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John Moffatt

Kay Gee Bee

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A few words of praise for Barry and his DJs, Paul, Alan and Mopsy, for a really good night at the Kay Gee Bee :yes::hatsoff2: . Plenty of classic oldies and a few lesser-played gems made it one of the best Bar Abbey nights I've been to :thumbsup: . Suffering from a top night at Manifesto on Friday :yes::wave: , still stayed to the very end. Quite a few new faces, who all seemed to enjoy themselves. Great stuff! :thumbsup:

Looking forward to spinning a few myself next month.


(Darnall Horti & Washington)

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Thanks for starting the post John. :) Just coming round from a great night at the KGB.beer.gifbeer.gifbeer.gif

Must say a massive thanks to everyone who turned up last night, :no: to the people who travelled to all the KGB regulars.:no: About 90 bodies in, making another atmospheric KGB night.:yes:

Thanks to Woody and Sue for being great house guests.:) Nice to see Chris out and about.:thumbup:

Thanks to the guest D.J.'s, Paul (Ace) Richards, Alan Millington and Mopsey, all doing great spots for us, keeping the dancefloor busy all night.:thumbup:

Thanks to the crowd of young 'uns that were in, showing an interest in our scene and even more encouraging, putting in some great requests, which proves it is more than a passing fad. :yes: Soulies of the future for sure, hope to see you all next time.:yes:

Here's looking forward to next month and seeing you all down those KGB steps.:thumbsup:

Barry and Ann, KGB, KTF.:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

P.S. Many thanks to Gina for helping out on the door, in the absence of Ann, much appreciated.:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Edited by Barry Holland

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Hi Barry,

just to echo what's been said. Superb night, superb sounds, superb DJ's, atmosphere, great friendly crowd, big numbers as well.

Done it again Barry, nice one.

Thank's once again to you & Ann for being great hoast's, we love you, Dave & Sue

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Hi Barry,

It's been a while since my last visit to the KGB, but I'm so glad I finally made it back. What a great night was had by all, such fantastic

freindly people, brilliant sounds and a banging atmosphere. I enjoyed evey minute of it, I'm only ashamed not to have made the effort earlier.

As you've already mentioned, It was good to see the students in the corner really enjoying the music and dancing with such enthusiasm to every track, definately Soulies of the future.

Hey Woody, the man with the expanding hat collection. The titfers certainly look better on you than me mucker, the photographic evedence

confirms my suspicians that I shouldn't be seen within a mile of hat shop. Well maybe I could carry off the full faced crash helmet look...:yes:

Barry, I'll see you at the "Robin" next Saturday mate, I'm really looking forward to it..:thumbsup:

Edited by ChRiS..

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Cheers Andy, will see you at next one if not before.:thumbsup:

Thanks for some great photos Dave, :lol: and glad Chris managed to get home ok.thumbsup.gif:thumbup: :thumbup:

Many thanks for your efforts in coming to see us, Chris.hatsoff2.gif

See you at Robin Hood, saturday.:thumbup:

Barry, KGB, KTF.:lol: :lol: :lol:

Edited by Barry Holland

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