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Stolen record - Part II


Dear all,

I'll keep this as brief as poss.

First, as per my last post re: Bobby Day, a million thanks to everyone who got in touch with words of kindness and offers of help. Talk about having my faith restored.....you're all stars!

Now the crap part.

I spent last Sunday so dreadfully pissed off about the Bobby Day 45, I didn't even bother to look in any detail at what else may be gone. I just got home tonight from a week up North and went thru the box in more detail and realised that another 45 is missing.

It is "I'm Tempted" Sandy Hollis on a Big Wheel issue. Same applies as before I suppose. If anyone hears of a mint issue popping up for sale anywhere, I'd really appreciate hearing about it.

I know it aint the rarest thing in the world and the fact that I have a 2nd copy does help a little. But it's still my tune and it's in someone elses' box so any help

would be gratefully recieved.

Hope you all have a great weekend wherever you are. If you're going to Stoke on Saturday, maybe I'll see you there.


Neil Jones.

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Not a lot I can add to what others have said Neil but I hope you catch the b******!!!!

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Cheers Chalky,

The only one who hopes I don't is the b*****d him/her self.


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