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Ebay 45 Auction - 46 New Items Added To Current Auction - Soul, Blues, R&b, Group Vocals, Gospel, Etc

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Hello everyone,

I added another 46 items to my current Ebay 45 auction :

There are now 93 items on Ebay, including northern soul, R&B, Blues, Gospel, Rock & Roll, and Garage / Psych.

Each listing includes label scans, and at least one full audio file (often both sides) for each record.

Most items have low opening minimum bids, with no reserves.

The new artists include:

Dotty Daniels, Mr.Tears Paris, Diplomats, Delegates, Ken Byley, Howlin' Wolf, Buddy Guy, Jake Porter, Entertainers IV, Patsie Slater, Floyd Dixon, Matadors, Fatback Band, Lightnin' Slim, Dick Michaels, Executives, Robins, Jesse Belvin, Larry Laster, Chukubos, Jimmy Hicks, Charles Perry, Lorraine Ellison, Mercy Baby, Vontastics, Sensational Versatones, Walter Jackson, Brice Coefield, Dallas Frazier, Al Casey, Patrice Holloway, Tides, Billboards, Clarence Gatemouth Brown, Mighty Mighty Clouds of Joy, Brand New Me, Pete Votrian, Ed (Super) Gooch, Willie (Big Mama) Thornton, Johnny Darrow, Tammy Montgomery, Joyce Jones, Fred Hughes, and Maxine Brown.

These 47 items were listed previously, and these auctions finish in about three days :

Clarence Frogman Henry, Ray Charles, Coasters, Zodiacs, Drifters, Link Wray, Gene Vincent, Bo Diddley, Dale Hawkins, Chuck Berry, Larry Williams, Billy Stewart, Shaprels, Claude McLin, Clara Ward, Ebonettes, Larks, Elliot Shaver, Lulu Reed, Mickey & Sylvia, Infernos,TV Slim, Pee Wee Crayton, Floyd Dixon, Dave Bartholomew, Etta Jones, Senders, Johnny Guitar Watson, Tiny Bradshaw, Don Julian and the Meadowlarks, Chubby Checker, Billy Davis, Gay Notes, Clarence Gatemouth Brown,. Jimmy McCracklin,Johnny Moore, Little Esther, Sam Price, Joe Liggins, and Lowell Fulsom.

Please take a look by clicking:


Many thanks for the looks,

the Spinologist

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