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Detroit 60's Soul For A Tenner Or Less

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Loads of supercheap Detroit here, ignore the prices, everything a tenner or 7 for £50 - some genuine bargains here, look closely! Paypal only please, PM me if interested,

Steve Mancha -Still in my heart - Groovesville 20

Cody BlackGoing going gone Rambrock (red) 15 HOLD

Steve Mancha -Dont make me a storyteller / I won't love and leave you - Groovesville 20

Eddie Floyd Set my soul on fire Lupine 20

Lee Rodgers Sad Affair vg+D-Town 20 Lee Rogers Cream of the crop D-Town Ex 15

Lee Rogers Boss Love D-Town Ex 15

Peps This I pray D-Town vg 10

New Arrivals Big time girl / Somebody else (vglabel worn) Palmer 15

Pat Lewis Look what I almost missed / No baby, no SolidHit 30 SOLD

Benny Poole Sorry boutthat/Pearl baby pearl (lots WOL, vg ) Solid Hit 10

Lebaron Strings Now she's gone / keep coming back(warp DNAP) Solid Hit 15

Diamond Uprisers New kind of jerk / Diamond jerk Riley's20 SOLD

Prophets My kind of girl / I can't make it(hairline crack not thru to surface of vinyl, plays perfectly) Stephanye 15

Roy Handy Baby thats a groove /Monkey see-monkeydo (this side a bit off centre like ? all) Stephanye 15

Falcons I found a love / swim Lupine 15

Ohio Untouchables I'm tired / Up town Lupine 15

Ohio Untouchables Forgive me darling / Love isamazing (DJ copy) Lupine 15 SOLD

Superlatives I dont know how / lonely in a crowd Westbound15

Barbete & Mel Lets get it together / DocCalhoun - Swing it together Whip 20 SOLD

Cornell Blakey You aint gonna find (RED)Carrie 20 SOLD

Johnnie Mae Matthews Lovehides all faults Audrey 20 SOLD

Gloria Taylor You mightneed me another day (Steve Mancha penned)/Poor unfortunate me (same as JJBarnes) King Soul 20 SOLD

Gloria Taylor Born a woman/ Do your duty King Soul 10

Emmanual Laskey Lucky tobe loved Wild Deuce Fair cond. only 15

Robert Ward I will fear noevil Groove City vg 10

Superlatives Do what youwant to do / Forget about tomorrow Dynamics 20

Eldees Don't be afraid tolove / You broke my happy Dynamics 20 SOLD

Parliaments HeartTrouble UK Goldmine Sevens 10

Parliaments I wannatestify Revilot 10 Andre Williams Soulgroove Sport 10 Emmanuel Laskey I needsomebody NPC 15 vg Richard Popcorn WylieRosemary what happened UK Grapevine 15 JJ Barnes Poorunfortunate me Ring 15 Capitols Cool Jerk / Hellostranger (felt pen mark on Hello) Karen 15

Capitols We got a thing that's in the groove /Tired running from you Karen 15 (got this on Acto too, same price)

Jimmy Delphs Almost (multicolour label) / Dontsign the paper Karen 15 (got a vg blue label 10)

Capitols Aint that terrible / Soul brother-soulsister Karen 10

Jimmy Soul Clark Do it right now (Inst toStonebroke by Sam Ward!) / If I only knew then (multicolour label) Karen 15

Edited by mark w.

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