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Mark Res

Mark Rez 7" Set Sales Feb 7Th 2011 / Northern / Latin / Funk / Jazz 45S

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Email me directly on mail@resolutionrecords.co.uk or PM me thru the site..

M is only for reissues / new releases

M- is a pretty much unplayed record for me – any obvious signs that a record has been played and I usually downgrade to an EX+

EX+ is a very strong grade for me – just showing some signs of being played but no noise / cue burn / crackle / styrene burn at all.

VG+ is for records that have obviously seen some wear and have had a good few plays and may even have light intro crackle but play very, very well.

VG is for records with quite a bit of wear and surface markings and some noise / crackle but still a very good player

VG- is my lowest grade and VG- records for me are in bad shape – lots of sound quality deterioration and many, many surface marks – not nice.

Sorry that I've been unable to upload any actual scans / mp3s this List – time just ran out…just let me know if there's anything you need to see / hear and I'll email it straight over or upload it – ok?

All of the available YouTube links are underneath each item in red – just hover your mouse over the link and when it turns blue click on it and it will take you directly to YouTube.

Freddie Scott 'Girl I Love You' / 'I Shall Be Released' (ABC-Probe / USA / 1960s / M-) £30

( Stunning WD copy of this sublime NS midpacer – wow! Talk about emotion…. )


J.G Lewis 'Dance, Lady Dance' (Al & The Kid / USA / 1980 / VG) £15

( Graded VG only visually – plays more like a VG+….such a gorgeous little midtempo NS dancer – I can remember jigging about to this at Rock City back in the very early 80s…top, top tune….as I say, looks a bit rough but plays just fine…this is actually Johnny Gilliam for all the Northern 'spotters out there…

Betty Wright 'Circle Of Heart Break' / 'The Best Girls Don't Always Win' (Alston / USA / 1970s / M-) £30

( For me – Betty's BEST 70s NS cut – gorgeous copy and the vocals just cane it…. )

The T.S.U Tornadoes 'What Good Am I' / 'Getting The Corners' (Atlantic / USA / 1960s / Ex+) £30

( All-time classic NS here – just a complete evergreen – flip is alos worthy of your love…. Stunning condition… )

Tamiko Jones with Herbie Mann 'Sidewinder' (Atlantic / USA / 1960s / Ex) £15

( Terrific vocal version of this Jazz Dance classic from my boy, Herbie M and Lady Tamiko…just a brilliant little thing – the flute and vocals combination just kicks it…HARD… )

Beverly Crosby 'You Can Be My Lover' / 'Thomas Promises' (Bareback / USA / 1977 / Ex+) £20

( Don't let the cheap price tag fool ya – this one is a bsatard to find – 2 very cool Sister Funk/Soul sides… )

Liberty 'Girl You Better Wake Up' (Voc/Inst) (BASF / USA / 1970s / Ex+) £15

( I'd almost forgotten 'bout this one – well-good seventies Northern Soul which seems to be undergoing a bit of a revival right now? Both sides work well….in different ways… )

Milt Buckner 'Why Don't You Do Right' / 'Fever' (Bethlehem / USA / 1960s / M-) £15

( Fantastic 'Soul Jazz' double-sider from Milt – topside is am excellent keys-led, vibes heavy version of the Mark Murphy fave while the flip is a great / unusual version of the 'Fever' classic – again – wonderful organ and vibes interplay there – in a Bethlehem custom baggie and 99% unplayed so far as I can see…

Sunburst 'Good For You, Good For Me' (Big Apple Boogie / USA / 1970s / Ex+) £30

( Lone time since I seen one of these little babies…tuff, tuff Afro-Funk seven outta the Big Apple – strong nod to Fela in the rhythm section and great call / response vocals in the backing – big dash of Disco in here too – absolute belter and in wonderful condition…. )

Buddy Scott and the Rib-Tips 'Slippin And Slidin' (Biscayne / USA / 1960s / Ex+) £90

( Blistering Funk version of the Little Richard classic, destined to do damage to any unsuspecting dance floor….gorgeous copy here… )

J. Gardner 'Mustard Greens' / '99 Plus 1' (Blue Rock / USA / 1960s / VG+) £10

( Two very tight little Funky Jazz instrumentals with a strong Latin tinge…almost 'Tequila' like – few scuffs here and there – plays well above grade… )

Tommy Bush 'Come On Now' / 'Right Kind Of Love' (Boxer / USA / 1960s / VG) £100

( Even in VG shape – this record is golden….top drawer Northern on the topside and a killer deepie on the flip – a visual VG but a VG+ player…. )

The Best Of Both Worlds 'Moma Bakes Biscuits' / 'I Want The World To Know' (Calla / USA / 1975 / VG+) £15

( From the rare LP – good Funk with a soulful flip…promo copy too…. )

Nancy Wilson 'Ocean Of Love' (Capitol / UK / 1974 / VG+) £10

( Cool Demo copy of this nice 70s Modern / Northern dancer from Ms Wilson – hard to find on UK – few scuffs here and there and a little bit of crackle – will clean up nicely…Gene Page produced… )

1984 Love Machine 'You're Breakin' My Heart' / 'Magic Baby' (CBS International / USA / 1970s / VG+) £75

( Rare one! Bit of scribble on label so priced down a bit – absolute MU-R-D-E-R to find clean……….whattatune…. )


Jesse McFall and the Funk Elegant Orch 'Thought You Ought To Know' (long/short) (Choice / USA / 1974 / Ex+) £100

( Currently massively indemand 70s NS dancer….fantastic copy here…. )

Pete Tamez 'Latin Nights' (Christi / USA / 1970s / M-) £50

(Major Bill Smith prod. So ya know it's got pedigree….pristine copy too – outta Texas I suppose? Kicking Latin-Funk tune with nutty synths and also strong Modern Soul appeal + tasty breaks, amazing 45 that is destined for the dance floor….crazy record – seriously recommended – off-the-wall…. )

Dale Dennard 'Bullet' / 'If You Can Live With Yourself' (Coach / USA / 1972 / Ex+) £50

( MUCH tougher to find than a lot of people think – seems to have a low value in price guides and on Ebay but I KNOW it's hard to dig up – 2 real good 'Big City' Funky Soul sides – beautiful copy here… )



Virgil Henry 'I'll Be True' (Colossus / USA / 1970s / VG-) £20

( Fantastic mid-paced 70s Northern Soul…sadly, this one's a bit rough – has had a lot of plays but – trust me – plays just fine – with a bit of crackle and some scuffing…don't buy this if you are fussy on visual condition…however, it will definitely do the job till a cleaner copy comes along…exceptional tune… )


Johnny Dankworth 'Moanin' (Columbia / UK / 1960s / VG+) £5

( Grrrrrreat Jazz Dance version of the Bobby Timmons cut from JD and his Band… )

Melvin Bliss 'Synthetic Substitution' (Contempo / UK / 1973 / Ex+) £50

( Has to be one of THE most sampled Beats ever! Right the way back from Chubb Rock thru to Peanut Butter Wolf and into the present day……STUNNING COPY IN ORIGINAL CONTEMPO CUSTOM SLEEVE – first copy here since 2007…..and – if anybody's interested, I strongly believe the melody on this is based around War 'The World Is A Ghetto'…

Johnny Colon 'What You Mean' / 'The Night Is Quiet' (Cotique / USA / 1960s / VG+) £25

( Tuff 45 press for this…outstanding Boogaloo / Northern Soul dancer – amazing brass section…lovely copy………. )

Joseph Henry 'Who's The King (You Know That's Me)' / 'I Feel Right' (Desco / USA / 1990s / M-) £25

( Stone minter – doesn't look like it's actually ever been played at all?! Definitely one of THE rarest / best of all of the Nu-Funk releases from the late-90s – these were limited pressings.…1000 copies max…? )

7040 – http://www.youtube.c...h?v=Dz9IwOcnbyE

Manzanita y su Conjunto 'Camino A La Puna' / 'Asi Asi Asi' (Dinsa / Peru / 1960s / VG) £10

( Multi-coloured vinyl which is always a bit dodgy anyways….sadly this is also a bit rough too – plays well but needs the treble whacking right up – definitely keep you going till a better copy comes along…uptempo Latino / Club biz… )

The Upsetters 'Enter The Dragon' / Joy White 'Lady, Lady' (Dip / UK / 1974 / VG) £10

( Pretty rough copy here – sorry, kids – middle is dinked too – from the period when Scratch was obsessed with Martial Arts – brilliant Black Ark stuff – flip is also outstanding as it's actually a vocal version to the topside…plays well above grade – looks bad and plays just fine…very, very tricky to find… )

7042 -

Valorie Keys 'Listen Here' (Double Shot / USA / 1960s / Ex+) £40

( Just a joy to have this in again – if only so that I can have a good listen to it a few times before it sells – which it always does!! Absolutely superb female vocal version of the Eddie Harris instrumental – pure 6Ts 'kitsch' with bubbling flute, scat vocals and powerful percussion – if you dig tunes on people like Letta Mbulu, Gloria Lynne etc etc then I guarantee you'll dig this too – a winner!! )

Little Joe Mixon 'What You See Is What You Get' / 'Inst' (Duo / USA / 1960s / VG+) £30

( Rare, rare Funky soul release on this well-collectable label…..gorgeous copy….. )

Freddy King 'The Bossa Nova Watusi Twist' (Federal / USA / 1960s / Ex+) £25

( Killer, killer cut on Freddy – a total R&B sleazefest – impossible to sit still when this drops – wonderful, wonderful funky R&B instrumental in stunning shape… )


Mickey Murray 'I Can't Tell You' / 'Ain't Nothing We Can Do About It' (Federal / USA / 1960s / M-) £40

( Lovely WD promo copy of this currently massively indemand R&B / NS double-sider

Manolo Guardia 'Negro En Sol Menor (Candombe)' (Fermata / Argentina / 1960s / Ex+) £150

( Rare One!! Certified IMPOSSIBLE to find in clean shape like this – just a joyous mix of Latin, Jazz and Afro – guaranteed to work any dancefloor – coupla teeny-tiny scuffs on this- barely worth mentioning but I will anyway….one of the best Descargas EVER… )

Carmen McRae 'Take Five' (Fontana / USA / 1960s / Ex+) £20

( Just love this – perfect for a Club and just amazing to hear Carmen's vocals over the irresistible Dave Brubeck rhythms…gorgeous copy here – in a Fontana custom baggie too…. )

Sunrise Movement 'Clockwise Movement' / 'Nothing Left But Love' (Ghetto Productions / USA / 1970s / VG+) £25

( Bargain! Gorgeous copy here with just a few light scuffs – from the very second the intro kicks in, you KNOW you are in for a thrill – pure "Ghetto Grooves" that reminds me a lot of stuff like: 24 Carat Black, Upp, Magnum etc etc – tune in…. )

Lennox Gray 'Another Youthquake' / 'Around My Christmas Tree' (Hildrina / Trinidad / 1960s / Ex+) £75

( Psychedelic Funk face-melter from Trinidad with blistering flutes and a Hip-Hop heavy groove that is simply irresistible!! The male lead and female backing vocal interplay is sublime and the social lyrics hit hard!! A total killer 45!! The flip is a spooky ode to everyone's "favourite time of year"….ya won't believe this when it kicks in…. )

Robert Moore 'Lookin' For A Woman' / 'Am I Wasting My Time' (Hollywood / USA / 1970s / Ex+) £40

( Totally clean WD copy of this current indemander…superb Northern dancer…much-loved……… )

The Woo Woos 'Spooky Grinder' / 'Ooh Ooh..!' (Hotpie & Candy / Germany / 1990s / M-) £90

( 500 pressed? Maybe less – very likely The Poets Of Rhythm very rarest release? I'd have said so – killer sides…………. )

Kain 'Ain't It Fine' / 'Nubian II' (Juggernaut / USA / 1970s / Ex+) £15

( Excellent Juggy Murray Jones production – same label as Public School 13 etc – both sides pure trippy Funk / early Rap – outta Detroit…yet to have it's day, methinks….actually reminds me a LOT of The Last Poets and Lightnin Rod 'Hustler's Convention' joint – in fact, I'd even go so far as to say that this probably is The Last Poets, kids… )

The Voices Of East Harlem 'Wanted Dead Or Alive' (Just Sunshine / USA / 1974 / Ex+) £40

( Stone-mint copy of this undeniable anthem….best intro ever? I think so………… )


Mighty Joe Drake 'Get Out Of My Life, Woman' / 'Try, Try, Try' (Kapp / 1960s / USA / VG+) £30

( Rare, rare, rare…uptempo Funk version of the Allen Touissaint classic with hammering bass and tuff brass – flip is also a well-worthy Northern Soul dancer – lovely white Radio Station promo copy here too – few scuffs and light intro crackle which fades + some slight sticker residue on topside label too – nothin' major…killer double-sider… )

Jerry Hoyle 'Dream Lady' (L.A.C / USA / 1982 / M-) £15

( Great Modern Soul dancer – nicely midpaced…exemplary copy here…has always been a toughie to turn up… )

Funkhouse Express 'Music Makes You Move Pts 1 & 2' (LewBen / USA / 1974 / Vg+) £40

( Rare first-issue (before Buddah?) for this amazing Disco / Funk 45 – total monser – recent Al Kent cover-up…. )

The Universal Robot Band 'Dance And Shake Your Tambourine Pts 1 & 2' (Merritone / USA / 1976 / Ex+) £10

( First time I've EVER seen this Patrick Adams / Greg Carmichael collaboration on a yankee 7"? Cut nice and loud too – makes those Moogs sound even more crazed than ever…! Yowzah………… )

The Chris Rhodes Band 'Gotta New Lease On Love' / 'Wait Until Dark' (Miracle / USA / 1978 / M-) £75

( Managed to source one more copy of this killer and highly-sophisticated double-sider outta Boston, Mass of all places? I must say this is special – 2 outstanding sides of 'Modern Boogie' with a strong dash of Jazz/Funk in there too – unplayed copy here – has been hitting £150+ *elsewhere* but not here – a STRONG Mark Rez recommendation, folks…! 2 ker-wality sides…)

V.I.P Connection 'West Coast Drive' (Morning Star / USA / 1977 / Ex+) £25

( Beautiful copy of a Funky Soul instrumental that's still sounding very fresh indeed to me…cracking Club tune…and an old Dr Bob Jones fave – that man knows his stuff… these guys were obviously Average White Band fans…as seen @ £75 on a Soul list only earlier this week – ha! ha!


Los Destellos 'El Recluso' (Odeon / Peru / 1960s / VG) £15

( Graded VG only visually – actually a better than VG player – delightful little Montuno – great keys and shimmering percussion – turn the Treble up to 11… )

Tony Scott 'What Am I To Do' / 'Bring Back That Smile' (Pama Escort / UK / 1969 / Ex+) £50

( Indemand vocal version of 'Liquidator' that uses The Staple Singers 'I'll Take You There' riddim, flip is killer Rocksteady with sweet JA vox…beautiful, beautiful copy… )


Jimmy Castor 'Hey, Leroy, Your Mama's Callin You' / 'Ham Hocks Espaniol' (Philips / UK / 1966 / VG+) £12

( Never, EVER have I come across this on a UK press before? Few marks / scuffs here and there + light crackle but otherwise lovely…anthem… )

7084 –

The Millionaires 'Never For Me' (Philips / USA / 1960s / VG+) £30

( OG issue for this evergreen NS oldie………… )

Fantoms 'Who Cares' / 'Take Me There' (Power Funkksion / USA / 1972 / Ex+) £40

( Tiff, tuff Deep Funk double-sider from the place they call the Windy City……

Ronnie McNeir 'Sagittarian Affair' (Prodigal / USA / 1975 / M-) £10

( Gorgeous WD promo copy of this excellent NS midpacer from Ronnie on this short-lived Motown offshoot…unplayed copy…such a lovely tune – man was talented… )

7088 – http://www.youtube.c...h?v=Ymil35w5saw

The Pipe 'Wade In The Water' (RCA / Peru / 1970s / Ex+) £60

( Massively indemand!! Was a HUGE spin for Russ Dewbury down @ The Jazz Rooms in Brighton back in the day….absolutely outrageous (South American-only) version which just goes right off…stunning little 45 and 100% recommended to any DJ out there who doesn't already know it..! First copy in over 5 years…I got £100 for my last copy way back then so £60 is a steal, right…? )

Benny Gordon & The Soul Brothers 'A Kiss To Build A Dream On' / 'It Comes And Goes' (RCA / USA / 1960s / VG+) £40

( Quality Northern Soul – perfect 'niter sounds for the current scene….gorgeous copy…. )

Hot Earth Band 'Hard Times' / 'Loneliness' (Rekan / USA / 1970s / M-) £45

( Stunning Funk 45 – never turns up for sale – ace deepie on flip too…unplayed copy.. )

Delia Gartrell 'See What You Done, Done (Hymn #9)' (Right-On / USA / 1960s / Ex+) £15

( Amazing femme version of the King Hannibal track – slow and deep with FX, vocal delays and a tortured vocal from Ms Gartell – clean-as-a-whistle S/S demo copy here too…a joy…actually reminds me a LOT of Sam Dees' 'Child Of The Streets' – stunning vocals here… )


Funkhouse Express 'Chase Your Blues Away' (long/short) (Roxbury / USA / 1977 / M-) £20

( Perfect copy of this outstanding little Disco / Funk 45…2 great edits…….. )

Johnny Lytle 'You've Got To Love The World' / 'Be Proud (Of What You Are)' (Solid State / USA / 1960s / M-) £10

( Excellent "Gospel Jazz" from the "Mr Selim" – his flying vibes sound outstanding and we also get some gals wailing on about Jesus in the background – what more can you ask for? Gorgeous copy… )

The Philarmonics 'I Need, I Need Your Love' (Soulin / USA / 1970s / Ex+) £75

( Nearly 100% perfect copy of this currently-indemand, massive 70s NS dancer – nice Deep flip too… )

Mosquitos 'The "Fly" (Spear / USA / 1960s / Ex+) £50

( Nice to see this in again – killer Latin Funk / Soul version of the Manny Corchado 'Pow-Wow' track – such a fantastic Club tune…endlessly entertaining…Long / Short demo copy here too…beautiful condition… )

Betty Brewton 'Heavy, Heavy Lovin' (Sue / USA / 1960s / VG+) £100

( White demo copy of this currently HUGE Sister Funk indemander….reminds me of 'Save Me'….gorgeous copy……… )

Organization 'Smokey Feeling' (T.A.T / UK / 1980s / Ex+) £125

( Damn! This is TUFF….rare as hell too – UK-only Funk / Afro / Islands monster which seems to be climbing in price again right now – it honestly has that 'groove' that a lot of Funk 45s lack – pure Fred Wesley / Maceo / JB vibes – and why not? Wonderful copy here too… )


Ray Montenegro 'Man Of Action' (Tear Drop / USA / 1960s / Ex) £90

( Rare, rare, rare Texan Funk piece that I've never seen before, classy 45 with every ingredient in place….stunning copy.. )

Willie Rosario 'Tormenta' / 'El Antifaz' (Top Hits / Peru / 1970s / VG) £20

( Again – only a visual VG grade – it's play grade is much higher – 'nuther nice coupla montunos from Peru…I somehow feel we'll be hearing a lot more great music from Peru's vaults very, very soon…. )

Herman Ford with The Teenage College Thrillers Orch. 'That Train' / 'Thinking About My Baby' (Trex / Barbados / 1970s / Ex+) £50

( Top side is a blistering Boogaloo Mod Dancer, flipped with the beautiful Deep Islands Soul of 'Thinking About My Baby'….TUNE….!! )

The Gemini Brass 'Hey Joe' / 'Hold On This Time' (Trinidad / Barbados / 1970s / Ex+) £50

(Killer, Beaty Psychedelic Funk version of this much covered standard – Tim Rose, Jimi Hendrix etc etc…label has storage damage from H20 and being stacked together, nothing serious but wax looks unplayed….. )

Billy Sha-Rae 'Let's Do It Again' / 'I Want Some Satisfaction' (Triple 'B' / USA/ 1960s / Ex+) £20

( Excellent Funk double-sider…pristine shape… )

Lorna Bennett 'Reverend Lee' / 'The Other Woman' (Trojan / UK / 1976 / Ex+) £20

( Blistering "JA-Funk" version of the Aretha Franklin classic….gorgeous copy…big 'A' demo copy too – flip is also very worthy of your love… )


Rita & The Soulettes 'I've Been Lonely For So Long' / 'Version' (Tuff Gong / Jamaica / 1970s / VG) £50

( Funky "Sister Soul" JA-style version of the Frederick Knight-penned Funk classic with the divine Mrs Rita Marley on lead vocal….plays very, very well… )

Perez Prado & Don Alfio 'Circle' / 'Love Child' (Uni-Funk / Italy / 1970s / Ex+/Ex+) £50

( Two heavyweight Euro-Funk bombs from their RARE LP – nice piece and so danged hard to land on a (clean!) 7″! Big Italian players on here such as 'Giancarlo 'Women's Colors' Barigozzi and Tullio De Piscopo on Drums with arrangements from Mario Rusca – Italian original!! Spanish press came later…this copy appears almost unplayed… )



Deliverance 'Sittin Around' / (United Soul / USA / 1970s / M-) £20

( Oliver Sain joint which hit a high a few years ago and is now probably ready for a revival? Stone minter here…smart little 7Ts funky soul piece in a kinda Gil Scott-Heron / Charles Pryor vein – well good/unusual and highly recommended! )

Mugo 'Organize' / 'Space Travel' (United World / USA / 1970s / VG+) £45

( Tuff, tuff Funk piece – my first-ever copy…..few scuffs here and there, just had to mention it… )

Joe Bataan 'Ordinary Guy' / 'Crystal Blue Persuasion' (Uptite / USA / 1970s / VG+) £20

( Whattavoice….! Just makes me melt…2 very, very good sides here and in such great condition too…I L-O-V-E having all of these ace Latin 45s in stock… )

The Ballads 'Hey Diddle Diddle' (Venture / USA / 1960s / Ex+) £15

( Side-step the daft title, this is actually a well-loved uptempo Northern dancer outta the top drawer – co written by Marvin Gaye / Harvey Fuqua / Johnny Bristol and also covered by Marvin Gaye too – guess this must be outta Detroit then? Tune… )

Monguito Santamaria 'Hey Sister' / 'Work Out' (Week End / Belgium / 1960s / Ex+) £60

( No USA equivalent of this 7" issue exists back-to-back, this is the ONLY place you'll find these 2 massive Latin / Funk / Jazz tunes on one 45 – demo copy here too – just an amazing 45 to own for a serious DJ, right?



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