Been a while since I threw a want list up here so I thought it time to give it another try. Below are some records I'm after. I can't afford them all but please send me a PM if you've got any for sale at a reasonable price as I'm plenty interested in average player copies for DJ use and mint copies too. As usual, I don't want styrene copies unless that's the only way they were pressed. Thanks for your time y'all! Burning Desire - Why She Had to Go (Charisma) James Reese & the Progressions - Let's Go, It's Summertime (Najma) Percy & Them - Trying to Find a New Love (Roulette) Inell Young - What Do You See In Her (Libra) the Montclairs - Hung Up On Your Love (Paula, vinyl only please with the correct title) Four Below Zero - My Baby's Got ESP (Roulette or P&P) Helene Smith - You Got to Do Your Share (Deep City) Helene Smith - You Got to Be a Man (Phil~LA) Robert Jay - Alcohol (JoAnn) Roy Porter Sound Machine - Panama (Chelan) Barbara Mason - You Better Stop It (Arctic) Baby Huey - Hard Times (Curtom, vinyl only please) Regards, Big Jim Slade