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Mark Res

Jay Player / Garfield Fleming / Jd Hall / Spanky Wilson / The Ultimates / J Jocko / Pete Rodrigues / Johnny Lytle And More

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Email me directly on mail@resolutionrecords.co.uk or PM me thru the site.....Postage rates / Paypal terms will be supplied upon request...ta....MRez

M is only for reissues / new releases

M- is a pretty much unplayed record for me – any obvious signs that a record has been played and I usually downgrade to an EX+

EX+ is a very strong grade for me – just showing some signs of being played but no noise / cue burn / crackle / styrene burn at all.

VG+ is for records that have obviously seen some wear and have had a good few plays and may even have light intro crackle but play very, very well.

VG is for records with quite a bit of wear and surface markings and some noise / crackle but still a good player

VG- is my lowest grade and VG- records for me are in bad shape – lots of sound quality deterioration and many, many surface marks – not nice.

Sorry that I've been unable to upload any actual scans / mp3s this List – time just ran out…just let me know if there's anything you need to see / hear and I'll email it straight over or upload it – ok?

All of the available YouTube links are underneath each item in red – just hover your mouse over the link and when it turns blue click on it and it will take you directly to YouTube.


Jimi Conwell 'Mellow, Mellow Me' (Rugley / USA / 1980s / M-) £15

( Tuff 2 Stepper here – massive Pirate Radio spin down the years – Stone Mint copy here that is still in it's shrinkwrap…originally done by James Nelson on the teeny Teri-De indie… )

Garfield Fleming 'Don't Send Me Away' (Becket / USA / 1981 / M-) £40

( I'll have to say this is an 'ANTHEM' even though that is a much-overused term – but – it is…this is the 2nd press with David Morris 'Saturday Night' on the flip – UNPLAYED COPY…. )

J.D Hall 'I Wanna Get Into You' (Essar / USA / 1983 / M-) £60

( Stone minter, still in it's shrinkwrap and autographed by J.D himself…if ya know me then you'll have heard me rap on and on about this crazy twelve a few times before now….just amazing…a total Trip…the twelve is MUCH much rarer than the 7", believe me… )

Lee McDonald 'Be My Love' (C-City / USA / 1986 / M-) £30

( First copy of this rare Modern Soul / Boogie 12" I've ever had…I believe this to actually be Lee McDonald who also released the uber-rare 'Sweet Magic' LP on Debbie? Must be the same guy? Anyways – this 12" is a complete joy – just washes over you…the man's voice is simply stunning…unplayed copy here…

Jay Player 'Love Is The Answer' / 'Inst' (Bevnik / USA / 1982 / M-) £30 / JUST SOLD

( Rare stamped promo copy of this outstanding Modern Soul / Boogie twelve – has been indemand on so many years for so long now…beautiful copy here…red label press… )


Superstars 'I Just Can't Say It' / Soul, Mind and Body 'Come On Over Tonight' (Budweiser / USA / 1987 / M-) £30

( Rare Budweiser 12" – both sides very well-respected – unplayed copy here – still in it's shrink – this was actually one of the first Budweiser twelves I ever heard right back in the early-90s… )

Sweet Life 'I Get Lifted' (long/short) (West End / USA / 1983 / M-) £25

( Huge sample source in House and Garage down the years – check the intro and then the midpoint breakdown and you'll see what I mean – rare WD long/short promo copy here too – stone minter…..massively influential 12"..


Esther Williams 'I'll Be Your Pleasure' (RCA / UK /1981 / M-) £10

( 'Nuther Boogie classic – just timeless…this is the tougher Larry Levan mix too – just so, so good… )


Ze-Brass 'Feels So Good' (long/short) (Atlantic / USA / 1983 / Ex/Ex+) £30

( Superb Modern Soul / Boogie tune – something I've not had in stock for years and years – promo copy in custom sleeve too…I remember this being HUGE on the Modern Soul scene just after it was released…incredibly difficult to find…sleeve is a bit ratty but wax is very, very good… )


Harold Butler 'Africa On My Mind' (Water Lily / Jamaica / 1978 / Ex+/M-) £60

( 100% definite, deep groove OG press for this JA Soul / Jazz stunner 99% of copies in circulation are 2nd / 3rd / 4th presses, believe me – the OG label is yellow / black ONLY – anything else is a repress – most represses have multi-coloured labels. Never heard 'Out Of Bondage' on here? Do yourself a favour and have a listen….great band too – Boris Gardiner, Beres Hammond, Cedric Brooks – I was amazed at how clean this was when it came in actually – this LP is normally played to death… )

Choker Campbell 'Street Scene' (Candy Apple' / Canada / 1977 / M-/M-) £40

( Stone Minter – appears unplayed in OG shrinkwrap…such a cracking Funk / Jazz LP – some excellent Disco / Breaks here too – 'Carioca' , 'Street Scene' , 'Bash II' , 'Why Can't You Take My Love' etc – was a big spin for Al Kent – just brilliant with barely a bad note on here – Phil Ranelin on trumpet too….pristine condition…bass is up so loud on this LP too.. )


The Coasters '…Coasting' (Salsa Picante / USA / 1979 / Ex+/M-) £75

( Possibly this amazing group's last Studio LP – and certainly their rarest – loadsa nice tracks on here…'One Of These Days' , 'My Sweet Baby' , 'Love Is A Funny Thing' , 'The Big Rip-Off' , 'Disco Calypso' etc – Bobby Sheen, James Ingram etc – Salsa Picante was a teeny Los Angeles indie – impossibly small pressing…lovely copy – massive current indemander….. )

Dave & Ansil Collins 'In Toronto' (G Clef / Canada / 1970s / M-/M-) £50

( Again – stunning shape…appears 99% unplayed…well-rare Canadian-only LP with some top soul/funk/reggae cuts like 'Just My Imagination' , 'Baby I Need Your Love' , 'It's Summer' but the KILLER here is their well-funky version of 'Do Your Thing' which really is a funky/reggae bomb…! Check it… )


Bill Doggett 'Honky Tonk Popcorn' (King / USA / 1960s / Ex+/Ex+) £75

( Promo copy still in it's shrinkwrap….!! Beautiful copy of this ace LP with 'Honky Tonk Popcorn' , 'Honky Tonk' (Beatnuts joint!) , 'Twenty Five Miles' , 'Mr Pitiful' etc etc – wonderful album…. )


Oscar Harris & The Twinkle Stars 'Oscar Harris & The Twinkle Stars' (Blue Elephant (gatefold sleeve) / Holland / 1970s / Ex+/M-) £30

( Solid Euro Funk LP from the Benelux axis…'Relax (Before Doing Sex?' and 'Twinkle Stars Boogaloo' – El Chicles / Roland Kruger are definitely involved here in some way…gorgeous copy… )



The Spencer Jackson Family 'The Hand Of God' (ABC-Bluesway / USA / 1974 / Ex+/M-) £60

( Stone, stone Mint copy of this seriously rare / good Gospel-Soul LP….still in shrinkwrap…loved for the funky breakbeat cut 'Walk On Moses' but the whole thing is just a joy…appears hardly played… )


J. Jocko 'That's The Song' (Kama Sutra / USA / 1975 / Ex+/Ex+) £25

( With the currently massive 70s Northern Soul dancer 'I'm Getting' Over' – in that kinda James Walsh Gypsy Band, Bill Harris blue-eyed Northern sound – a cracker…! )


Jonah Jones 'A Little Dis, A Little Dat' (Motown / USA / 1969 / M-/Ex+) £50

( New one to me? Never heard / seen this one before but after doing a little bit of digging, I can see that this is a proper 'indemander' – gorgeous condition too – still in it's shrinkwrap…all instrumentals – with the Funk Bros on backing – we get 'California Soul' , 'Uptight (Everything's Alright)' , 'Fingertips Pt 2' , 'Don't Mess With Bill' , 'Is This The Kind Of Life You Lead' etc etc…absolute belter… )

Byron Lee and the Dragonaires 'Reggay Hot Cool & Easy' (Dynamic / Jamaica / 1970s / Ex/M-) £40

( Yet another amazing 'Reggae Got Soul & Funk' LP from Byron Lee – so many great cuts here 'Shaft' , 'Hot Reggay' , 'For Your Precious Love' etc..sleeve still in shrink but with a little mildew and vinyl appears 99% unplayed… )

The Ultimates 'The Ultimates' (Graham International / USA / 1978 / M/M) £225

( GRAIL TIME…I've never, ever clapped eys on this LP before today – a serious rare…this one is SEALED too…it's a fantastic LP overall but mosta the plaudits normally go to 'Girl I've Been Trying To Tell You' which is just a wonderful, wonderful slab of 70s Northern Soul…SEALED COPY…!! )


The Violinaires 'Groovin' With Jesus' (Checker / USA / 1971 / M-/M-) £60

( Nuther first-timer for me – what an LP!! Pure Funk / Soul Gospel grooves – amazing…'Grooving With Jesus' , 'We Got To Love Together' , 'No Back Door' etc etc – still in shrinkwrap – 99% unplayed… )

Marva Whitney 'Live and Lowdown At The Apollo' (King / USA / 1960s / Ex+/M-) £75

( I'll have a bet that this LP has only ever been played once? The shrinkwrap is tight – minimal signs of wear…all the faves…'It's My Thing' , 'You Got To Have A Job' , 'I Made A Mistake' , 'Things Got To Get Better' etc etc – mammoth live LP… )

Marva Whitney 'It's My Thing' (King / USA / 1960s / Ex+/Ex+) £90

( Gorgeous copy again – slight yellowing to sleeve but wax is pristine…'In The Middle' , 'Unwind Yourself' , 'It's My Thing' , 'et Out Of My Life' , 'Shades Of Brown' etc etc…landmark JB production… )


Spanky Wilson 'Doin' It' (Mothers / USA / 1970 / Ex/M-) £100

( Only reason the sleeve is graded Ex is cos it's got a bit of writing on it (Radio Station mark, I guess?) but in reality – it's an Ex+ grade too…absolutely quality Sister Soul / Funk LP with 'You' , 'Light My Fire' , 'Sunshine Of Your Love' , 'Don't Mess With Bill' etc…outstanding 'Black Music' LP… )



Gustav Brom 'Plays For You Pop Jazz and Swing' (Opus / Czechoslavakia / 1976 / E+/M-) £75

( Rare, rare, rare…!! Prime Euro Jazz / Funk LP from CZ with the KILLER Euro Funky cut 'Calling Up The Rain' – one of the best cuts to ever come outta that country…unplayed copy here… )


Johnny Lytle 'New And Groovy' (Tuba / USA / 1960s / Ex+/M-) £100

( Here's the cleanest copy of this you'll EVER see people – I'm grading it EX+/M- to be on the safe side but it's almost perfect…'Selim' – what can ya say?? 'The Pulpit' , 'Screamin Loud' , 'The Snapper' and never forget either that this LP was selling @ £200 15 years ago in 1996 so £100 in 2011 is looking like a VERY good price indeed, agreed..??.!! Form an orderly queue, please… )

Zbigniew Namyslowski 'Zbigniew Namyslowski' (Inner City / USA / 1978 / Ex/Ex+) £10

( Fusion stylees from ZN here – lovely Fenders on this and tuff electric bass input too – nice overall feel while still being slightly 'out there'…the intro to 'Mango Boogie' would have set many hearts a-racing a few years ago with it's syncopated break a la electric bass / drum interplay…nice tune…rest of the LP isn't mind-boggling but still cool in a kinda 'soundscape' way… )

Johnny Pate 'Outrageous' (MGM / USA / 1960s / Ex+/M-) £40

( JP's other ace 6T's LP….full of more great instrumental cuts like 'You're Starting Too Fast' , 'That Ain't Too Cool' , 'Outrageous' , 'Constant Wind' etc etc – full of Funk and with some ace breaks / skits / fills / samples – and a DJ promo copy too – a pair of lovely LPs on JP… )

Esther Philips 'From A Whisper To A Scream' (Kudu / USA / 1971 / Ex/Ex+) £25

( Always a joy to be able to offer this for sale – lovely copy – slight ringwear to sleeve but nothing to freak over 'Home Is Where The Hatred Is' , 'From A Whisper To A Scream' , 'Baby I'm For Real' etc etc – sheer brilliance… )

Meta Roos & Nippe Sylwens Band 'Meta Roos & Nippe Sylwens Band' (Click / Sweden / 1978 / Ex/Ex) £50

( Still in BIG global demand for the swinging sounds of 'The Real Thing' – choon! Sleeve is a bit creased and there are a few marks here and there on the vinyl so it's been priced lower than my usual…'Zazueira' also a winner here… )

Gene Russell 'Talk To My Lady' (Black Jazz / USA / 1973 / Ex/Ex+) £40

( A hard Black Jazz release…I've not had one for years and years…mo' Black Jazz goodness with this wickedly Jazzual / Spiritual cover of Stevie's 'You Are The Sunshine Of My Life' and the extremely funky 'Get Down' too – whole LP just went by in a blur of musical joy when listening to it today….light sleeve/seam wear – wax is one whole grade better… )

Gene Russell 'Listen Here' (Ovation / USA / 1976 / M/M) £25

( Later pressing of the above LP – identical track listing but different sleeve – SEALED COPY… )

Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson 'It's Your World' (Arista (Dbl LP) / USA / 1976 / Ex+/Ex+/Ex+) £30

( Bargain price for such a great double LP – 4 sides of genius…'It's Your World' , 'The Bottle (live)' , 'Home Is Where The Hatred Is' , 'Trane' – need I go on…? Grab a handful… )



Nina Simone 'It Is Finished' (RCA / USA / 1974 / Ex+/Ex+) £30

( Lovely copy here, best I've had / seen in a few years now…..still in big demand for 'Funkier Than A Mosquito's Tweeter' – ya gotta love Nina….!! )

Michael White 'The X-Factor' (Elektra / UK / 1978 / Ex/Ex+) £10

( No Simon Cowell jokes here, PLEASE……….ya know the score on this one – it's been a Jazz Dance fave since GP was a boy and probably always will be – electrifying Fusion from MW as he takes us on a sonic journey with his electric viola…'Let Me Be Your Magic Carpet' does it for me each and every time… )


Ecue 'Ritmos Cubanos' (Pablo / USA / 1978 / M/M) £20

( M/M grade cos this one's actually sealed – I'll break the seal to check contents before shipping – ok? "Ecue" were actually Walfredo De Los Reys and Louie Bellson in cahoots – this is like just one great big Latin / Percussion jam…absolutely brilliant LP… )

Joe Cuba Sextet 'Wanted Dead Or Alive' (Tico / USA / 1960s / Ex+/M-) £25

( Quality Latin Soul / Funk / Boogaloo LP with winners like 'Bang! Bang!' , 'Sock It To Me' , 'Oh Yeah' , 'Push, Push, Push' – fantastic condition…vinyl IS unplayed… )

La Crema 'El Party con La Crema' (UA Latino / USA / 1973 / Ex+/M-) £50

( Again – stuning condition…all of the releases on this label are both rare AND good – Ocho etc etc…..vinyl is again unplayed….good few tracks here – 'Cisco Kid' which is a solid Salsa/Funk version of the War tune…'El Party' also rocks and 'Quimbia' is a slamming, flute-led descarga outta the top drawer…killer LP… )


Tito Puente 'Pa' Lante! Straight' (Tico / USA / 1960s / E+/M-) £50

( Super-clean copy of this ever-indemand Latin / Soul LP from El Rey – white promo copy too – what do we get? 'Hit The Bongo' is still a huge floorfiller while 'Watchit' is also a fantastic Latin Soul cut – heavy on Da Fonk…'Pa' Lante!' is also great – excellent Montuno…stunning condition… )


Pete Rodriguez 'Hot & Wild' (Alegre / USA / 1960s / M/M) £30

( SEALED COPY!! Fantastic Boogaloo / Soul LP from Pete and crew – 'Here Comes The Judge' , 'People Want To Know' , 'Cata Con Tata' etc etc – SEALED COPY!! )

Tito Rodriguez 'Palladium Memories' (TR / USA / 1981 / Ex+/M-) £30

( Forget the daft title – this is cool…more quality on this ever-reliable label and the one here for us is 'Mama Guela' and I can honestly say that I've never had / seen this LP before now – gotta be pretty rare? 'Let Me Out Of Here' is also good as is the bizarrely- titled 'Faggots World'…but is a good Descarga…completely clean – wax appears unplayed… )

Bobby Valentin 'Rey Del Bajo' (Fania / USA / 1974 / Ex/Ex+) £30

( Sleeve has some ring / storage wear so only grades Ex – vinyl much, much cleaner…rare LP on BV – I've never had it before…? 'Coco Seco' is the biggie here – hard, insistent Latin Funk of the highest order – light crackle here and there – nothing major…as also done by Pete Terrace…TUNE… )


Tata Vasquez & His Orchestra 'Ecstacy No 1' (La China / USA / 1979 / Ex+/M-) £60

( RARE ONE!! As comped by Russ Dewbury on one of his fantastic 'Jazz Biznizz' comps series from a coupla years back – 2 mega tracks 'Maldito Vicio' and 'Suite Guaracho Pt II' – a bona-fide rarie…!! Immaculate condition…'La Barberia' also sounds like a version of 'Song For My Father' to me too…1" cut corner top right… )


Edited by Mark Res

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