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S Foster

Route61 Fri. 25Th. Feb Sheffield 7-30 Till 12-30

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Route61 Soulnight Sheffield

Hand Clapping Foot-stomping & Soulful

Northern Soul and Motown - R & B / Quality 70s and forgotten oldies,

Warm Friendly atmosphere Class Sound System

Friday 25th February - 7-30 o clock till 12.30,

Resident DJ's Steve Foster & Soulman Martin, along with John Barnsley,

Guest DJs. Barnsley's Big Soul Busters-Dereck Greenhoff /Tom Wheelhouse

Admission £4.00

Niagara Conference & leisure Centre Niagara Road


S6 1LU

(The Niagara Conference and Leisure Centre is situated in Sheffield just off the A61 Penistone Road North, behind the Carphone Warehouse)

For further information contact:-

Steve: 07951713882 - sfoster@fsmail.net


Martin: 07777629114 - martin.a2.smith@btinternet.com

Route 61 soul night Niagara Road Sheffield S6 1LU

Resident DJ's Steve Foster & Soulman Martin

Fridayday 25th February-guest DJs Barnsley's big soul busters - Dereck Greenhoff & Tom Wheelhouse

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I know we travel back in time with our music but we go forward with Route 61 nights so contrary to what Fozzie has posted the next night is on Friday 25th February not 28th January lol and I hope we can top the last one with another brilliant night.

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Just testing yr awareness Fellas making sure yr on the ball

I have now made corrections to date,

But please be aware i had recently had a lot of pain relief (morphine) it does sort of make you sleepy :P & send ya in a trance :D:hypo: :hypo:

Now where did i put the key for the Tardis :g::hatsoff2::yes:

:lol: Now what year have i ended up in :D oh no not him again apart from chipshops he pops up every where :lol:

See ya'll Frid 25th Feb.

Fozzie :ohmy:

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great stuff, i have found the keys but i will stay in this year & wait for the 25th Feb friday :thumbup:

but we will take ya'll back to the good old days with records played on the night can't be no fairer than that :wave:

see ya'll on the 25th Feb. hatsoff2.gif


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:thumbsup: Route time again ,,dr foster,soulman martin ,john barnsley :yes: turning our heartbeats up , :thumbsup::D deffo :thumbup: got my shoes polished ready for some bangin northern vibes cant wait

ps dont park the tardis in the car park though LOL :thumbsup: always look forward to this night ,cya all 25th feb

peace KTF.............

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Counting down now to what promises to be another stormer at Route 61.

Saw guest DJ's Derek & Tom last week at Kingstone and they did a brilliant hour of full on 70's, quite a few that I'd not heard played out for a long time. :thumbsup:

Looking forward to next week and another cracker down at Sheffield 6 :lol:


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Almost here again, Iv'e rarely missed any of these in over a year now and can honestly say that Iv'e never been to a bad night.

In fact this venue gets better and better and we will be down in force on Friday night.

See you all on Friday.


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Thank you for that nice comment KC,

You are truly one of Route61's regulars & can call yourselve's = Routers - i am pleased you keep the faith & keep on coming each month,

I am not sure how many more years i can keep promoting this fantastic venue (Route61) due to health rather than age lol; but i know Martin would carry this on with the dedication i have always tried to give,

"Don't be misled i am not giving up yet" / i do love every minute that i promote this venue & it makes me really happy that yourselve's & all others who put these nice comments on S/S enjoy a night of quality soul, ("keep on keeping on")

This is the reason i keep on doing so for you the soul people of this world & none other (apart from listening to other peoples choices on this great music we all love,

Untill we do it again this Friday 25th Feb. K.T.F.


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I'm up for this one boys,:yes: its a venue I always enjoy,:yes: nice crowd, yes.gif great dance floor :yes: and soulful music from the D J,s :no: , what more could an old soul guy like me want :thumbsup: .....see you Friday ....KTF

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