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Hail Caledonia

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I must say last Saturday night's Caledonia Soul Club was brilliant,; great music , good company lots of stomping dance music. The guest was Arthur Fenn and he had the dance floor busy from start to finish. A number of people had travelled to Glasgow to catch Arthur. If you were one of them please let me know what you thought. If you fancy coming to the Next Caledonia Soul Club in September you can make it a bit of a weekender too.

Friday 24th September Friday Street is at Cuba Norte 10-3 £5

Saturday 25th September Caledonia 3rd Anniversary at The Woody with Keith Keddie

Sunday 26th September Friday Street Sunday Special at Cuba Norte. 10-2 £5

There'll be some pub gigs too

Return flights are available now for less than £20 at Ryanair, Easyjet and Flybe

Right I suppose I should say something about Saturday afternoon's "reflections on northern soul" on www.radiomagnetic.com at 2:30pm.

I'll be playing a great mix of records from the classic northern Soul era, Some R&B, a couple of album only tracks with a few modern delights blended n with some Latin Soul. Despite last Saturday's preview of the Motown 7" re issues I feel I have been neglecting the sound of Young America. So I've been re listening to some collections and you will hear what inspired me.

I'll be reading out the gig guide for Saturday and the rest of the weekend. I'll try to squeeze in the Top Ten highest priced northern soul singles on e bay.

We are up to May in the archives. You can hear them anytime at www.radiomagnetic.com/archive/rnb.php The details of what was played in each show can be found at "forums" under "Show playlists" If you would like a mention for a club night or anything else please reply to this e mail today


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