not genenrally heard at normal nights even the odd unknown tune, we all love what we are doing and i think it shows tony and myself are very proud of the greatstone hotel nights.

if you are fed up with the same old same old then give us a try.

not that i do not like to attend oldies nights i do but i tend to attend them to meet old friends and chat. (lot of tends in that sentence)

if you are at a loose end steve runs a couple of nights at the office bar in chorlton cum hardy wed's and fridays i will be there tomorrow play some things.

it is an any thing goes night so you can expect to hear funk, disco, northern, deep,

reggae, folk, just a pleasant night in a bar with different music,

give it a visit, i am sure you will enjoy it.

better than staying in for corrie.


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Message to Femme Fatale..Please get in touch if you would like to play at my night...Any other people out there are welcome also..Its took a while to find a place like the Office..We can play just what we want and i and the other djs do just that...

Every Wed.Cool Off..Deep soul/funk/blues/jazz/folk/pop/roots reggae 60s/early 70s..

7.30 TO 11.30 free entry..

Every Friday..Inner City Blues..northern/crossover/deep funk/ghetto grooves..

7.30 to midnight..Free entry..

These nights are for everyone..guest djs every week.. if you want to play then drop me a line..stevecato64@yahoo.co.uk..check out details on the website..www.cooloff.net...

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