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Hip City List 57 Sep 2005

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Subject:[HipCityRecords] hip city list no 57Date:9/29/2005, 14:23From:robmesser1967






SS17 8JY

Tel: 01375 640951 / 07808 253553 - 8am – 9pm (GMT)

e-mail robert.messer@onetel.net

I can accept payment via cash (your risk), cheque or credit card.


LIST VIA THE NEW GROUP http://groups.yahoo.com/group/HipCityRecords







New list time already. Sections 2, 3, & 5 are the Summer

sale too so look carefully at these sections.

On 20th August I'll be playing at a new club in London at

the Boston Arms, Tuffnell Park. The idea of this club is to play

good soul / R'n'B music irrespective of rarity. Otis Redding

& the Impressions are 2 great artists whose output is seldom

heard for example so all kinds of 60's soul / R'n'B will be

played as long as its good. Also a smattering of ska & reggae.

Check it out. Its 9pm to 3am and £5 on the door. See section

two for some cheap but great UK released 45's

POSTAGE £1.50 for 1 (25p each extra) ALL SENT RECORDED.

Registered add £3.50 Overseas please write or phone.

Cheques payable to MR. MESSER Tracks marked *** are

available on a C.D. or a tape for £4 incl. P&P (Overseas £5)

Subs for the list are now £3 for 10 lists. (£4 Overseas) Or

send an S.A.E. - or a few.

New list time again. Loads of oddball semi knowns & unknowns

in the US section. Lots of mega rare UK bits too.

30th Sept it's the Dome in Tuffnell Park London. Its an

quality oldies night with Shifty, Ady, Graham & Andy & myself.

Next Almost Grown coming up on Oct 7th. Saks, Clifftown Rd,

Southend on sea. DJ's myself & Marco £4 on the door.

Anyone fancies a quick overseas jaunt - I'll be playing in

Leipzig, Germany on Oct 29th. Leave Sat morning and back on

Sunday. The Germans know how to party so should be fun &

with cheap Ryanair flights from Stanstead u cant go wrong.

I'm DJ-ing up in Worcester at the Mars Barr allnighter,

pierpoint street on Nov 5th supposed to be a great night.

POSTAGE £1.50 for 1 (25p each extra) ALL SENT RECORDED.

Registered add £3.50 Overseas please write or phone.

Cheques payable to MR. MESSER Tracks marked *** are

available on a C.D. or a tape for £4 incl. P&P (Overseas £5)

Subs for the list are now £3 for 10 lists. (£4 Overseas) Or

send an S.A.E. - or a few.


1 BOBBY WILLIAMS *** Baby I need your love (Great

60's soul mid tempo) Action M- £30

2 WILLIE TEE Walkin' up a one way street (Classic

Northern soul) Atlantic M- £35

3 JIMMY HUGHES Hi Heel sneakers (Great version with organ &

horns) Atlantic EX £12

4 ART FREEMAN Slipping around (The rarest red atlantic -

northern monster) Atlantic M- £225

5 ALEXANDER PATTON A lil lovin sometimes (All time

classic northern soul) Capitol (Demo) M- £300

Super rare red & white demo - small writing on

label. The flipside "No more dreams" is also a killer dancer.

6 JAMES ROYAL I've lost you (James' great take on Jackie

Wilson gem) CBS (Demo) VG+ £12

7 JOHN LEACH Put that woman down (Thumping northern soul)

Destiny (Demo) M- £10

8 RITA AND TIARAS Gone with the wind is my love (Northern soul

classic) Destiny (Demo) M- £10

9 SANDY WYNNS The touch of venus Fontana M £400

One of the rarest UK northern soul

releases. Absolutely unplayed copy.

10 THE DONTELLS *** Nothing but nothing / In

your heart Fontana VG+ £50

Just as rare as Sandy Wynns. Rarely comes up for sale -

lesser known so lesser demand but both sides great 60's soul

11 IKE AND TINA TURNER Dust my broom (Massive northern soul

oldie) HMV EX £30

This has the tiniest of edge warps not affecting the play

at all. And a faint label fade about the size of a penny

12 ROBERT PARKER Barefootin' / Lets go baby (2 classic New

Orleans sides) Island EX £10

13 MARY LOVE You turned my bitter into sweet / I'm in

your hands King VG £70

Another rare UK item. 2 superb 60's soul sides from 1965.

Only VG but plays great.Has a small label mark from a sticker.

14 GENE MCDANIELS It's a lonely town (Big voiced beat ballad)

Liberty EX £12

15 IRMA THOMAS What are you trying to do (Uptempo mid 60's

northern) Liberty EX £40

16 WILLIE MITCHELL That driving beat (Classic mod club double

sider) London M- £18

17 MARGIE HENDRIX Restless (Driving Rhythm 'n soul dancer)

Mercury M- £20

18 JIMMY ROBBINS I can't please you (So rare on UK. Brilliant

R'n'B - unplayed) President M £150

19 ALBERT WASHINGTON A woman is a funny thing (Nice

southern soul mover) President M £10

20 SONNY BOY WILLLIAMSON Help me (Mod club classic) Pye

International EX £15

21 MAJOR LANCE The beat (Great Chicago 60's soul dancer)

W.O.L. Soul city M- £20

22 BILLY BUTLER The right track (All time classic northern)

Soul city M £20

23 MIGHTY SAM *** Papa true love (Rare one on

label - gritty dancer) Soul city M- £25

24 SHARPEES Tired of being lonely (Immaculate Chicago

mid tempo) Stateside (Demo) M £150

25 MOSES & JOSHUA DILLARD My elusive dreams (Thumping 60's

northern) Stateside EX £12

26 DARRELL BANKS Open the door to your heart (Classic Detroit

2 sider) Stateside M- £20

27 THE INVITATIONS What's wrong with me baby (All time classic)

Stateside (Demo) M £250

Super rare red & white demo. Unplayed copy. If this can

reach £250 on US dynamo then this has to be 10 times rarer

28 GENE CHANDLER Nothing can stop me (Very rare on UK -

classic 60's soul) Stateside EX £65

29 BETTY EVERETT I can't hear you (Great 60's soul dancer)

Stateside M- £20

30 THE ESQUIRES *** Listen to me / Get on up (2

cool Chicago soul dancers) Stateside EX £20

31 OSCAR TONEY JR Ain't that true love (Excellent dancer with

great guitar hook) Stateside M- £15

32 AL GREEN Don't leave me (His 1st 45 - excellent '67

mid tempo dancer) Stateside M- £25

33 DANNY WHITE Keep my woman home (One of the best dancers

on label) Sue EX £60

34 THE PRECISIONS If this is love (One of hardest on label to

get - solid Detroit) Track record M £35

35 HOWARD TATE Baby I love you (Solid thumping 60's

northern) Verve (demo) M- £35

36 LITTLE JOHNNY TAYLOR Somewhere down the line (Great R'n'B

dancer - very rare) Vocalion M £40

37 TOMMY NEAL Goin' to a happening (Massive nighter spin)

Vocalion M- £35

SECTION 2 - UK Motown related 45's

39 MARTHA & the VANDELLAS Quicksand (sm W.O.L.) Classic Motown

dancer Stateside M- £40

40 MARTHA & the VANDELLAS In my lonely room (sm W.O.L.) So

soulful !! Stateside M- £50

41 MARVIN GAYE Can I get a witness (Club classic)

Stateside EX £35

42 THE TEMPTATIONS Why you wanna make me blue (Their best ever

dancer) Stateside VG+ £40

43 THE TEMPTATIONS The way you do the things you do (Classy

soul) Stateside VG+ £30

44 MARVIN GAYE You're a wonderful one (Very rare red &

white demo) Stateside (Demo) M- £125

45 FOUR TOPS Ask the lonely (T.O.L.) Great double sider

and hard to get TMG 507 EX £45

46 THE SUPREMES He's all I got / Itching in my heart (Best

Supremes 45 ???) TMG 560 VG+ £20

47 THE TEMPTATIONS Aint too proud to beg (Classic !!!)sm. M.O.L.

TMG 565 EX £10

48 MARTHA & the VANDELLAS What am I gonna do without your love

TMG 567 EX £35

49 MARTHA & the VANDELLAS What am I gonna do without your love

(W.O.L.) TMG 567 (Demo) EX £65

50 CHRIS CLARK Loves gone bad (Classic northern Motown on a

rare demo) TMG 591 (Demo) M- £125

51 DETROIT SPINNERS I'll always love you (Another

classic northern Motown 45) TMG 627 EX £15

52 ISLEY BROS Why when love is gone (Superb uptempo dancer)

TMG 652 EX £20

53 THE MOTOWN SPINNERS Sweet thing / It's a shame (2

classic sides) TMG 755 EX £6

54 EARL VAN DYKE All for you / 6 by 6 (2 great inst sides)

TMG 759 EX £6

55 CONTOURS Baby hit and run (Northern soul gem) TMG

886 EX £10

SECTION 3 - 60's & Northern soul - US labels

56 CHUCK HOWARD I'm alright (Early soul mid tempo)

Allison (Demo) M- £20

57 ETTA JAMES Mellow fellow (Classic club soul dancer)

Argo M- £30

58 DARRELL BANKS Angel baby (Northern soul classic) Atco

M £50

59 SPINNERS I just want to fall in love (Great 70's

northern dancer) Atlantic (Demo) M £35

60 AL JAMES Socka-ting (Organ backed rhythm 'n soul

shaker) Big beat M- £15

61 BARBARA ACKLIN Am I the same girl (Classic 60's Chicago

soul) Brunswick M £8

62 JACKIE WILSON Just be sincere (Can there be a better

double sider ?) Brunswick M- £12

63 JACKIE WILSON Because of you (Monster allnighter spin -

his best !!!) Brunswick (Demo) M £100

64 BERNIE MOORE *** I wanna be loved to death

(Great mid tempo lovely harmonies) Burdett EX £75

65 BOBBY DUKES Just to be with you (Really soulful

crossover dancer) Calla M £40

66 DEE DEE SHARP Standing in the need of love (Superb 60's

soul dancer) Cameo M £15

67 DEE DEE SHARP Standing in the need of love (As above but

with pic sleeve) Cameo pic sleeve EX/EX £30

68 MERRY CLAYTON *** Spanish Boy / Beg me (Killer

versions of Rubies / C.Jackson) Capitol M- £30

69 PATTI DREW I'm calling (Extremely soulful dancer) X.O.L.

Capitol M- £20

70 WILLIE HIGHTOWER Nobody but you (Gruff vocal but

soulful mid tempo) Capitol EX £15

71 BARBARA & THE BELIEVERS What can happen to me now (Classy

girl group mid pacer) Capitol (Demo) M £35

72 THELMA HOUSTON Baby mine (Monster northern oldie - Sticker

M.O.L.) Capitol (Demo) M £120

73 PERRY DANCY Got a good thing going (Early rockin' soul

dancer) Celeste VG+ £12

74 SANDRA LYNN *** Where would I be (Smooth

soulful Chicago mid tempo) Constellation(Demo) M- £30

75 BETTY JOHNSON *** It ain't supposed to be that

way (Fingerclicking mid tempo) Decca EX £45

76 KERRY ADAMS I'm gonna give you something good (Late 60's

mover) Delmar sound craft M- £25

77 BRENDA & THE TABULATIONS That's in the past

(Crossover magic)slight warp NAP Dionn EX £40

78 BILL LUCAS *** Cause I know you're

mine (Uplifting Philly soul) Dionn M £60

79 BOBBY BASKERVILLE Gotcha where I wancha (Thumping 60's

dancer - sm T.O.L.) Dot EX £30

80 FOXY Call me later (Very soulful mid tempo) Double shot

VG+ £10

81 SCOTTIE JACKSON *** The beat & bounce (Good horn

driven dancer) Empala EX £20

82 THE HUSTLERS *** That's what makes her boss

(Gritty pounder both sides !!) Fascination EX £75

83 DEE DEE SHARP What kind of lady (Orig 60's Italian press

of this classic) Gamble EX/M- £50

84 JO ARMSTEAD *** There's not too many more

(So soulful Chicago mid tempo) Giant VG+ £25

85 MAXINE & MILLER SISTERS Your gonna lose (Nice girlie

shuffler) GMC M- £15

86 JIMMY NORMAN What about me (Bluesy vocal on this piano

driven mover) Good sound EX £15

87 SHELLY SHOOP Fair shake (Girl group dancer) Groove (Demo)

VG+ £12

88 CARMEN COLE *** I'll never stand in your way

(Big city soul beat ballad) Groove (Demo) EX £125

89 DEBBIE TAYLOR Don't let it end (Uptempo 60's dancer) GWP

(Demo) M- £15

90 JAY R JOHNSON Come on back (Early Chicago soul mid pacer)

Hawk production M- £40

91 JEWEL AKENS What would you do (Super soulful beat ballad)

Icepac EX £35

92 THE LOLLIPOPS Loving good feeling(Issue - monster Detroit

northern 2 sider) Impact VG+ £100

93 KEANYA COLLINS As much yours as he is mine (Nice slowie)

Itco EX £10

94 CAROLYN CARTER It hurts (Classy big production mid tempo)

Jamie (Demo) M- £25

95 HELEN JONES Hey lonely (Grt more soulful version of Baby

Washington) Jan a baby EX £20

96 SHARON ROBBINS Good gracious baby (Nice catchy girlie sound)

Jay-em (Demo) EX £15

97 THE EMBERS In my lonely room (Great version Martha /

Vandellas) JCP EX £35

98 THE SHOWMEN *** No girl (Lovely mid tempo -

not Norman Johnson group) Jeree EX £175

99 SONNY RAYE Eye to eye (Moody mid tempo) Jet stream

EX £25

100 GLADYS "GEE GEE" HILL Talking about love (Funky late 60's

mover) Jet stream M- £25

101 OLA V HARPER *** I wanna weep (Gospel

flavoured screamer - seen at £75) Jewel (Demo) M- £40

102 NAT KENNEDY Try love you'll like it (Slightly funky big

voiced dancer) Johnson M- £12

103 LITTLE BUSTER I got a good thing going (Uptempo 60's

northern mover) Jubilee (Demo) EX £30

104 JIMMY WICK It's all over now (Organ backed mid pace

dancer)W.O.L. Lenox (Demo) VG+ £15

105 A ALEXANDER & NATURAL 3 Someone special (Southern soul mover)

Leo M- £20

106 JIMMY NORMAN You crack me up (Great R'n'B dancer)

Little Star EX £20

107 DENISE CHANDLER I'm walking away (Superb Chicago 60's soul)

Lock EX £15

108 THE ARRIVALS *** The granny dress (Dreadful

title but excellent dancer) Lummtone M- £20

109 WILLIE GRESHAM Step by step (Funky late 60's mover)

Majesty M- £30

110 JUNIOR LEWIS All about love (Builds up great ! - W.O.L.)

MGM M- £15

111 THE JADES You're so right for me (Great girl group

dancer) MGM (Demo) VG+ £15

112 REGINALD DAY Lost love (Class Chicago soulful slowie -

X.O.L.) Midas M- £30

113 CONTRAILS Feel so fine (Nice organ backed floater)

Millage M- £40

114 STACY JOHNSON *** Don't believe him (Brill

west coast mover) Modern M- £25

115 THE LARKS *** Lost my love yesterday

(Choppy group harmony mid tempo) Money EX £50

116 EDDY GILES Losin' boy (Big voiced horn led powerful mid

tempo) Murco EX £15

117 HELEN GLOVER *** Just like that (Bouncy 60's

girl group sound) Nelber M- £75

118 GLADYS Sweet delight (Good horn driven punchy dancer) O-Gee

M- £25

119 BETTY EVERETT Please love me (Big spins on this Chicago

gem) One-derful M- £30

120 HENRY LUMPKIN I'm a walkin' (Early 60's gritty soul)

Pageant VG+ £35

121 CHRISTINE COOPER SOS (Heart in distress) Northern

soul classic Parkway EX £15

122 RODDIE JOY Something strange is going on (Big

production beat ballad) Parkway (Demo) EX £35

123 BUCK Trust me this night (Super soulful 70's)

Playboy (Demo) EX £40

124 PERCY WIGGINS It didn't take much (Rare issue of this

northern soul fave) RCA EX £140

125 J J BARNES Real humdinger (Rare on a demo - classic

Detroit oldie) Ric-tic (Demo) VG+ £75

Always buying / trading – what you got …..?

126 JIMMY NORMAN This I beg of you (Soulful mid tempo pleader)

Samar M- £15

127 ELEMENTS *** Prove it (Great

dancer with slightly funky feel) Saru M- £50

128 MARY ANN FISHER Forever more (Nice mid tempo dancer - strong

vocal) Seg-way M- £20

129 THE DELANATTES You've got that feeling (Femme screamer -

great !!!) Shakari M- £40

130 CHINO FEASTER The girl I love (Late 60's N.Y. soul builder)

Shipp EX £20

131 JOANNE TOUCHSTONE *** Walk softly (Excellent early 60's

choppy dancer)sm T.O.L. Sound stage 7 M- £50

132 ARTHUR ALEXANDER Show me the road (Soulful southern

soul plodder) Sound stage 7 M- £25

133 JIM JACKSON *** I want your love

(Storming R'n'B dancer - should be massive) Space M- £100

134 THE DRIFTERS Peace of mind (Not the Atlantic group nice 2

sider) Steeltown M- £12

135 BABY WASHINGTON Leave me alone (Ever popular niter spin)

Sue M- £30

136 BABY WASHINGTON I know (Good version of Barbara George song)

Sue EX £10

137 MR LEE & THE CHEROKEES Take your time (Bouncy Texas soul

dancer)T.O.L. Sure shot VG £8

138 RUTH McFADDEN *** Do it up right (Fantastic

60's soul shaker) Sure shot M- £50

139 THE QUALITY CONTROLS Grapevine (Atmospheric inst of

Marvin Gaye - very nice) Sure shot EX £12

140 PORGY WILLIAMS *** Lonely man's hum (Beautiful

mid tempo - great harmonies) Sylves M- £45

141 GENE DIAMOND *** I'm only a man (Moody mid

tempo - very soulful) Tag Ltd EX £55

142 RONNIE DAVIE What does it matter to me now (Great blue

eyed mover) Talmu EX £25

143 DOUGLAS GIBSON *** Run for your life (Great

version of Luther Ingram biggie) Tangerine (Demo) EX


144 JOAN MOODY Don't do me that way (Great girlie dancer -

good sax break) TCF M- £40

145 SUNNY & THE SUNLINERS Trick bag (Pretty good version of

Excuses biggie) Tear drop (DJ) EX £25

146 THE IKETTES Those words (Great club soul double sider)

Teena M- £15

147 SHERRY GIBBS & the HEARTS Crazy (Superb song even if

it is some kind of counterfeit) TNT EX £20

148 THE LOVEABLES Just beyond my fingertips (Great girl group

dancer) Toot EX £20

149 PAT LUNDY I'll keep pressing on (Soulful slowie -

plays fine) Toto VG £12

150 RITA DA COSTA *** You and nothing more

(Great uptown beat ballad - unknown ?) Tower EX £100

151 DELORIS HUGHES *** Help me make up my mind

(Superb funky late 60's dancer) Track down M- £35

152 JERRY BUTLER You can run (Absolute magic mid tempo) Vee

Jay M- £15

153 JERRY BUTLER I don't want to hear it anymore (My fave

ever slowie) Vee Jay M- £15

154 BETTY MOORER Speed up (Wicked crossover dancer) Wand

EX £75

155 BENNY GORDON Gonna give her all the love I got (2 great

sides) Wand EX £15

156 RONNIE MILSAP Total disaster (Powerful mid tempo

shuffler) Warner Bros M- £70

SECTION 4 - General soul 45's

157 MARY WELLS Aint it the truth / Stop taking me for

granted (2 good sides) 20th century EX £8

158 MARY WELLS Aint it the truth / Stop taking me for

granted (2 good sides) 20th century VG £5

159 MARY WELLS Use your head 20th century EX £7

160 MARY WELLS Why don't you let yourself go 20th century

M- £8

161 BILL RAMAL Theme from Dr No (Fantastic vers of James

Bond theme) 20th century EX £12

162 THE FASHIONS A lovers stand (Nice girl group) 20th

century M- £10

163 THE FASHIONS When love slips away(Grt version DD Warwick

song)W.O.L. 20th century(Demo) VG+ £10

164 DIANE RENAY Soft spoken guy 20th century EX £6

165 DIANE RENAY Growing up too fast 20th century M-


166 DIANE RENAY Unbelievable guy 20th century EX


167 RICHIE MANDELL You got me 20th century(Demo) M


168 RICHIE MANDELL Love is something within (Like Sam Cooke's

Chain gang) 20th century EX £12

169 MICKI LEE So tired of talkin' (great early soul

dancer) 20th century M- £30

170 EILEEN BARTON The earth stood

still *Demo or issue* 20th century

M- £6

171 ANNA CRAIG Nobody but me 20th century(Demo) M-


172 RALPHIE D Beautiful thing (Great late 60's dancer)

20th century(Demo) VG £15

173 BYRDIE GREEN Get a hold of yourself 20th century M-


174 SYL JOHNSON Try me (Great dancer) Twilight EX


175 SOUNDS OF DAWN If I had my way (Nice Chicago soul) Twin

Stacks(Demo) EX £20

176 THE EMOTIONS Brushfire Twin Stacks(Demo) M-


177 SYL JOHNSON Same kind of thing Twinight M


178 SYL JOHNSON Dresses too short Twinight EX


179 JOHNNY WILLIAMS Maggie Twinight M- £30

180 JOHNNY GIBSON TRIO Beachcomber (Great inst northern)

Twirl EX £15

181 RONNIE PUTIRKA Happy street Twirl (Demo) EX £5

182 PATTI JEROME Lonely little mansion Twirl (Demo) M-


SECTION 5 - Club sounds / R'n'B / Latin / Jazz / Funk etc.

183 LOU DONALDSON Musty rusty (Great jazz inst) Argo M-


184 FREDDIE HUBBARD Return of the prodigal son(Mod jazz - has a

styrene "line" but NOT cracked) Atlantic EX £10

185 HERBIE MANN Philly dog (Classic flute inst) Atlantic

VG+ £5

186 RAY AGEE Leave me alone (Brilliant R'n'B - one day

northern scene ?) Celeste M- £20

187 JOHNNIE MORISETTE Brick (Jazz tinged R'n'B mover)

Convoy M- £30

188 BOBBY BLAND Yield not to temptation (Mod club fave) Duke

M- £10

189 BOBBY BLAND These hands (small but mighty) Great R'n'B

Duke M- £10

190 LEVERT ALLISON Sugar daddy (Horn led soulful R'n' cool.gif

Elbejay (Demo) EX £20

191 LEE "SHOT" WILLIAMS You're welcome to the club (Great

R'n' cool.gif Federal EX £20

192 RICHARD BERRY Have love will travel (Classic mod /

northern dancer) Flip M- £75

193 LITTLE JOE BLUE A fool is what you wanted (Great blues) Jewel

VG+ £8

194 THE MOHAWKS The champ(Classic organ inst - Orig French

copy in P/S) Joc EX/EX £20

195 BILL JOHNSON It ain't never gonna die (Solid R'n'B

thumper) Jocida EX £20

196 ROGER WASHINGTON You're too much (Top notch R'n'B

dancer) Joe Davis VG £10

197 LITTLE BUSTER All night worker (Great club soul - vers of

Rufus Thomas) Jubilee (Demo) VG+ £15

198 NATHANIEL KELLY Do the jerk with me (Great club soul shaker)

label wear Jubilee (Demo) EX £25

199 JIMMY RICKS Wigglin' & gigglin' (Big voiced version Roy

Head) Jubilee (Demo) M- £20

200 KAIN Nubian 2 (Deep deep funk !!) Juggernaut VG+


201 BOOKER T AVERHART Take your shoes off (Mod club R'n'B

fave) Kent M £15

202 JIMMY NORMAN I don't love you no more (Driving rhythm 'n

soul shaker) Little Star VG+ £10

203 BUSTER BENTON Hole in my head (Superb Chicago R'n'B

obscurity) Melloway EX £30

204 TAMMY JAMES *** That's Fat Jack (Raucous

Femme R'n'B screamer) New World EX £50

205 TED TAYLOR *** That's life I guess

(Fantastic R'n'B dancer) Okeh EX £30

206 TED TAYLOR You give me nothing to go on (Driving R'n'B

dancer) Okeh EX £25

207 WASHINGTON SMITH Fat cat (Cooking R'n'B dancer) Okeh

EX £25

208 LOIS BLAINE *** Here am I (Hard

hitting R'n'B ala Mabel King / Louise Brown etc) Open-G M-


209 DYKE & BLAZERS Shotgun slim (Another gritty funky mover)

Original sound M £15

210 BOOTS BROWN Trollin (Mod club oldie) RCA M-


211 JIMMY McGRIFF All about my girl (Classic mod club hammond

inst) Sue M £12

212 HANK JACOBS So far away (Mod classic - nice demo) Sue

M- £20

213 VERNON GUY They ain't lovin' ya (Honking R'n'B duet)

Teena EX £25

214 L.B. WILSON Don't / poco loco (Great R'n'B dancer / inst

version) Vivid EX £20

Always buying / trading – what you got …..?

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