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Good Sales At Decent Prices - Allsorts

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Plenty of decent 45s up for grabs. All strictly graded and in at least excellent condition (unless stated); money back if you're in any way unhappy. Postage in UK as per and Europe / overseas will need to check.

Hope I've priced em fairly and reasonably; if not let me know. Cash, cq, paypal (gift) are all ok. PM me if you're interested in anything:

Delilah Kennebreuw - bright lights (Loma w/demo) £90

Pretty sure this fetched something daft at auction recently didn't it? Really solid record ready for reactivation anyway.

Rose St John & the Wonderettes - mend my broken heart / and if I had my way (UA w/demo) vg++ £80

Several light scuffs on either side and asterisk on 'and if' side. Plays great and what a phenomenal double sider of course

Gene and Eddie - sweet little girl (Ru Jac w/demo) £30

Same tune as Winfield Parker, cheap as chips!!!

Cody Black - too many irons in the fire (D-Town) £70

Proper, full-on Detroit dancer.

Moody & the Deltas - everybody come clap your hands (Daisy) £50

Spare copy of the old Same Cooke c/u at Morecambe where it was absolutely massive. Not that easy to turn up these days

Lou Roberts - ten to one (MGM demo) £30

Bargain for this great oldie

Mike Finnigan & the Surfs - bread and water (Parkway w/demo) £25

Long forgotten, fantastic uptempo dancer from many moons ago

Eddie King and Mae B May - are you pushed to love / hey Mr DJ (Conduc) £60

Two real high quality uptempo rnb dancers, take yer pick

Little Richie - one bo-dillion years (SS7 demo) vg++ / Ex - £70

Tiny bit of label wear and the odd very light mark but nothing significant. Smidge off ex and a great record IMHO

Lee Rogers - love and war (Wheelsville) vg- (visually) £40

Fairly battered looking but playable (I've played it out) copy for those that don't want to fork out 150+. Loads of light scuffs both sides = a bit of crackle n pop here and there but no jumps or skips. The How are you fixed side is pretty shagged though it has to be said. (How attractive does that sound then laugh.gif )

Kenneth & Delroy - let me hold you close (pts 1&2) (Steeltown) £30

Getting spins in one or two more enlightened venues and has been tipped.

Commands - no time for you / hey it's love (Backbeat) £40

Nice clean copy of this magnificent double-sider out of Texas. Another two for the price of one!

Godoy Colbert - baby I like it / I wanna thank you (Revue) £50

Cheap as chips, current spins and two great dancers

Kelly Bros - love time (Sims) vg++ £25

Slt label / ring and the odd minor mark which dnap. Forgotten class oldie

Jimmy Wonderful & the Honeybees - ain't nothing shakin' here (Blue Star) £200

Absolute steal. Ex cover-up and a rare record. Paid 350 for this originally ohmy.gif

Superbs - I want to do it with you baby (Dore) £125

Richard Searling's old Fred Smith & Performers c/u. Storming dancer

Tony Matthews - my wish (Convoy) £380

Bit of a ring on label but vinyl is nice and clean. This price ain't going any lower I can assure you. Cliff Camfield spin at Burnley last night. Proper all-nighter record!

Anything of interest or Job Lot Anyone?

Need to refresh the sales box so ... some genuinely good records on offer below and, in most cases, very cheap. No sh*te, so look carefully :hatsoff2: Clips of most in Refosoul

Anyone who fancies making an offer for all of these please feel free. If it's even close to reasonable (they are already cheap mind) they're yours (+postage or arrange to meet somewhere in NW / at a venue).

Broadway Express - what love can do (I&D) vg+++ / Ex £50 (books 150)

Love this and another that's ripe for reactivation. Big Morecambe Pier spin!

Gerri Taylor - empty arms and bitters tears (Constellation) £50

vg+ visually plays better. Another bargain, cracker of a Chicago dancer

Jive Five - if I had a chance to love you (Decca) vg+ visually but plays better £30

The Values - return to me (Invicta) vg++ £30 Slow group thing. Not a dancer but really nice record and pretty rare.

Dolly & Fashions - absence made my heart grow fonder (Tri-Disc) vg++ £20

Carltons - ooo baby (Argo) £25 Brilliant dancer and dirt cheap

Bobby Byrd - lost in a mood of changes (Smash) £15

Reggie Sadler Review - so long sweet little girl (De-Lite) £20 Excellent x-over

Lee Wilson - lonely boy (USA) vg++ small wol £45 Virtually half price. Quality!

Frankie Newsom - taunting love (USA) vg+, sml wol and slt label stain £35 Superb and another bargain

Globeliters - the way you do (Philtown w/demo) vg+ maybe better £20

Fabulous Mustangs - I won't let you go (Stang) vg++ £50

Absolute bargain. Great moody group mid-tempo not unlike Chandlers in places. Low fi recording

Voices of East Harlem - cashing in (Just Sunshine) £20

Sophisticates - back up baby (Sonny) £25 Great dancer. Find one cheaper

Shirley of the Soul Sisters & Brother - what more? (Ru-Jac) £25

Cash McCall - I'm in danger (Checker) £20 Gritty uptempo dancer getting plays

Freddie Hughes - take me as I am (Hip Star) £15 Tipped on hererecently I recall

Kenny Hamber - time (De-Jac w/demo) £20

Reflections - you don't love me (Went) £20 Another bargain. Brill dancer

Leevert Allison - I want to give my heart to you (Poncello) £25 Gritty, uptempo Stafford spin. Near enough half price

Luther Ingram - I can't stop / you got to give love (KoKo) £25

The Groove - love (it's getting better) Wand £25

Casinos - If I told you (Del Val) £20 In similar vein to Reflections and just as good.

Josephine Taylor - good lovin' (Mar-V-Lus) £12

Fashions - why don't you stay (Amy demo) slt label wear £12 Old Phil Shields spin

Vontastics - feel kinda bad / anything you do (Chess) £12

Four Sonics - where are you (Triple B) £25

PW Cannon - beating of my lonely heart (Hickory) £12 Big TOTW spin

Barbara Lynn - this is the thanks I get (Atlantic) £15 Out of the top drawer!

Jean Knight - love (Tribe) £15 Moody mid-tempo rnb type spin. Love it!

Willie Harper - but I couldn't (Alon) £12

Lenis Guess - working for my baby (New Faces '68) vg++ £15 Great and cheap

Festivals - you've got the makings of a lover (Smash) £15 More mid-tempo magic

Ascots - miss heartbreaker (MBS) £15

Irma Thomas - the hurt's all gone (Imperial w/demo) £20 I'm filling-up here!

Don and Juan - what I really meant to say (Big Top) vg++ £15

N Group - keep on running (Wes Mar) £12 Had spins back in the day. Dancer

Bull & Matadors - I can't forget / move with the ... (Toddlin Town) vg maybe + £10

Lee Williams & Cymbals - I need you baby (Carnival) £10 Never a bad un from em



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