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:wave::hatsoff2: oh dear. thought we would check this one out,especially with the benny troy gig coming up,But it was a none event,Doh we wernt the only ones as another couple suited n booted arrived by taxi as we arrived. so we beat a hasty retreat to the park club balby rd doncaster to obtain our soul fix.

Why cant promoters let us know if an event is cancelled?

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Cancelled? Hmmmmmmm

Listen Ian I let you know when they are ON and you still don't show :lol: :lol: :no:

I heard ont grapevine that it was toilets H&S issues BUT you quite right about lack of notice :wave:

See you on 12th at ours? :hatsoff2:

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hi guys

thanks for posting, your right to complain, up to thursday night it was on as i advertised on radio sheffield, due to no fault of my own the club phoned me thursday night, which left me little opportunity to let people know it was cancelled, i put it on here as quickly as possible, and via facebook. Once again i can only apologise for how things turned out, i was at thrybergh saturday night also to apologise to the people who i saw. The club assured me that work would be carried out right away and the benny troy gig will go ahead.

If you would like to contact me feel free to do so.

Doug on 07899751178.

tickets are on sale from me at £10


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