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gaz lees

Soldiers Club Oldies Night Hednesford

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Words fail me to say how successful the Soldiers has been over the past 16 months or so and Friday 11th Feb was another one of those great nights.

By 9 o'clock the place was rocking and by the end at 12.30 we were having trouble getting punters off the dancefloor.

My big thanks to good mates Carter and Cox who did us pround and my partner in crime as a regular spinner of tunes Pem who never lets me down.

The next one should be a special night as we move to Saturday 19th March due to big share of us trying manfully trying to drink Prestatyn dry :hatsoff2: on our normal 2nd Friday date. So and we have my good mate Paul Donnelly from the Posh coming up on the 19th to play a wonderful set from the good old Torch days.

So come and join us the Soldiers the place to be.

Gaz Lees

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Guest Glyn1

Sounds good mate.....the 18th is the friday tho mate ????:hatsoff2:

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Well done 2 spotted my deliberate mistake did ya just to test ya must keep you pair on your toes :)

Yep its the 19th March for the next soldiersnot as first stated the 18th cu there.


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Couldn't agree more Gaz,it ws a privelidge to play to such an enthusiastic crowd, hard to say who enjoyed it most- them or me

Here are a few of the recods I played as well as I can remember

Nothing can compare.................Velvet Satins on General American

I,m in love with your daughter.......Enchantmentson Faro

That's What I Want.......Syng McGowan on Hope

If Thats What You Wanted .......Frank Baverley on Sassy

If You Wanna ......Baby Gene on Stacy

Hold To My Baby......Cavaliers on RCA

Hopes-Dreams-Tombstones...Jimmy Frazer onColumbia

Cause You're Mine ...Vibrations on Epic

Come On & Stop..Marv Johnson onUnited Artists

Nothing's Too Good For My Baby...Stevie Wonder on Tamla

Helpless...Kim Weston onGordy

There were probably some more I have forgotten but thre memory isn't what it was...............But then I was 59 on the night!!!!!!!!

Looking forward to the next time

Alan C.

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Alan another great set from you and Mr Cox this is the quality of music played at the Soldiers just great dancing music.

Bring it on the Soldiers the place to be.


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